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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

St. Louis County Continues to Protect a Pedophile

The case of Melissa Hagemeier and her fourteen year old daughter is spinning out of control.

Hagemeier is the latest in a line of St. Louis County family court cases where alleged sexual molestation has been covered up. 

Previously, I received a police report with Melissa's fourteen year old daughter making graphic accusations against her father, 

"He fucked me," the fourteen year old said referring to her father. "He literally put his dick inside of me."

Melissa's daughter remains solely in her father's custody and has been since November 2020. She is currently accused of parental alienation. 

But while in her father's custody, Melissa's daughter disclosed again, this time to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department- where Melissa's ex resides {thus, where the alleged crime occurred}.

Since I've broken that story, I've learned that not only does it not appear that Melissa's ex-husband's attorney, Ryan Munro, did not make his client available for an interview, but he has actively interfered in the investigation. 

Munro is attempting to depose most everyone involved in the investigation. 

"I represent the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office," an email from that office to Munro stated, "and am in receipt of the subpoena for taking deposition of Deputy Weston and Deputy Womack. I will shortly be filing my entry on this matter and motion to quash the deposition."
"He's {Munro}apparently called several times which would influence them," Melissa's lawyer said of Munro's interference with the Sheriff's office as they investigate his client. 

Meanwhile, Melissa's daughter begged for help from her guardian ad litem, Molly Murphy. That note is below. 

"I hate it here," Melissa's daughter states, "ever since we've been here my mental health has gone down, holding (sic) he's not drunk and wants to rape me."

Shortly after this note was written by Melissa's daughter to Murphy, Murphy did a home visit. 

molly did a surprise visit at the house. she talked to me but did give me any kind of information but just told me what i said was unprofessional and childish, i haft to met with craig today i don't know what time. i'm planning on running away and coming home or finding some one that will take me home i have your address and phone number. with dads and nates. but this i my school account and if he finds out im texting you he will take it away.

That email was sent on March 31, 2021. Melissa's daughter was able to communicate, covertly using snapchat, including a short conversation with me. Melissa's daughter asked me if I was going to help her get safe. 

Then, Melissa's ex-husband appears to have made a brazen offer. Here is part of another email from Melissa's daughter to her mom, 

ma me and {Melissa's ex} just talked, he agreed to stop fighting for custody for me idk about hunter, if I say I wasn't raped then they will let me go back home, they will send out a paper for you to agree to but you haft to accept. He said he will talk to his lawyer some time soon. it was something about the allegations. 

That email was also written on March 31. 

It appears that Melissa's ex put his scheme to have his  daughter recant her allegations to work.

Shortly after that communication, Melissa's daughter had all her communications removed. Melissa did not hear from her daughter after these emails. 

Then, on April 21, 2021, there was another hearing. Remarkably, Melissa was barred from her own hearing, something that many at a recent press conference also said is common in St. Louis County. 

The press and court observers were also barred. The judge hearing this was Judge Loren Baker. Judge Baker refused to allow me to observe; Malinda Sherwyn, who also attempted to observe, told me she was barred as well. 

All reports came from her lawyer and it appears that Mr. Munro has convinced the court the girl has recanted. 

                                                    (Judge Lorne Baker)

According to a source, Munro claimed that Melissa's daughter had recanted and the judge accepted Munro's argument. 

Melissa's daughter remains in her ex-husband's custody. 

Murphy and Munro did not respond to messages for comment. Christine Bertelson, who is the public affairs officer for Judge Baker's court, also did not respond to a message for comment. 

Post Script

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Friday, April 16, 2021

On with George Brassea

 I talk about my book "Prosecutors Gone Wild" which you can find here

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Complaints and Lawsuits of Against St. Louis Family Court Institution

                                                   Dr. Ann Duncan Hively, from her website

Dr. Anne Duncan Hively is in her eighties and it doesn't seem like she is slowing down. 

She is prodigious in court appointments and as an expert witness in St. Louis County courts, and other courts in Missouri. 

Recently, I featured Dr. Hively, as she participated in a scheme to hide sexual molestation by a father against his fourteen year old daughter. In the audio below, Dr. Hively tells the mother of this fourteen year old- this mother has been banned from seeing her daughter since November 2020- that is the mother's response to the court which is causing angst. 

"Melissa, you're being quite clear about your anger at the system was hard on her." Dr. Hively said, "What I'm saying is it was hard on her. Your anger at the system."

This mother, Melissa Hagemeier, had custody switched on an emergency basis with the judge, Virginia Lay, claiming Melissa was alienating the father from his daughter. 

