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Friday, March 5, 2021

Zellweger's On the Bench: A Dime a Dozen

(Judge David Knutson: Dakota County, Minnesota)

 Many people were shocked when they heard Judge Nicole Zellweger listen to a fourteen year old tell her that she did not care that the fourteen year old was accusing her father of child molestation; she was determined to force the girl to live with this man.

 While shocking, if you are of the impression that this behavior is unprecedented you have not been paying attention. 

Judge Nicole Zellweger of St. Louis County is the latest in a long line of judges caught being abusive primarily toward children; many of them have common threads like the misuse of parental alienation often applied against females by other female judges. 

Judge Rena Hughes

The most notorious case is arguably Judge Rena Hughes of Nevada. In the video below, Hughes berates a child about the same age as the fourteen year old, and when the girls cries, telling her she does not want to go with her father, Judge Hughes says tough, orders are orders. 

 Judge Hughes notes in the video that a marshal gave the woman an order to show cause to produce the girl in much the same way that Angela Freiner was ordered to produce her daughter in the hearing that is now notorious because of the leaked recording. 

"Too bad," Judge Hughes states in the video to the girl begging to live with her mother, "When your mother left court, I told her if she didn't facilitate visits on weekends that you would spend the entire summer with him."

Hughes threatened to send the girl to Child Haven, a reform type school in Las Vegas. 

In a similar manner, Judge Zellweger scolded Angela to her daughter, "I've done this before with mom. She did this too and we almost put her in jail for it." Judge Zellweger did put Angela in jail later in the same day of the hearing. 

Judge Hughes was found by a local report to target mom, primarily determining that allegations of abuse by dad were instead parental alienation against dad. 

Hughes' attorney, Bill Terry, says the judge had full authority to do what she did, citing a history of documented hearings regarding parental alienation. Terry says he and his client disagree with the commission's decision and may appeal it. A spokesperson for Family Court declined to comment.
Judge Zellweger also found that rather than abuse the Freiner case was that of parental alienation. 

Judge Lisa Gorcyca

If Judge Rena Hughes is not the most notorious, that dubious honor goes to Judge Lisa Gorcyca of Oakland County, Michigan. 

In 2015, Judge Gorcyca demanded that three Tsimhoni children go and have lunch with their father; when they refused, she sent them to Juvenile Hall. 

"You need to do a research program on Charlie Manson and the cult that he has … You have bought yourself living in Children’s Village, going to the bathroom in public, and maybe summer school.” Judge Gorcyca said in the hearing. 

After a firestorm, Judge Gorcyca sent the kids to a camp before forcing them into sole custody with their father, denying mom any contact for over six months. 

Eventually, the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission (MJTC) charged her with various violations of judicial canons, Judge Hughes was charged by Nevada's oversight body, and she recused herself from the case. 

Custody was eventually switched back to mom and the three Tsimhoni kids were A students and universally loved when Judge Gorcyca made her custody switch. 

In that case, their mom was accused of parental alienation against dad. 

Judge David Knutson

While there are no recordings or even transcripts of Judge David Knutson's of Dakota County, Minnesota's greatest hits, two of the participants made audio recordings. 

On September 5, 2012, Judge David Knutson held a telephonic conference. This unusual, non hearing, was to discuss a recent report submitted by a court appointed psychologist, Paul Reitman. 

Reitman had spent less than thirty minutes with the mother and four of the five children, but he claimed to have a great handle on things. 

“The children appear very depressed and browbeaten.” Reitman wrote in his report to the court. “Their mother appears out of touch and suffering from a personality disorder.”

That led to the telephonic conference, the transcript is below. 

G168-1201-0669 by mikekvolpe

The telephonic conference led to this draconian order on September 7, 2012.  

G168-1201-0006 by mikekvolpe

That order required the children's mother leave their home and rather than dad getting custody, custody was granted to his sister. 

Somehow, four of the five children went to the local police station and wound up living with their maternal aunt instead, at least temporarily. 

Then, in February 2013, having been cut off entirely from their mother, the judge held a hearing and allowed the children to speak. 

Both the two oldest daughter of the Rucki's- Gianna and Samantha who are both now over 18- made recordings in which they described this interaction. 

Samantha's recording
 Gianna's recording

"Once we were done, Judge Knutson basically goes, well, you know, you said what you had to say, but that doesn't matter, that's not your decision to make." Samantha says of Judge Knutson in her audio. 

Similarly, Judge Zellweger stated, "I understand you're not happy with the court's judgment but it's nevertheless the court's judgment." 

Both Gianna and Samantha ran and lived on a horse farm for abused children for approximately two and a half years starting on April 19, 2013, rather than be forced to live with their father, who they graphically describe as abusive in their audios. 

