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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Harassing Hashtag

                            (An Example of Michael Brodkorb taunting Dede Evavold With Impunity)

Michael Brodkorb feels harassed, a hashtag has done it, and now he wants Dede Evavold jailed.

In a remarkable police report from December 30, 2019, Michael Brodkorb asks the Eagan, Minnesota Police Department to investigate Dede Evavold because of a hash tag.

"In Brodkorb’s email, he advised that Evavold’s Twitter account ‘RedHerringAlert’ had posted something on Twitter that morning at 1047 hours and included “#MichaelBrodkorb”. It should be noted on a previous case, reference Eagan PD case file number 19001201, I had mediated an issue between Brodkorb and Evavold regarding something that was posted on this Twitter page ‘RedHerringAlert’. In this investigation, Evavold advised she was the one who had made this post." The police report written by Officer Daniel Spiess.
As the police report stated, this has to do with the potential violation of a previous protective order.

See on August 14, 2018, a Twitter handle, johnsonmedia2, published a tweet with a photo of Michael Brodkorb's wife, taken at a local store.
Though the tweet remains published, the local courts determined it was harassing. Though the local courts couldn't prove or even claim that Dede Evavold published or even did anything with the photo, they could prove she received it.

This was enough to grant Michael Brodkorb, who fancies himself a journalist, a protective order.

In January, the prosecutor threw out separate charges stemming from another incident where Evavold purportedly violated the protective order. This time she sent an email to Brodkorb's attorney. That was deemed harassment, until it wasn't. The letter is below.
Brodkorb seems to have taken another opportunity to have Evavold charged. Officer Spiess is familiar with this case.

Here's part of what I wrote in 2019.

"Detective Dan Spiess from the Eagan Police Department testified at the hearing on October 28, 2019. He testified that he was unable to identify the owner of the twitter account @johnsonmedia2. Through his investigation, he discovered the photographs were taken by Ms. Diane Ristau. Ms. Ristau then forwarded the pictures to her co-worker and friend Ms. Carrie Baudette. Ms. Baudette then forwarded the picture to her long time friend Ms. Dede Evavold. IT IS UNCLEAR WHAT MS. EVAVOLD DID WITH THE PICTURES (EMPHASIS MINE)...While the actions of Ms. Evavold after receiving the photographs remain uncertain, she was involved in receiving them and she is the last one in the chain of events."
The website Lion News also tracked Spiess' involvement in the case quoting him saying,

Yes. So what I can tell you, some conversations I did record, and some I did not.  I don't record every single conversation I have with someone. I don't record conversations -- I don't record every conversation I have with someone. I just don't. I would say that is standard. You don't record every single conversation you have with someone. In specific instances, yes, you do. But not in every single one. So I did record my conversations originally with Ms. Ristau and Ms. Beaudette. After speaking with them, I did not believe that they needed to be put in the case file folder, and they were deleted. 
The two people mentioned- Beaudett and Ristau- also received said photograph of Brodkorb's wife, which remains on Twitter. Detective Spiess is in the middle of quite an investigation. He's tracking down photos, investigating hash tags, and examining emails, and he doesn't work for a police department in Iran, Russia, or North Korea, but in America; he just acts like a cop from North Korea.

Detective Spiess has yet to respond to my email and I'll update if he does.

What Detective Spiess has yet to investigate, is the taunting behavior of Michael Brodkorb.

Here are a few things Brodkorb has placed on social media.

Missing in Minnesota is the website that Brodkorb runs, which tracks the Rucki case.

I'm not a psychologist but if you feel harassed, why are you taunting the person you feel harassed by on social media.

This was the question I asked to the Eagan Police Department.

It appears you investigated Ms. Evavold because she did #MichaelBrodkorb

Is that really enough to warrant an investigation? Mr. Brodkorb claims to be harassed by Ms. Evavold but if you look at other things he has placed on social media, he doesn't appear afraid. I'm attaching a few social media posts for example. So, does Michael Brodkorb get to taunt Ms. Evavold and then run to your police department when she places a hash tag in front of his name? That's what it appears to be. 
 As you should know, David Rucki is a monster, if you don't know, just listen to his daughter,  or read these 99 pages,
Michael Brodkorb is his propagandist, that's the one word to describe him. It appears that anyone who sides with David Rucki in Minnesota has free reign to do as they please with all law enforcement doing their bidding. Now, it appears that Eagan is getting into the act. Am I wrong?  

They have yet to respond as well, and I'll update if they do.

Monday, March 23, 2020

ON Socialutions

find the articles for background below.

1) This is the article about Judge Scott Rash.

2) This is the article about the prison murder

3) Here is the article about David Rucki's ex-parte communication.

The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is warning people about scams related to coronavirus.

The article is here. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

On Action Radio

  A discussion about coronavirus starting in the second hour. Check out worldometers.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

On Steel Truth Talking 20/20, "Footprints in the Snow", and the Rucki case

Find my email to Aimee Buck below.

Ms. Buck,

this is Michael Volpe. I'm a freelance investigative journalist. I understand that Investigation Discovery re-broadcast "Footprints in the Snow" the 20/20 episode I long ago discredited but ID and your family of networks continue to re-broadcast it. I'd like an answer to some questions. 

1)  why didn't 20/20 play any of the audio from 4:51-7:10 when Samantha Rucki described her father ripping an organ leg off an organ and choking her mother, choking her sister, making comments about Samantha's breasts and running his hands up his daughter's legs. They had this audio since they played other parts. 

2) on page fifteen Nico Rucki describes his father sticking a gun to his head when he was eight years old. Nico, in the broadcast, said he's never seen his father be violent. Obviously, both  can't be true. Which one is?

3) that's 99 pages of evidence of David Rucki being violent. How did 20/20 come up with the idea there's no evidence David Rucki is violent? 

4) in this, there is a document which shows David Rucki knew ahead of time that he would win his custody trial? Why was that not mentioned? 

5) Given that this was written almost four years ago, why do you still re-broadcast an episode that no one believes any more? 

Ms. Buck's response was, "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were unaware until your outreach on Friday that there was anything called into question in this program, and we are currently looking into the claims you presented with the producers at ABC News. While we investigate further, Investigation Discovery has removed “Footprints in the Snow” from our schedule. Thank you for reaching out."