Since being forced to live with her father, this girl has disclosed in graphic detail years of molestation by dad, "He fucked me," the fourteen year old said. "He literally put his dick inside of me."

Despite these disclosures- which have been made to the Jefferson County, Mo. {where dad lives} Police Department- Dr. Hively and other appointees on Thomas' case insist the girl live with dad. 

She and other court actors have even suggested the long term goal is 50/50 custody. 

Dr. Hively, Melissa told me, has recused herself from this case after my audio of her was released. 

But her menace of the court extends far beyond this case. 

One appeal found an oft repeated complaint, "In her fifth point, Mother claims the trial court erred in following the recommendation of the guardian ad litem because the guardian ad litem and the psychologist, Dr. Ann Duncan–Hively ('Dr.Duncan–Hively'), were biased."

She is currently the defendant in two lawsuits, which also allege bias and other misdeeds. 

Hi Vely Petition by mikekvolpe

Here are some of the highlights of this petition, "Defendant {Hively}, during an investigation of an alleged incident of child abuse and neglect initiated by her client, held herself out as the family therapist' and offered a parenting assessment to investigating authorities for the State of Missouri relating to Plaintiff, a person with whom she had no contact. In her efforts to persuade investigative agencies for the State of Missouri, Defendant attempted to influence the investigative process with false and derogatory information relating to Plaintiff, even though Defendant had never met Plaintiff and had purportedly received all of her information from J Frisbee, the individual who hired Defendant for the purpose of prosecuting a claim of abuse and neglect against Plaintiff. Utilizing Defendant’s purported authority and misrepresentations, an extensive investigation was launched into Plaintiff’s care of his minor son, B.A., which involved extensive interviews with Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s friends and family, including, but not limited to, an unnecessary and invasive medical examination of B.A., who at the time of the investigation was one year of age."

In another lawsuit, Dr. Hively is accused of making false statements about another individual to the police- statements which led to criminal charges. 

After testifying in this man's divorce, Dr. Hively stated, according to the lawsuit, to the Franklin County, Missouri Police that he told her, "It's a good thing you are not Pinocchio or I would have to kill you."

This led to charges, Assault in the 3rd Degree, which were eventually dismissed. Dr. Hively also got a protective order under false pretenses- making the same false claim- according to the lawsuit. 

"On or about December 15, 2015, Defendant filed a petition for an Order for Protection in Warren County...against Plaintiff."

Dr. Hively was also featured in an appeal in which she recommended primary custody to a man who is not the child's father. 

This is an appeal from the final judgment of the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis in joined actions seeking dissolution of marriage, a determination of paternity, the resolution of child custody issues including the custody demands of a third party who was neither the biological nor adoptive parent of the child, and awards of child support. 

The Circuit Court entered its judgment dissolving the marriage of Jason Scott Bowers and Jessica Layne Bowers on February 3, 2015. Legal File at 166-181. In its decree the trial court awarded sole legal and physical custody of Mrs. Bowers' six-year old daughter J.B. to Mr. Bowers, who was not the child's biological father and had not formally adopted her. Id. at 170-74. Mrs. Bowers filed a motion requesting amendment of the judgment or a new trial on March 3, 2015. Id. at 182-85. The court entered its amended judgment on May 26, 2015. Id. at 191-94. Mrs. Bowers filed her notice of appeal from the original and amended judgments on July 6, 2015. 

According to the appeal, Dr. Hively went along with this custody arrangement and even admonished for trying to keep biological dad involved. 

Steven Andrew Nugent filed a motion alleging that he was J.B.'s biological father and seeking leave to intervene in the custody proceeding in order to assert his parental rights....She stated her opinion that removing Mr. Bowers from J.B.'s life would be devastating to the child and would interfere with her "emotional development and path to maturity." Id. at 45, 51. 

Dr. Duncan-Hively said that J.B. is not bonded to Mr. Nugent: 'He's a figment ... Steve is the guy that has a really cute kid named [E.N.]' Id. at 32. She stated her opinion that if Mrs. Bowers had gotten professional advice earlier 'she would not have told the child in the context of the divorce about the biological father,' which would have avoided 'the conflict that that generated.' Id. at 41. Dr. Duncan-Hively added: 'But it's water over the dam. It's done.'"  

Dr. Hively is also involved in another notorious case which has drawn attention in St. Louis County: the Van Den Bergh case. 

Daily Docket News (DDN) has previously covered this case. 