The Rucki case is arguably the most notorious case of a mom accused of parental alienation; though David Rucki, the dad, has been accused of sticking a gun to his son's head, choking his daughter, ripping off an organ leg and choking his wife, along with threatening to kill his family and leaving six gun shots, one for his dad and five children, on his daughter's cell phone voice mail, but the court claimed there was no credible evidence of abuse. 

Criminal Court

Judge George Gallagher

Judge George Gallagher  of Tarrant County, Texas earned some notoriety when he used electroshock on a defendant, he felt was not cooperative. 

Here is more from a local story. 

A Texas judge had a defendant electrically shocked three times during trial for not following courtroom etiquette. 

Judge George Gallagher of Tarrant County ordered a bailiff to use a stun belt, legally used to deliver thousands of volts of electric shock on violent or escaping defendants in Texas, on a sex offender who failed to answer questions properly, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. 

During the 2014 trial, defendant Terry Lee Morris wasn't violent and didn't show signs of running away, the Star-Telegram reports, but still endured 50,000-volt shocks. He was convicted of soliciting sexual acts from a 15-year-old girl.

Judge Merrilee Erlich

Broward County Circuit Court Judge Merrilee Erlich scolded Sandra Faye Twiggs, 59, in 2018. Twiggs was chronically ill and attempt to explain why she was having trouble responding. 

Judge Erlich showed no mercy, humiliating Twiggs, who died days later. 

Here is video. 

Judge Jerri Collins

Judge Collins, of Seminole County, Florida, quickly became notorious when video of her berating a domestic violence victim went viral. 

Judge Collins was unhappy that the victim was unwilling to testify at a subsequent trial of her alleged abuser. Here is more from the Tampa Bay Times

Last year, a domestic-violence victim failed to appear and testify at her alleged abuser's trial. 

A Florida judge's response was to ignore the victim's tearful pleas, hold her in contempt of court and send her to jail.

Earlier this week, Seminole County Judge Jerri Collins found herself on the opposite side of the bench as she received her own harsh scolding from Florida's chief justice.

Civil Court

Judge J. Anthony Miller 

The last entry is Judge J Anthony Miller of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Not only did Judge Miller manage to turn a six month marriage, with nothing more than a house in New Hampshire, into a five plus year divorce, but he helped cause a woman's panic attack, refused to stop the hearing even though she was having a panic attack. After opposing counsel tried to negotiate during the panic attack, Judge J Anthony Miller ordered the panic attacked litigant back in the courtroom under threat of subpoena. 

When the litigant told him that she'd taken a drug which would come her nerves but would effectively knock her out, this was stricken from the record, the trial continued and he awarded the house in New Hampshire to her ex-husband. 

Find the story, including the shocking audio, here. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

The St. Louis Courts as a Criminal Enterprise

 In the next installment of my series on the St. Louis courts, I will examine a topic which I have been interested in for nearly a decade: RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

In my first book, Prosecutors Gone Wild, the main character, Chuck Panici, was prosecuted- falsely- using RICO as an especially tough weapon against him: five of the thirteen charges against Panici were under RICO. 

Panici is the former long time mayor of Chicago Heights; in that case, the government argued that the mayor's office was used to develop a series of bribery schemes, making the mayor's office the RICO enterprise.

(Chuck Panici)

RICO was passed in 1970 and it was designed to take on organized crime: La Cosa Nostra specifically, but any criminal enterprise from criminal gangs, car theft rings, extortion schemes, bookmaking operations, etc.

If someone is prosecuted under RICO, there are sentencing enhancements, which turn minor crimes into long sentences. 

George Anastasia, the noted crime writer, said on the program Kingpin, "it made the concept of racketeering a way to prosecute all these guys. He's a loan shark, he's a bookmaker, he's an extortionist, but they're all part of this racketeering enterprise."

He further noted that a simple bookmaking sentence, which would normally carry a one to three year sentence, can carry a sentence up to 20 years under RICO. 

In this case, I will make the argument that the approved St. Louis County Guardian ad litem, acting in concert with St. Louis County judges, are running a criminal enterprise to traffic children: a scheme designed to transfer custody from the protective parent to the abuse one and in exchange, the GALs and others collect on exorbitant fees for services ordered by the court. 

This is an issue to be handled with care; Bad Legal Takes is a popular twitter account and misinterpreted RICO is one of his favorite "Bad Legal Takes."

In order to prove RICO, a prosecutor must establish that there is an ongoing  organized criminal enterprise, the defendants are a part of it, and they have committed at least two crimes in the last ten years in support of that enterprise.  

This is what is called a "pattern of racketeering," under RICO, and the crimes are referred to as "predicate acts." The crimes range from murder, extortion, bribery, obstruction of justice, child trafficking, slavery, and murder. 

In this case, the best evidence that there is an ongoing criminal enterprise is the notorious Zoom Conference call from January 27, 2021. 

