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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Child Support Paints a New Layer in Curious Lawsuit

 Martin James Schulz, the man at the center of a curious lawsuit based on a purported oral agreement, has at least two child support matters where this lawsuit was not disclosed. 

Schulz is currently suing Ryan Millsap, who sold the movie studio Blackhall Studios to a hedge fund for over $100 million. 

Schulz claims that he and Millsap have an oral agreement which entitles him to most of the proceeds of the sale. 

According to the child support documents, Schulz has come a long way to being a principle in a nine figure deal. 

In 2012, Schulz settled a child support matter with his ex Martha; in it, he claimed to have made $4,948 per month and was ordered to pay $917 per month. 

Schulz has not updated his income even though as part of his lawsuit he has received $6.7 million to remove a lis pendente in order to complete the sale of Blackhall Studios. 

This is not the only child support matter for Schulz; I also spoke to another ex-girlfriend, Alina, who said she had a relationship with Schulz starting in 2016 shortly before he went to rehab, which happened in 2017. 

At the time, she said he portrayed himself as the boss over at Blackhall Studios, however, he always had a drinking problem. 

She said Schulz went to rehab upon the advice of Millsap, but that upon his return he was barred from the studios. 

She said that Schulz has portrayed himself as constantly broke, unable to find work and pays her only a few hundred dollars per month. 

I reached out to Schulz by email but received no response. 

Arpad "Arki" Busson is the hedge fund manager who appears to be funding Schulz's lawsuit against Millsap. 

Alina said that Schulz told her he met Busson in rehab and that they may have attempted to do other business deals- she remembers Schulz flying to New York a lot after meeting Busson. 

She said that though his drinking would cause him to disappear for days sometimes he was never physically violent and treated her children well. 

There is also a new lawsuit recently filed in this case; this one by Schulz ex-wife, Claire Yankee. Yankee claims she was the mastermind behind Blackhall Studios. 

Claire Yankee Et Al. v. M. ... by mikekvolpe

In 2017, Schulz pled guilty to stalking Yankee. That is below.

18SC157086_Guilty Plea Tran... by mikekvolpe

I reached out to the two attorneys, Greg Godsey and Steve McConnell, but I did not receive a response back. 

Schulz lawsuit against Millsap goes to a three judge panel later in September. The three judges who will hear the arbitration are: Judge NS "Ken" Kendrick, Judge Edward Krugman, and Judge Randy Rich. 

Post Script

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