Daily Docket News’ investigative team has an explosive update on a case we reported on last month as well as November and December of last year. Van Den Bergh vs. Van Den BerghCase 15SL-DR05021-01 filed in the Saint Louis County Family Court on 10/10/2016. Elaine Pudlowski, Esq., with the law firm of FrankelRubinKleinSiegelPayne & PudlowskiP.C., who was the court appointed guardian ad litem, was fired by Plaintiffs new attorney on November 5, 2020. We previously reported that the Petitioner’s minor child disclosed to a therapist that she was molested by the Respondent, but Pudlowski, with the court’s blessing and having the best interest of something other than the molested minor child in mind, reunified the molested minor child with their molester. Petitioner filed an Emergency Motion for Recusal of Judge Bruce F. Hilton, who was the presiding Judge in this case, and had been allegedly accused of BiasPrejudiceHarassmentDiscriminationThreatsIntimidationDenigration and Hostile Acts, to name a few, toward Petitioner.  Our legal team reports that Judge Bruce F. Hilton has in fact recused himself on January 12, 2021, with no explanation for his outrageous behavior, in a family court. Why do you think Judge Bruce F. Hilton recused himself? Do you think Judge Bruce F. Hilton and Pudlowski sleep at night knowing that this child is being molested every day on their recommendation? Do you think either Judge Bruce F. Hilton or Pudlowski really cares about what you think? You be the Judge.

I recently broke news that the Guardian ad Litem, Elaine Pudlowski, was colluding with the attorney, Patricia Susi, for the mother in the Van Den Bergh case. 

Dr. Hively was also on that case; she was retained as an expert by the father in that case, according to her testimony in a deposition.  

In that deposition, Dr. Hively admits to interjecting herself in the case far beyond her authority as father's hired gun. That deposition was taken on August 24, 2017.

Dr. Hively did not act merely as the father's hired gun; she reached out to the Child Abuse/Neglect (CAN) office in the Department of Social Services to try and sway their determination. 

"It's a complete report for the task, which was to testify before the Board in Jefferson City, regarding the issue of whether preponderance of the evidence was accurate in the determination of the allegation of sexual abuse," Dr. Hively stated in the deposition. 

Though her report stated the sexual molestation allegations made by the daughter, now 10, were not accurate- as with Melissa Hagemeier's daughter- she admitted in another portion of the deposition to never meeting mom or daughter. 

"Have you ever spoken to Caroline Van Den Bergh," she was asked by Caroline's attorney. 

"No,' Dr. Hively responded. 

"And have you ever spoken to {Caroline's daughter}," she was next asked. 

"No," Dr. Hively responded. 

In a previous story, St. Louis County Guardian ad Litem, Brian Dunlop, was also accused of misleading the court and claiming that a child who also disclosed sexual abuse had only disclosed to her mother; this child had also disclosed to several professionals. 

Somehow, she still offered a diagnosis. In another part of the deposition, Dr. Hively claimed that Caroline suffers from multiple mental disorders. 

Dr. Hively couches her own diagnosis, by claiming that Caroline had previously been diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression, but she also acknowledges not specifying to the review board what she was diagnosed with or how Dr. Hively came to this diagnosis. 

Dr. Hively also acknowledged in another portion of the deposition to misleading this board about who the girl made the disclosures to. Dr. Hively claimed daughter only disclosed to mom. 

As Caroline's attorney quickly pointed out, Caroline's daughter disclosed to numerous people.

"Are you taking into account that {Caroline's daughter} disclosed to the CAC," the lawyer asked. The CAC is the Child Abuse Center, an office within social services. 

"I am taking that into account," Dr. Hively responded. 

"Are you taking into account that {Caroline's daughter} disclosed to Jean Caine," she was then asked. 

"I am taking that into account," Dr. Hively responded. 

"And are you taking into account that {Caroline's daughter} described for Barbra Danin that 'daddy does silly things," she was next asked. 

"I am taking that into account." She responded. Dr. Hively then backpedaled and called Caroline "the prime source" but this is not what she testified to at the CAN hearing. 

"Did you advise the CAN Review Board that {Caroline's daughter} had disclosed to Jean Caine," she was asked. 

"No," Dr. Hively responded. 

"And did you disclose to the CAN Review Board that she- {Caroline's daughter}- had disclosed to Barbra Danin," Dr. Hively was asked. 

"No," Dr. Hively responded. 

Despite her dubious record, Dr. Hively appears to be prodigious in court appointments. 

Besides her work on child custody cases, she is also called as an expert in certain criminal cases. 