 Not only do the GALs appear to be scheming in several potential criminal acts including tax evasion, but they seem to acknowledge they are part of a larger criminal conspiracy. 

"This threatens to take down the entire system," Sarah Pleban says. 

Pleban has previously been implicated in a child trafficking scheme by Daily Docket News (DDN), the emailed newsletter which has also been tracking this. 

Daily Docket News’ investigative team just discovered another sickening story that has a terrible ending like so many others. Vandenbroucke v. Pilipenko, Case No. 16SL-DR05904, filed in the Saint Louis County Circuit Court on 10/27/2016. Sarah Pleban, Esq., with the law firm of Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, was the court appointed guardian ad litem. James D. Reid, Ph.D., was the court appointed forensic psychology evaluator. Respondent’s child, who was sexually abused at the hands of Petitioner according to Respondent and her child, was handed over to the alleged abuser, by Judge John N. Borbonus, on the recommendation of Pleban and Reid, with full custody rights. Why did the County Prosecutor refuse to file charges? The Respondent was left with only the shirt on her back, after spending her last dime in family court to save her daughter failed. Currently, Respondent is court ordered to visit with her daughter for only forty-five minutes, once a month under strict supervision, at a cost to the Respondent of nearly two hundred dollars per visit. The court appointed supervisor sits on a bench between Respondent and her child, as they are forbidden to touch. Respondent is court ordered to not speak to her child in Respondent’s native language of Russian. Respondent’s child, who is currently nine years old, tells Respondent that Petitioner continues to sleep in the same bed with her every nigh  How can Judge John N. Borbonus, Pleban and Reid sleep at night?

While DDN  considers this a child trafficking scheme, the question remains, "would it be considered one under RICO."

It's much easier to prove RICO in these schemes if there's bribery involved, which RICO considers a predicate act, and while I believe in many of these cases people are being bribed, there is no proof of that here. 

There is instead a "pattern" as RICO calls for of violating laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)- which is not a predicate act- perjury, which is a predicate act: along with violations of rules of professional conduct.

This could on its own constitute enough predicate acts if enough examples of perjury were proven as one example, but an even better argument would be that the perjury, violations of HIPAA, and violations of rules of professional conduct amount to a child trafficking racket. 

The pattern was indeed described by a litigant who continues to remain anonymous. As she noted to me, after her daughter disclosed sexual abuse by her ex, the GAL in her case, Brian Dunlop, along with the court appointed psychologist, Dr. James Reid, stepped in. 

Dr. Reid quickly diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder along with parental alienation; Dunlop used that to quickly change custody and she has not seen her daughter in over three years. 

She said she is one of four women whose children disclosed abuse to them, who were diagnosed with BPD and parental alienation- a "pattern of racketeering"- and then they lost custody. Her interview in two parts is below.  

Part two 


In the lawsuit filed by Evita Tolu, that's exactly what happened, and the lawsuit further argued that Dr. Reid violated numerous professional rules including ignoring test results which contradicted his finding of BPD. 

"By failing to use MMPI assessments specifically designed to account for Plaintiff's cultural background of being born and raised in the former Soviet Union. By failing to assessments specifically designed for family custody litigants with children." Tolu's lawsuit stated. 

That was echoed by the anonymous woman who said every other time she had been tested she had been found to be mentally balanced. 

Dunlop also falsely claimed in court- presumably perjury- that this woman's daughter only disclosed to her mom, when she'd disclosed to multiple other persons in authority. More on that story here

The lawsuit also alleges that Pudlowski violated HIPAA by releasing her evaluation- a private medical document- to people who were not specifically authorized by a court order. 

Dunlop has also been accused of improperly sharing confidential information. 

 "Fact:  Brian stated to both of my children upon meeting them that whatever they chose to share with him would be privileged/confidential.  After one of our trial dates, Brian shared with me some thoughts/opinions the children had shared with him regarding me.  I would not categorize them as negative, but more of a personal nature.  Until Brian told me these thoughts/opinions that my children personally and confidentially shared with him, I had not known them.

Reid was also accused of doing a custody evaluation by Tolu in her lawsuit even though the court order only called for him to do a psychological evaluation. 

While violations of HIPAA, performing an improper evaluation, and improperly sharing private information, would not in itself constitute a RICO violation, the argument is that these violations, along with the perjury, and other violations of rules and laws, constitute a child trafficking scheme in which abusers are cultivated by the court. Their abuse is covered up while the protective mother is falsely labeled with BPD and other false diagnoses, custody is changed to the abusive parent and in exchange, all the court actors charge exorbitant fees. Child trafficking is of course a predicate act. 

As Megan Fox recently revealed in PJ Media, Elaine Pudlowski, a prominent St. Louis County GAL, routinely makes well in excess of $10,000 in fees for each case. 

Another parent told Plaintiff that Pudlowski recommended the Court award custody to a father despite the father’s record of medical abuse and neglect of the children. Pudlowski also intrfered with the DFS investigation in that case and never reported to the Court the scientific evidence which proved children were poisoned. Pudlowski talked about this case with Plaintiff and told Plaintiff that Reid, Van Luven and WCPA diagnosed mother to be delusional. Pudlowski disclosed the mother’s protected private medical information to Plaintiff, who Plaintiff did not know at the time, in violation of the Court Orders in that case, mother’s HIPPa and WCPA’s Notice of Privacy Rights.

In that case, Pudlowski’s bill for services was $80,000. According to court dockets, Pudlowski had 86 hearings on 86 separate cases just in the month of December, and Pudlowski and Reid worked together on twelve of them. Pudlowski’s caseload is the highest in the county, if not the entire state.

Reid was evaluator on twelve of Pudlowski's cases, according to the lawsuit, and he charged Tolu well over $50,000 for a variety of services, all to find her falsely with BPD and parental alienation. 

Furthermore, what are we to make of the explosive audio which everyone seems to be talking about? In it, Judge Nicole Zellweger of St. Louis County berates a fourteen year old girl who tells her that her father is molesting her and Judge Zellweger insists on sending her to live with him anyway, even jailing her mother as a form of coercion. Even if no RICO violations were committed here, the audio seems like strong evidence that the scheme to hide sexual abuse and send kids to their abuser in order to profit exists.

 Indeed, the argument comes down to intent. If the intent is to traffic a child to an abuser because that's how you earn exorbitant fees, that's child trafficking. 

One possible defense would of course be that every decision was made in good faith, that mother, child, in some cases even police were all not credible or convincing. The courts and GALs believed mother was trying to poison the relationship between child and father and steps were taken to fix this. 

This is why the pattern of violations of crimes, rules, and regulations is so critical.  Pattern was further defined by US Legal

There are six factors that a court should consider in deciding whether a RICO pattern has been established.  Edmondson & Gallagher v. Alban Towers Tenants Ass’n, 48 F.3d 1260 (D.C. Cir. 1995.  These factors are: “the number of unlawful acts, the length of time over which the acts were committed, the similarity of the acts, the number of victims, the number of perpetrators, and the character of the unlawful activity.” The court in Edmondson acknowledged that in some cases “some factors will weigh so strongly in one direction as to be dispositive.” 

It's hard for Dr. James Reid to argue he  believed every woman he diagnosed with BPD- almost ten are mentioned in the lawsuit- if every time he also ignored their MMPIs, evaluations from other psychologists, violated HIPAA, and other ethical and criminal violations. 

It's hard for Dunlop to make the same argument when he commits perjury- as I argue here- and claims a child only disclosed to their mother when he knew or should have known that the child disclosed to several people. 

It's really hard for any of the GALs to make this argument if it's further proven that they routinely hold illegal ex-parte meetings with the judge or other court participants. 

If indeed the prosecution proves that the evidence of physical and sexual abuse presented to the GALs- and then subsequently ignored- was in each case ranging from compelling to overwhelming, then, it seems just about impossible to argue. 

Though as a friend liked to say, "If if was a fifth, we'd all be drunk." LES. 

Please check out my previous articles on St. Louis County: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, and Article 4.

Also check out the crowdfunding campaign which supports this series. 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Shocking Audio: St. Louis Judge Nicole Zellweger Ignores Child Molestation Claim


(Judge Nicole Zellweger of St. Louis County)

As the Deep State in St. Louis County continues to get exposed, the intensity continues to ratchet up. 

In this case, the intensity is being ratcheted up by St. Louis County Judge Nicole Zellweger.

In a shocking audio, she tells a 14 year old she doesn't care or believe her claims that her father is molesting her, and insists the 14 year old go live with him. Though the audio is not always clear, it is clear starting at three to six minutes when the most damning portion occurs. 

 (Please also check out Megan Fox's coverage of this case on PJ Media.)

"I understand you're not happy with the court's judgment," Judge Zellweger states. "We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way."

Judge Zellweger also threatened to find her mother, Angela Freiner, guilty of criminal contempt if the girl does not follow the judge's order to go live with her father. 

"Nobody knows my emotions the way I do," the girl responds, "No, you don't understand, if you understood, you wouldn't force me to go with a child molester."

At that point, an unidentified- at approximately 3:55 of the audio- male voice interrupts.

At this point, Judge Zellweger thought it appropriate to explain the court process to a child, "the court heard evidence," she states, "The evidence that the court heard and the court made a determination. There is now a motion to modify, so this case is not done. I thought I would be done with your family when I made my decision to modify."

Judge Zellweger is referring to the document below, a biased and one sided ruling in which Angela's faults were scrutinized while her exes faults were ignored. 