"Witnesses for the defense included Defendant, who denied the
allegations of sexual abuse, and Dr. Ann Duncan-Hively, an expert witness and clinical
psychologist who had reviewed A.W.�s and S.V.�s CAC interviews." A 2015 appeals court decision notes. 

In fact, she fancies herself an expert in rape accusations. She was a featured speaker at a 2019 Conference entitled "Child Abuse Allegations: Scientific Fact and Reason Vs. Myth and Emotion."

On her website, she notes. 

I am currently licensed as a psychologist in Missouri, previously licensed in New Hampshire and registered in Bermuda. I have been in private psychological practice in St. Louis, Missouri since 1981.

In therapy, I work with adults, couples, families, and children of all ages, struggling with traumas and transitions. The work is focused on what is needed by the client, so that the process is one of facilitation. The treatment model is eclectic, with mutual decision making at the base.

In the forensic setting, I provide assessment and consultation in cases involving adoption, custody and visitation, abuse and neglect, suggestibility of child testimony, sexual harassment and competency. I am also a trained mediator.

In 2010, she provided training for Missouri Guardian ad Litem in a continuing education class called "Psychological Assessments for Custody Conflicts."

Part of the presentation is this portion on parental alienation syndrome, "Unusual Allegations • Parental Alienation “Syndrome” – Not an actual syndrome but present in various amounts in most divorces – Dealing with death of marriage by monsterizing the other parent – Can be subtle or overt – Purpose is to destroy relationship with other parent and 'own' the children."

Melissa Hagemeier has been accused of parental alienation and parental alienation is often used as a defense for abuse allegations, particularly sexual molestation allegations. 

Dr. Hively did not respond to an email for comment. 

Post Script:

Please check out my previous articles on St. Louis County: Article 1Article 2Article 3Article 4Article 5Article 6Article 7, Article 8, and Article 9

Also check out the crowdfunding campaign which supports this series. 

On Steel Truth

 Find the interview here.  April 5, 2021. 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Talking AFCC, Parental Alienation, and this Global Cabal

Notes from the episode below. that's David Segui's article. We won't go through the whole thing but a few things I want to highlight.

2) that's my article on AFCC. I want to highlight two things: one a portion involving then Judge Deann Salcido, and the portion on Richard Gardner. 

3) This is David Knutson's order from the Rucki case September 7, 2012. This order is very similar to an order David Segui received on December 28, 2020: parental alienation is the reason, emergency, the use of "in the best interest of the child" to couch bad decisions, and leaning on other "experts" to make decisions. Most of  it is in the first couple pages. 

 5) that's a piece on the Rucki case. I want to play the whole thing but it's nine minutes. If that's too long, I'll sample a couple things Paul Reitman said and describe the rest. Play 2:32-5:02 after also pause on 4:19, you'll see a court document which we read. Also 5:42-6:47.  

6) start at 5 minutes and go to 8 minutes- so three minutes- that's Samantha Baldwin from England, when she mentions parental alienation, she quickly says, "that's what I was accused of." Very similar story to several American stories.

7) That's a tweet from a British reporter on the misuse of parental alienation there.  

8) This is a study of how parental alienation is used as a defense to abuse claims in custody cases in France. The first four or five paragraphs are perfect: exact same dynamic. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

On Common Law Wise Wordz Podcast

 Find a link to the podcast here. 

We talked about the Star Chamber created by Judge James Sullivan; find my article here; Megan Fox's article on it is here

I also mention that Judge David Knutson forced an attorney, Michelle MacDonald, to conduct part of a custody trial, handcuffed to a wheelchair. That video is below and she is wheeled in at approximately 1:10:00

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

AFCC's Scheme to Keep Ex-MLB Player Away from His Kids


(David Segui from his playing days)

I recently received a short video which shows former Major League Baseball player Mark Grudzielanek shortly after he apparently attacked a minor, not his son according to the video.  

 "He wants to play, we'll play," Grudzielanek says at the end 

 "You just sprayed what in his-vinegar- vinegar in his eyes," one youth says of his brother. 

It appears the youth initially sprayed Grudzielanek with this vinegar, though not in his eyes but on his back. Grudzielanek, in retaliation, sprayed him six times in his eyes.

This TMZ like altercation is part of a larger scheme to keep another former Major Leaguer, David Segui, away from his two sons: the two in the video. 

Segui's story was previously featured twice in Celeb Magazine: Article 1 and Article 2

All those involved in his custody case were gagged shortly after the first Celeb Magazine article was released; I have been able to piece together what happened using publicly available documents, along with speaking to others close to the case.  