Freiner v Judy Exhibit a Ju... by mikekvolpe

The girl was not done, she stated later, “I still don’t understand...I told you that he was touching me [unintelligible] and you’re still going to make me go with him?”

The judge claimed the court found no evidence. Judge Zellweger had switched custody and she was demanding the girl follow her orders and give live with her father. 

Megan Fox described what happened at the hearing following the exchange in the audio. 

(i)n response to the child’s heartfelt pleas to stay with her mother, Zellweger made good on her threat to arrest Freiner. She was held in criminal contempt and jailed for two days. Then sources told PJ Media Zellweger called the county juvenile detention and had the child committed to the behavioral center at the Children’s Hospital of St. Louis in retaliation for the refusal to obey. Upon her arrival at the hospital, sources say the child immediately informed the doctors that she experienced sexual abuse. As doctors are mandated reporters, that disclosure should have triggered a hotline call to the St. Louis County abuse hotline. If the doctors did their job, Zellweger now has two reports on her desk saying that the man she has ordered to have physical custody of the minor should be investigated for child sexual abuse.

I have previously covered this case; find it here

The mother, Angela Freiner, has already spent two days in jail because the girl refuses to follow Judge's order. 

The judge is now threatening to jail her again. 

The judge's behavior in this case, along with that of the Guardian ad litem (GAL), follows in line with the dogmatic approach that many court actors have towards parental alienation. 

As I reported in the previous article, the GAL, Venus Jackson, argued that the mother was alienating the father, "Mother has repeatedly violated the Court’s orders she failed to do drug drops, has interfered with custody exchanges, the Court had to threaten jail time just so she would comply. Mother has not encouraged the child to speak to her Father, I do believe that she has actively alienated the daughter towards her Father."

The judge echoed this sentiment in her decision, "The Court finds that there has been a substantial change in circumstances which require a modification of the Judgment. Some of the substantial and continuous changes include, but are not limited to, Petitioner’s disregard of the custody schedule, Petitioner’s {Freiner} drug use, Petitioner’s poor judgment related to parenting the Child (including leaving the Child with a family friend for an extended period of time when Petitioner went out of State), Petitioner’s failure to consult with Respondent {Freiner's ex} on legal decisions, and Petitioner’s overt acts intended to harm the Child’s relationship with Respondent."

As with other dogma, both Zellweger and Jackson ignore any evidence which may challenge their belief that mother is poisoning the relationship between child and father.

For instance, Jackson made this dual and remarkable claim in her report, "Mother alleges Domestic Violence, but did not present any evidence of said violence...Father does have disorderly conduct for an incident that occurred at his home."

Imagine claiming that a criminal conviction for a domestic incident is not even evidence of abuse. 

Megan Fox found even more.

Yes, this man, who the court claims is being alienated, had his daughter stay with him and his father: his father being a convicted sex offender who is not allowed to be near his granddaughter.

Fox also found that Freiner's ex was abusive to his step-daughter, "Petitioner and the GAL asked questions of Respondent about his past/current criminal convictions. Respondent testified that he is on probation until July of 2021 for disorderly conduct related to a domestic/family dispute that involved his wife and his step-daughter…Respondent testified that he has a temper and that there have been arguments at his house, although he testified that things have improved and he is working … on this issue. These facts trouble the Court greatly, but the Court finds Respondent credible in his testimony that he is working on his anger issues."

In this audio, Jackson tells the judge that the girl has reported to Jackson her father's abuse.        
Dogmatic parental alienation proponents are often forced to ignore, downplay, and even hide evidence of physical and sexual abuse by the parent they claim is targeted for alienation, because, of course, if they are abusive, an alienation claim is not supposed to be valid.

Any transgressions by the dad were dismissed as insignificant while playing up Freiner's purported marijuana use and her supposed interference with the father's relationship with his daughter. 

It appears that the judge and the GAL committed several acts of misconduct to reach this decision. 

A motion filed by Freiner in late 2020, accused both of several acts of misconduct. 

Namely, Jackson refused to testify and only submitted her report after the trial on modification which brought this decision was done. 

Here is the motion below. 

Motion for Rehearing- (1) by mikekvolpe

Among the other allegations made, the motion alleged that Judge Zellweger misinterpreted Angela Freiner, and claimed that Freiner intended to move from St. Louis County. 

She did not and still lives there, unlike her ex who had already moved out of state; indeed, it appears a St. Louis County judge thinks that a child moving to another state is "in the child's best interest."

Though the child's primary residence will now be in another state, Judge Zellweger has not asked for jurisdiction to be moved.

Here is more from the motion, "Several times in the Judgment (e.g. paragraph 8) the Court stated that during the course of the trial, that Petitioner stated she “would not” submit to a drug test. This is not strictly accurate. Petitioner testified that she “could not” submit to a drug test because she could not afford it at the time...The Court relies heavily (e.g. paragraph 33) upon it’s contention that Petitioner texted with the minor child immediately after the child gave testimony, in violation of the Court’s instructions to the parties to not contact the child after her testimony. The Judgment fails to note that Respondent also not only communicated with the child after his testimony, but took her out for lunch on the day of trial and talked to her about her testimony. This discrepancy was raised to the Court, but is not reflected in the Judgment,,,The Court also relied on testimony from Respondent that he needed to involve the police during one of his visits during the course of litigation. The Judgment completely ignores Petitioner’s explanation of that event. Specifically, that Respondent came early for his visit in the early morning hours while the child and Petitioner were still sleeping, knocked one time, and left to fetch the police before Petitioner could get up and be ready to see who was there. This strongly indicates a “set-up” by Respondent."

Judge Zellweger appears to have responded to the release of the shocking audio of her ignoring a child's plea that she will be molested if sent to her father, with the same draconian behavior she has been exhibiting on this case. 

I released the audio on February 22, 2021; I sent an email to Judge Zellweger that morning. 

By February 23, 2021, the next day, the Judge filed an order without being prompted, "On the court's own motion, the Court gives notice to the parties," Judge Zellweger began. 

This is called sua sponte, when a judge files something on their own; it's supposed to be rare; and I have found that it is often part of a coverup. 

In the Rucki case, the Judge, David Knutson, filed an order, sua sponte, forbidding the release of transcripts of a meeting he had with the five Rucki children in his chambers; that's because they each detailed abuse against their father and Judge Knutson was insisting they all live with their father, who Judge Knutson believed was being alienated. 

In this case, Judge Zellweger is demanding that all recordings of court proceedings, including the one at the top, be destroyed. 

"Based on the above, it is the Court’s intent to enter an Order prohibiting the parties and/or counsel from recording any Court proceedings, posting any previouslyrecorded Court proceedings on the internet or otherwise, disseminating any previouslyrecorded Court proceedings," Judge Zellweger sated in her February 23, 2021, order. 

Judge Zellweger scheduled for this order to be heard at a previously scheduled hearing on Friday February 26, 2021; I attempted to listen in through the Zoom link provided. I was thwarted, though a later Zellweger hearing was broadcast on that link. 

According to the order, Freiner has until March 3 to remove all recordings from anywhere on the internet, or potentially face up to six months in jail.  

Judge Zellweger, Ms. Jackson, and the Missouri Courts public affairs officer, Christine Bertelson, all did not respond to emails for comment. 


Please find my previous articles on St. Louis County: Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3. Also, please check out the crowdfunding campaign if you want to contribute to help create more articles like this. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Misogyny as Diagnosis and Ruling in St. Louis County

Brian Dunlop from his law firm website

As my investigation of St. Louis County continues there is a name which has stayed largely under the radar, which deserves more scrutiny: Brian Dunlop. 

Dunlop is an attorney and Guardian ad Litem in St. Louis County, and he's already the subject of a critical website entitled, "My Case With Brian Dunlop".

At the site, a male litigant describes how Dunlop violated numerous procedures in a blatantly biased manner and steered the case so that his ex-wife got physical custody unfairly, while he was rendered with a custody arrangement which was impossible to manage. 

In one especially egregious event, Dunlop allowed for the man's daughter to be questioned alone by his ex-wife's attorney for a half hour shortly before a court hearing. 

Approximately 30 minutes prior to my daughter taking the stand in trial, Brian Dunlop approved a request by Mother’s attorney to question my daughter alone and without counsel (that being Brian Dunlop) present. My daughter had wanted nothing to do with Mother’s current suit. Brian fully knew this. He definitely knew that she did not want to be trapped into an interrogation by her attorney. My daughter was completely intimidated in this spontaneous interrogation. My daughter had no idea that she could leave at any time because Brian Dunlop failed to tell her. She further had no idea that she did not have to answer any of the questions because Brian Dunlop failed to tell her. Given that her “guardian” had led her into this slaughter without any advice, she had no way of knowing what rights she did or did not have. Further, it wasn’t like Mother’s attorney was some rookie that just passed the bar. Mother’s attorney had previously served on the family court bench for over 20 years and is fully seasoned at the art of intimidation. That’s right. My 13 year old daughter was left alone in a room to be grilled by one of the most experienced, ruthless, and vicious family law attorney’s Missouri has to offer right before taking the stand as a witness. All this was made possible by Brian Dunlop serving as the great protector of my children during court proceedings.

Dunlop also violated privacy laws, he alleged. 

Fact:  Brian stated to both of my children upon meeting them that whatever they chose to share with him would be privileged/confidential.  After one of our trial dates, Brian shared with me some thoughts/opinions the children had shared with him regarding me.  I would not categorize them as negative, but more of a personal nature.  Until Brian told me these thoughts/opinions that my children personally and confidentially shared with him, I had not known them.