Grudzielanek played in the majors from 1995-2010 while Segui played in the MLB from 1990-2004; they were teammates with the Montreal Expos from 1995-1997. 

Grudzielanek spoke to me briefly about this incident. That conversation is below.  

Don't believe everything you read and hear Grudzielanek told me when I asked him about the video. 

But I have uncovered a much deeper web involving several entities I have previously investigated. 

Namely it is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC); Find my article Making Divorce Pay, about AFCC, here

There are at least fifteen people who are either members of AFCC or have participated in their events who have worked on Segui's divorce from his second wife, Donna.

They are as follows: Raymond Branton {the boy's third therapists}, Kolette Butler {2nd Therapist Interventionist}, Joel Covert {boy's 4th therapist}, Robert DiCarlo {advised mother's lawyer}, Christina Hamilton {father's second attorney}, Carlos Jones {older boy's 2nd therapist}, Mary Ann Lanzilotta {mother's court appointed therapist}, Carol Mellen {father's court appointed therapist}, Kathleen Miholich {did home study}, John Moran {1st therapist interventionist}, Dr. Shanna Sadeh {did trauma assessment for the two minors}, Steven Serrano {did divorce mediation}, Julie Skakoon {boys 1st therapist}, Stephanie Stromfors {current best interest attorney for the minors}, and Diana Vigil {3rd therapist interventionist}.

I reached out to everyone on this list along with Donna and her attorneys. Dicarlo said he didn't comment on cases; Vigil's office said they don't speak to the media and the rest did not respond. 

I reached out to David Segui, who said the gag order barred him from comment. 

Grudzielanek is not a party to the case, so not bound by a gag order; we didn't discuss the custody case in the interview anyway. 

The judge on this case is Brad Astrowsky, who is not a member of AFCC but did attend their annual conference in 2019, according to his disclosures. 

AFCC did something which they have perfected; downplay abuse allegations, while dubiously claiming parental alienation, and having many of their members appointed to the case to run up fees.

There was, as shown above, multiple therapists, several more therapist interventionist {separate from a traditional therapist}, several lawyers, a mediation and more featured in this case. 

On December 28, 2020, Judge Astrowsky issued an emergency order- which he stated was done in secret and on the recommendation of the BIA Stromfors- changing custody temporarily, granting Donna sole custody and barring David Segui from any contact with his children. 

The reason for the emergency was parental alienation. 

"Based upon the findings enumerated in the January 16, 2020, Order this is a case of severe parental alienation by the Father against the Mother." Judge Astrowsky states in his order. 

Aaron Nash is the communications specialist for the Arizona Judiciary. He could not comment on the case directly but stated in general, "Family court matters are among the most emotionally difficult cases that families face, even under the best circumstances. Custody matters, like other disputes, can result in a situation where a judge has to make a determination based on the evidence and legal arguments presented."

But this decision seems especially bizarre because just in November 2020, Judge Astrowsky ruled there was no parental alienation, after Donna's attorneys filed another motion. 

Judge Astrowsky's order from December 28, 2020, does not list any way in which David Segui was in contempt, since the order above from November; even so, the December 28, 2020, was done in an emergency fashion and "Without Notice". 

That Stromfors was advising Judge Astrowsky is important because, according to an audio recording I received, Stromfors and Astrowsky have in the past carried on an affair.  

 "It's well known in the court that Stromfors and Astrowsky have not only worked together but have carried on a personal relationship outside the courtroom," the anonymous person states, "This was going on while he was married. He was very flirtatious with all the women in the courthouse." 

To pull off this parental alienation scam, these numerous court appointees have ignored repeated disclosures of abuse by the children. 

This incident with Grudzielanek is not the first they have reported against him, along with several disclosures against the mother. 

In September 2020, Grudzielanek was accused of threatening his step-children. 

1-2 Mark Grudzielanek PR 9-... by mikekvolpe

His own violent history also extends back. CBS reported on an incident from 2000 involving a drunken bar fight. 

Los Angeles shortstop Mark Grudzielanek faces an assault charge for allegedly punching a bar bouncer earlier this week.

The 29-year-old Grudzielanek, a former All-Star, was in Moose McGillycuddy's on Front Street late Tuesday night when a bouncer asked him to leave, Sgt. Donald Simpson said Thursday.

For some reason, Grudzielanek then allegedly punched the bouncer several times in the face, opening a 2-inch cut over his left eye.

In 2008, he was the subject of a police report for allegedly pushing the mother of his children to the ground. 