Opinion:  Privilege/confidentiality is the foundation of our entire legal system.  Without it, we have no legal system.  This meant nothing to Brian when it came to preserving my children’s rights and the promise he made to them.  I assure you there were plenty of negative comments they had to say about their mother.  Given the open book that resulted from their meetings, I wonder what he told their mother about the discussions he had with my children.  That would not be good at all, but apparently that is no concern to Brian. 

This second violation appears to be part of another pattern of behavior by St. Louis County Deep State actors. 

In the now much talked about lawsuit filed by Evita Tolu, the lawsuit also alleges that several court actors violated privacy rights by sharing privileged information.  

In that lawsuit, Elaine Pudlowski, the GAL in that case, released without authorization a psychological evaluation.

Dunlop and the alleged Child Molestation Case

Dunlop also plays a significant role in another alleged child molestation case. 

This Dunlop case fits several emerging patterns within St. Louis County.  As in Tolu's case and several others, the child disclosed sexual abuse by her father; as in those cases, Dunlop and others covered up the sexual abuse. 

The mother was psychologically evaluated by Dr. James Reid and he diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and subsequently accused her of parental alienation (PA). 

That PA would take on the form of coaching her daughter to say abuse.

She told me she is one of four people, including Tolu, to be diagnosed with BPD and PA by Reid; abuse was alleged in all the cases, and the PA coaching would explain the abuse. 

Tolu's lawsuit lists nearly ten cases with a similar pattern, involving Reid.

Here is the two part interview with this St. Louis County mom.  

Part 1


 Part 2


 Dunlop used Reid's evaluation to switch custody in an emergency manner and cut off all contact between mother and daughter just as her daughter was beginning to disclose. 

In the Tolu case, the lawsuit notes that her daughter disclosed the abuse to various law enforcement and authorities. Regarding Reid, the lawsuit states, "by failing and refusing to investigate and account for a well-known pattern of domestic violence abuse by {Tolu's ex}, contained in 7 DFS investigations, an Olivette Police Report, medical and therapy records."

DFS refers to the Department of Family Services, or social services in Missouri. 

In this case involving Dunlop, the child disclosed to numerous authorities including the police and DFS. 

In the DFS report, her daughter stated that, "her daddy touches her private parts. {The daughter} identified her privates as her vaginal area...{the daughter}disclosed that he touches her privates 'in the middle and all around the outside too.' with his fingers and described it as skin to skin contact."

Despite this graphic description, DFS concluded there was insufficient evidence to establish there was abuse. 

Dr. James Reid

While I and others who have examined St. Louis County have thus far placed the primary focus on Elaine Pudlowski- a prominent GAL and attorney in the county- Dr. James Reid appears to be a primary cog in the wheel which has formed to create these schemes in the county. 

He was identified as the evaluator on twelve cases also involving Pudlowski in Tolu's lawsuit. 

In Dunlop's case, the mother told me she paid approximately $1,600 to Reid in her case and that her ex paid at least that much, but Dr. Reid can make much more than that. 

In Tolu's lawsuit, Reid initially charged $30,000 for his evaluation and then continued adding charges for being deposed, producing documents, and other matters. 

In that role, he is constantly asked to cover up for abuse and instead label the protective parent- primarily the mother- with some sort of label like BPD.

He has some Modus Operandi, while at other times, he picks and chooses his tactics. 

As one example, he will ignore, misinterpret, or fail to do basic testing required for his diagnosis.

Here is part of Tolu's lawsuit, "By failing to use MMPI assessments specifically designed to account for Plaintiff's cultural background of being born and raised in the former Soviet Union. By failing to assessments specifically designed for family custody litigants with children."

In the same way, Reid ignored MMPI and other testing in Dunlop's case. 

"My MMPI and PAI- all my test scores say I'm extremely adjusted to life," The woman from Dunlop's case stated in the interview. 

MMPI stands for Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, and the right test score often is indicative of BPD. 

"On mine he listed all the symptoms of a person with BPD and said I had it, but he didn't ever connect any of the symptoms to anything I do," She said further.

The Tolu lawsuit also stated this, "On numerous occasions during Plaintiff's meeting with Reid, Reid called Plaintiff a 'drunk' and an 'alcoholic' even though Reid knew Plaintiff does not drink alcoholic beverages."

"{Reid} recommended I get counseling for alcohol abuse bc I have a cocktail about once a week." The woman from Dunlop's case stated, echoing that pattern.

The Tolu lawsuit continued, "Reid called Plaintiff 'a bad mother' and 'a liar'. Reid accused Plaintiff of 'perjuring the court', 'defrauding court', 'defrauding an adoption agency', 'misleading the court', 'lying to her attorney', being 'deceitful' and 'manipulative.'"

Also in the lawsuit, Tolu accused Reid of bullying her to the point of tears.