Segui's ex-wife was also the subject of reports. 

The trauma assessment done by Dr. Sadeh stated, "In this case, both children reported Mother abused and neglected them throughout their childhood. Dr. Sadeh reported these allegations to the Arizona Department of Child Safety as mandated by state laws and regulations. Dr. Sadeh did not investigate the allegations and did not attempt to determine the truth about what happened. Nothing in this report should be construed as a finding by Dr. Sadeh of abuse or neglect."

A police report stated that on January 28, 2021, one of the boys ran from his mother's house, after she punched him. 

"I contacted the male subject in the kitchen and asked him what was going on. He stated he ran away from home after his mom punched him in the face. I then identified him as $%$% Segui. I asked him what he and his mom were arguing about and he stated they were arguing about not being able to see his father and how abusive she was to him and his brother." The police report stated. "{The boy} then stated she got mad at him for saying those things and punched him in the face. {The boy} then went on to say his mother had recent put a court order on his dad keeping him from being able to see {the boy} and his brother. I asked {the boy} if his mom knew he left the house and he replied she didn`t because he waited until she went to sleep before he left the house. I asked {the boy} where he lived, and he stated he did not know the address. I asked him what his moms phone number was, and he again stated he did not know. I advised him we were going to need to talk with his mother and he stated he understood."

On top of this, deposition testimony suggests that Donna was not a very involved mom. 

Thus far, none of this matters. David Segui is considered a parent alienator and for now he must be kept away from his kids entirely. 

"It is in both children's best interest to have no 'contact' with Father or other family members, relatives, friends, or other associates of Father and parents of the children's friends who are likely to interfere with the children's progress in effectively repairing their relationship with Mother." Judge Astrowsky's order states. 

Judge Astrowsky further ordered that the boys immediately begin reunification therapy with Family Bridges. 
Reunification camps are supposed to be a place where children transition from the parent the court deemed to be alienating to the alienated parent, but their effectiveness is dubious; in most cases children are coerced into saying things like that the targeted parent loves them and they only are afraid of that parent because of the things the alienating parent says.

Though the order appointing Family Bridges didn't get signed until December, 28, 2020,  a deposit was paid apparently by Donna for Family Bridges days prior to the order being signed; according to a receipt. Unless the judge revealed his decision before publishing it, no one should have known what camp was being chosen before the order was signed. 

Since 2018, in particular, I and other investigative journalists have continued to expose Family Bridges. It is run by Randy Rand, who has not renewed his license in years because of a disciplinary action. Family Bridges is out of California, not Arizona, so it's bizarre that Judge Astrowsky thought to send these two boys out of state to an unlicensed reunification camp. 

The investigations included NBC Bay Area, NBC New York, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and NBC in Charleston, South Carolina.

The investigations found that the camp was coercive, often traumatizing to the children, and showed little if any long term effectiveness in fixing the parent child relationship which they claim are broken. 

Furthermore, in this case, Diana Vigil was the driving force in recommending Family Bridges. Vigil is the ex-wife of John Moran, who was also on the case. 

"Additionally, on December 1, 2020, Diana Vigil, the court appointed therapeutic interventionist, advised the Court of the need for a more intensive therapeutic intervention process: Family Bridges Workshop." Judge Astrowsky's order stated. 

Moran is also on the board of Overcoming Barriers, another reunification camp similar to Family Bridges. 

Also on the board of Overcoming Barriers, is former Connecticut Judge, Lynda Munro, who presided over Sunny Kelley's case, which had a similar set of facts and twelve AFCC affiliated people. Munro left the bench shortly after the details of Kelley's case came out. 

Family Bridges camp proved to be a disaster for Segui's kids; at least if you believe Segui's son, who left a desperate comment on Celeb Magazine. It's below. 

They Didn’t listen to a single thing I said Dr. Rand said that I’m a liar and none of the abuse happened and got pissed off any time I brought it up. I went outside and was talking with the Therapeutic Interventionist and I told her how are you going to send me and my brother back to her when she abused us and she told me that I need both parents in my life and I said no she physically and sexually abused me and I’ve been doing perfectly fine with my dad staying out of trouble unlike when I was living with her. She also tells me that my brother needs to have both parents and saying it’s harder for him since he stopped living with her when he was only 8 and maybe he misses her. She blatantly ignores the fact that me and {my brother} were abused by her and want nothing to do with her. Once we walked back in and said were not going through with the Program they had my mom contact multiple wilderness camps for kids with behavioral issues and they were three months long and me and my brother were going to be split up. While all of this was happening he read me the report and it stated that since my dad didn’t coerce us to go back to my mom. Coerce which means persuading an unwilling person to do something by force or threats. I told him so my dad was supposed to send us back with my mom when we don’t feel safe around her and he said yes. Since I didn’t want to be split up from my brother so I just said ok I’ll just bull shit the program and go through with it because I don’t want be separated from my little brother. Once we got home and were living with my mom me and her get into an argument and she punched me in the face. I waited till everything was quiet and ran I heard cop cars so I hid in pushes for a while than knocked on someone’s door and told them what happened. They called the cops and I told them what happened they put me in the cop car so I can give them directions to the place we were staying at. When they interview my mom she lies and said she didn’t hit me the cop comes out said he thinks me and my brother were wrestling a couple of days before that and that’s why I have a bruise on my face. The cop contacted Child Protective Services and told me that my mom will call them to come interview us and they never did and instead the Therapeutic interventionist comes over and has a family meeting. I acted like I was asleep and she tells my brother I’m having a tough time adjusting and that he should stay with me and make sure I’m ok instead of him going to my mom’s sisters house. When I “wake up” I start arguing with her and my aunt who’s saying everything was so amazing what happened and Van heil chirps in saying looked like you guys were so happy and I told her no it was all an act so I don’t get separated from my brother and told her I want to go back to my dad and she told me I can’t. My mom has her friend come upstairs and tell us your mom is leaving at 1:30 for a court hearing and If you don’t have a family meeting with her their going to separate you and your brother for 3 months and the 90 days will restart. So we have the meeting my mom tells me I violated the court order because I ran off and wasn’t in eyesight of an adult. She than asks me and my brother if were going to listen and respect her and we tell her no so she says I need to leave we can finish this later. Like 4 days later I look up family Bridges and start reading about other peoples cases and tell her I looked it up and I don’t trust it’s going to be 90 days all these cases it’s been more and that Dr. Rand said that he makes these changes permanent and she says our case is different you will see your dad in 90 days. We keep arguing with her so she has her fiancee and her friend over and than she says she needs our phones to see what we looked up and we weren’t allowed to search anything up. We haven’t had our phones since. My brother was looking up my dad and came across this. I will probably get in trouble for this but I don’t care anymore I’m not going to be silenced by the court any longer even though this violates the 90 day order and people need to know what goes on in these reunification camps.

Segui remains barred from any contact with these two children. 

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Grudzielanek is now under investigation for the incident in the YouTube video at the top: according to a TMZ story. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

GAL, Lawyer, and Judge Collusion in St. Louis Revealed

(Part of text messages between Elaine Pudlowski and Patricia Susi)

A remarkable set of emails and text messages between lawyers and a guardian ad litem in St. Louis County show the extent of the collusion that the players will resort to in managing cases. 

I have received text messages and emails between Patricia Susi, Deborah Henry, and Elaine Pudlowski, in which the three are discussing the Van Den Bergh case. 

This is a case first broken by Daily Docket News. Here is part of that. 

Daily Docket News’ investigative team has an explosive update on a case we reported on last month as well as November and December of last year. Van Den Bergh vs. Van Den BerghCase 15SL-DR05021-01 filed in the Saint Louis County Family Court on 10/10/2016. Elaine Pudlowski, Esq., with the law firm of FrankelRubinKleinSiegelPayne & PudlowskiP.C., who was the court appointed guardian ad litem, was fired by Plaintiffs new attorney on November 5, 2020. We previously reported that the Petitioner’s minor child disclosed to a therapist that she was molested by the Respondent, but Pudlowski, with the court’s blessing and having the best interest of something other than the molested minor child in mind, reunified the molested minor child with their molester. Petitioner filed an Emergency Motion for Recusal of Judge Bruce F. Hilton, who was the presiding Judge in this case, and had been allegedly accused of BiasPrejudiceHarassmentDiscriminationThreatsIntimidationDenigration and Hostile Acts, to name a few, toward Petitioner.  Our legal team reports that Judge Bruce F. Hilton has in fact recused himself on January 12, 2021, with no explanation for his outrageous behavior, in a family court. Why do you think Judge Bruce F. Hilton recused himself? Do you think Judge Bruce F. Hilton and Pudlowski sleep at night knowing that this child is being molested every day on their recommendation? Do you think either Judge Bruce F. Hilton or Pudlowski really cares about what you think? You be the Judge.

Susi represented the mother in this case from September 2017-June 2018; during that period she was in constant contact with Pudlowski, who was the Guardian ad Litem (GAL). 