In other cases, he did not exhibit bullying behavior. The woman who had Dunlop said Reid never tried to bully her.

In Tolu's lawsuit, Dr. Reid was also accused of being court ordered to only do a psychological evaluation, but providing custody recommendations, making it a custody evaluation.
Reid stuck only to doing a psychological evaluation in the Dunlop case, but it was so one sided, it was all Dunlop needed to make the draconian recommendations which have totally separated her from her daughter for over three years.

Also, while Reid primarily seems to first diagnose women with BPD and then accuse them of parental alienation, even this pattern is not totally rigid.

In one case cited in Tolu's lawsuit, Reid and others, rather than diagnosing the woman with BPD, instead diagnosed her as delusional, while the rest of the pattern largely remained them same. Here is part of the lawsuit.

Another parent told Plaintiff that Pudlowski recommended that Court award custody to a father despite the father's record of medical abuse and neglect of the children. Pudlowski also interfered with the DFS investigation in that case and never reported to the court the scientific evidence which proved children were poisoned. Pudlowski talked about this case with Plaintiff and told Plaintiff that Reid, Van Luven, and WCPA diagnosed mother to be delusional. Pudlowski disclosed the mother's protected private medical to Plaintiff, who Plaintiff did not know at the time, in violation of the Court orders in that case.

Pudlowski disclosed private medical information in four cases cited in the lawsuit; in this case, Pudlowski used Reid's delusional diagnosis to recommend sole custody to the father, according to the lawsuit.  

Judge Mondonna Ghasedi 

The judge in the Dunlop case is Mondonna Ghasedi. She went along with everything Reid and Dunlop claimed; in an emergency fashion and without holding a hearing, Ghasedi changed custody and barred the girl's mother from seeing her daughter entirely on October 17, 2017.

She said that Judge Ghasedi referred to her as "despicable" when the court went off the record.

There is very little available on Judge Ghasedi.

The judicial rating website The Robing Room currently has no ratings. Her name comes up in a couple cases covered by the news but only in an ancillary fashion.

She is also the subject of this bit of publicity done by the public affairs arm of the courts.

The St. Louis County Circuit Court has received a three-year, $400,000 grant from the Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation to expand access to justice for civil and criminal defendants with mental illness. The grant will also be used to create a new mental health resource center in the courthouse, providing access to comprehensive services for individuals with mental illness and their families.

The concept for the mental health initiative was developed by Judge Mondonna Ghasedi and Judge Michael Burton in response to the large number of criminal, civil, domestic and family law cases in St. Louis County involving individuals with mental illness.

“Our Court is passionately committed to helping those who suffer from mental illness navigate the legal system,” Judge Ghasedi said. “That process can be confusing, costly and stressful under the best of circumstances, but for those with untreated mental health issues, it is a nearly insurmountable task. With additional resources from the Baer Foundation, we will be able to help many more litigants – and their families – get the legal, social and medical assistance they desperately need.”

That bit of public relations was produced by Christine Bertelson, the public affairs officer for Missouri Courts. 

I have asked Ms. Bertelson several questions, including for this article. She initially brushed off any allegations against Pudlowski stating, "I cannot comment on blanket assertions about the court."

She has declined further comment, even as evidence has been mounting. Judge Ghasedi did not respond to an email for comment.

Dr. Reid did not respond to a voicemail; his attorney in his lawsuit with Evita Tolu did not respond to an email for comment and Dunlop did not respond to an email for comment. 

Sharon Remis

Another interesting name which pops up on Dunlop's case is Sharon Remis. 

Remis participated in the now infamous Zoom conference of- as reported in the conference- thirty-eight St. Louis County GALs; Dunlop did not participate in the call, though his name was mentioned as needing to receive a briefing of the call. The call is below.    

On the day Judge Ghasedi switched custody in that Dunlop case, Remis appears to have kept the woman and her mother in a separate room and in the dark on what was happening. 

Remis did not inform her that an emergency protective order had been granted by the judge, or that she was not even allowed to say goodbye to her daughter. 

Remis kept her and her mother in the room while her daughter was removed from the courthouse forcefully. 

Remis was an active participant in the call and one particular portion shows just how much coordination she, the other GALs, and some of the judges seem to have. 

Sarah Pleban, the most active participant, at approximately nine minutes raises "Sarah Moller's case".

This is a case that Remis appears to be familiar with.

"Larry got the call from the other attorney, so he can give you more details....Because I've been involved with Judge Burton, I put in a call to Judge Burton so he could look into that."

Judge Burton, is Judge Michael Burton of the now infamous email which he sent to Pleban and a GAL group. That email is below.  He also appears with Judge Ghasedi in her press release. 

Judge Burton's Email Ex... by mikekvolpe

Ms. Remis did not respond to my email for comment. 

Post Script

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