A GAL is brought into custody cases to represent the best interest of the child or children. 

They were repeatedly in inappropriate communication. In one instance, they scheme behind the scene to stop mom from having her daughter see a therapist. 

Shortly after that, Pudlowski claims she'll have what appears to be an ex-parte meeting with the judge, "I'm going to approach the judge about it next week, let him know who I've called and who will and will not see her." Pudlowski tells Susi.

Approaching judges in an apparent ex-parte manner seems like a pattern for Pudlowski, according to these text messages. Below is one in which Susi asks, "Heard anything from his honor."

I'm not sure in what scenario it would be appropriate for a GAL to have communication with a judge and not involve counsel for each party as well, but in such a scenario, I definitely can't imagine the GAL should then reveal that conversation in a text message. 

"Courtroom locked and he is not answering the door buzzer," Pudlowski responded. 

(Another text message which suggests inappropriate contact between Pudlowski and judge)

In another exchange, both treat the mother, Caroline, with contempt. 

"My frustration is not with you," Pudlowski says to Susi in one email, "I am so sick of Caroline's bullshit."

"I know, just frustrated by the antics that go on in this," Pudlowski says in another text message. 

It's noteworthy that the girl in this custody made repeated disclosures of sexual abuse and Pudlowski demanded that the dad see her unsupervised over the objections of several therapists. It's possible all the headaches created by this case was due to the situation she was creating. 

Pudlowski took to calling this mom "Crazy Caroline" and she was so inappropriate with the nickname that she mentioned it to Evita Tolu, who is now suing Pudlowski and others. In the audio below, Pudlowski tells her to "get over it" and deal with her ex-husband, the accused molester, having unfettered access to her daughter.  

In the most remarkable exchange, Susi files a motion to have Pudlowski removed as a GAL, but while this appears tough outwardly, behind the scenes they are telegraphing to each other. 

"Sending you a nasty gram," Pudlowski texts to Susi, presumably shortly after receiving the motion. 

Sometime later, Susi sent this text message to Pudlowski. 

"Just wanted to let you know that Deb H had nothing to do with the filing on Monday. She wants me to amend and take her name of of the pleading. I just wanted you to know I don't think I can do that without sending a red flag to Caroline," Susi says to Pudlowski. 

Deb H is Deb Henry a senior lawyer in the firm where Susi works. Curtis, Heinz, Garrett, and O'Keefe. It appears that Henry was overseeing the case. 

In fact, Henry did not want her name placed on the motion to disqualify Pudlowski per emails below. 

Email TRail Susi + Henry RE Motion to Disqualify GAL (1) by mikekvolpe on Scribd

"Unfortunately, you are burning a bridge for a client that will turn around and sue you in a hearbeat because she is manipulative, she is a proven liar and she will need someone to blame when she loses custody." Henry says to Susi, of the firm's client. 

 Henry made her own startling admission in another set of emails. 

"From my perspective, we have the October 13th TRO and subsequent trial date in November. How wedded are you to the trial dates," Henry emails to Pudlowski on September 18, 2017, "It is important that {the daughter} get evaluated because we are buying future litigation.  {emphasis mine}" 

Buying future litigation doesn't seem ethical or legal and Ms. Henry seems to have a lot to answer for. 

All three ladies do, along with the primary judge on this case, Bruce Hilton. I reached out to all of them unsuccessfully, but my email to the three ladies is below. They may not have found it as amusing as I do. 


I'm attaching three attachments. Let me blunt, they kind of look bad for all of you. According to the most damning one, Ms. Susi, then representing Ms. Caroline Van Den Bergh, was communicating by text message with Elaine Pudlowski, the GAL on the case. My favorite comes from page 19, "sending you a nasty gram," Elaine says to Ms. Susi, this is timed for the approximate moment that Ms. Susi filed a motion to recuse Ms. Pudlowski. Am I right? 

You seem to joke a lot about Caroline but her daughter has disclosed numerous times that she's being molested by dad who gets 50% custody. Am I right?

The second attachment is also pretty bad. I quote, Ms. Henry to Ms. Pudlowski, "It is important that {Caroline's daughter} get evaluated since we are buying future litigation."

"Buying future litigation" could you get me some context here? 

The third one is the least damning, but Ms. Henry appears to want to distance herself from Ms. Susi's motion to remove Ms. Pudlowski. Am I understanding that or am I missing something? Could this distancing have anything to do with the buying of litigation that is happening? Any other thoughts? 

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