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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Brodkorb Loses in Another HRO Action

Another dubious criminal charge initiated by Michael Brodkorb has been dismissed.

Last year, Brodkorb initiated a harassment restraining order against Jay and Kimberly Bukstein, a husband and wife couple who have previously supported Sandra Grazzini-Rucki.

On his website, and in his book, he wrote several things about them which they found objectionable; when they complained to him, he sought a restraining order.

Here's how Brodkorb describes their harassment on his blog, "In the last year, the Buksteins have repeatedly initiated episodes of unwanted and aggressive contact with Brodkorb via email, text messages, and phone calls. Despite being instructed to cease all contact on countless occasions, the Buksteins continued to contact Brodkorb until they were served with the HROs last month. Twitter accounts connected to both Kimberley and Jay Bukstein were suspended in the last year for engaging in harassment or abusive conduct toward Brodkorb."

He describes the so-called harassment in more detail here

The so-called harassment included a twitter account which criticized Brodkorb, calling him to complain about the way they were portrayed on his blog and book, and calling to also complain. 

In other words, Brodkorb was treated like any journalists- which he claims to be- who writes on a controversial topic. His complaints are that much more hypocritical considering that when Sandra Grazzini-Rucki was in jail in 2018, he called the Florida jail where she was being held and did a Freedom of Information Act request for any material. He then released conversations she had in jail on twitter, while mocking her. 

More recently, he did a play by play on a day when Dede Evavold, another person close to Grazzini-Rucki, was supposed to do a deposition. 

In other words, he engages in the very harassing type behavior which he complains the Bukstein's were engaging in. 

But simply taking out a harassment restraining order was not enough for Brodkorb; after Jay Bukstein reached out to Brodkorb's lawyer, Brodkorb claimed this was a violation of the HRO.

Brodkorb reached out to Detective Daniel Spiess of the Eagan Police Department.

Detective Spiess recently investigated Evavold for another potential HRO violation, this one against Evavold, after Evavold put #MichaalBrodkorb into a tweet.

Here's more on that.

"In Brodkorb’s email, he advised that Evavold’s Twitter account ‘RedHerringAlert’ had posted something on Twitter that morning at 1047 hours and included “#MichaelBrodkorb”. It should be noted on a previous case, reference Eagan PD case file number 19001201, I had mediated an issue between Brodkorb and Evavold regarding something that was posted on this Twitter page ‘RedHerringAlert’. In this investigation, Evavold advised she was the one who had made this post." The police report written by Officer Daniel Spiess.
Since discovering that investigation, I have started calling Spiess Detective Hashtag.

In this current investigation, Spiess has again initiated a dubious investigation to benefit Brodkorb, "On April 8, 2019, at approximately 15:00 hours Detective Spiess was on routine patrol when he received an email from (Brodkorb), who lives in the City of Eagan, County of Dakota, state of Minnesota, regarding the alleged violation of a harassment restraining order," Detective Hashtag's report stated, "The Order states that defendant is to have no direct or indirect contact with (Brodkorb).  Brodkorb provided three emails which were sent to (Brodkorb's) attorney."

However, when this complaint reached a judge, it was found without merit
The order tersely states, "The defendant demanded a formal complaint. A formal complaint was submitted to the court. Judge Abrams declined the formal complaint."

I reached out to Spiess and to Brodkorb's attorney, Nathan Hansen, but neither responded.

On its own, this dismissal is not that newsworthy, except, Brodkorb tried to do something quite similar to Dede Evavold.

A photo, which remains on Twitter, found its way onto Twitter.
That photo is still on Twitter, but Brodkorb complained again. Here is his article in which he said that he was granted a harassment restraining order because Evavold was involved in, "surreptitiously obtaining and later distributing a photograph of Michael Brodkorb’s wife and minor children online."

By surreptitiously, Brodkorb meant that Evavold received the photo, though it doesn't appear as though she did anything with it afterwards. 

Just as Bukstein's violation was dismissed, so was Evavold's. 

On January 22, 2020, the prosecutor told Brodkorb in a letter, "I have reviewed the above referenced police report and after serious consideration, I have decided not to file criminal charges against Mrs. Evavold for this incident."

In the same article, Brodkorb boasts that Evavold was one of three people against whom he filed harassment restraining orders. That's at least five people against whom Brodkorb has successfully, all are critics of his coverage of the Rucki case. 

Brodkorb claims that David Rucki is a victim and there's no evidence he was violent toward his family. That is countered by this audio recording made by David Rucki's daughter. 
 In it she says, ""Before the whole divorce, he'd always come home drunk or he'd beat my mom with no end. I mean, he went after her with an organ leg; he legit ripped an orgtan leg off a piano and tried to beat her with it." 

Samantha and her sister Gianna both ran on April 19, 2013, after being told by family court that they were going to live with their father whether they liked it or not. 

On April 19, 2013, they were transported by police to live with their paternal aunt, but they were told this was a transition until they would live with their father. Samantha describes this in the audio above. 

Brodkorb's ability to receive HRO's against critics is unusual. 

Female journalists who write on controversial topics routinely complain about receiving sexist comments. One report stated. 

"Survey respondents stated that online attacks have become more visible and coordinated in the past five years, particularly with a rise of nationalism around the world and the use of digital networks to thwart political processes. Extremists, online manipulators and antagonists use online channels and the media itself to amplify their messages. Whether government-sponsored attacks in the Ukraine, so-called alt-right extremists in the United States, or the use of bots and fake accounts, online attacks against journalists have become more sophisticated in nature, more insidious in their damage to the news enterprise and more dangerous for journalists, both online and off. 
Other journalists complain of receiving death threats when they weigh in on controversial topics,

Tim Crews, publisher and editor of The Sacramento Valley Mirror, has fielded his share of death threats in the 27 years since he opened the newspaper. In April 2017, an unidentified reader left ahangman's noose at the door of his office in Willows, California — an implied threat that may be linked to a local murder investigation the paper was covering at the time.
The gesture was extreme enough to catch the attention of the international advocacy group Reporters Without Borders, but not enough to intimidate the 74-year-old journalist.
"If you go to jail in Glenn County, if you’re arrested, your name goes in the paper," Crews told NBC News on Friday. "We report every police call. We report every accident.
"We’re the paper of record here," he continued. "But not everyone wants to be in the paper of record." 
If the harassment rises to the level of a crime, it may be prosecuted, but rarely do journalists ask for restraining orders, and even more rare does a journalist receive one over and over.

For what its worth, I once had my life threatened by someone who I believe had mob ties.
 I put the audio on You Tube and then wrote about it. I didn't ask for a restraining order.

Brodkorb has also mischaracterized me. In this article, he claims that I retracted a story.

In the story I said he was one of three journalist who approached a jury before the trial was over and asked if they wanted to be interviewed after the trial; this would technically be jury tampering.

Brodkorb refused to comment when I worked on the story but then demanded that his comments be recorded after it was published.

His comments were recorded, but that was the only change in the story: found here. Here's how my editor of the article described Brodkorb.

I have to be up early to fly out and I am so angry with him I cannot sleep.  Which means tomorrow will suck.
I should never have published it but you get so dogged..

It sounds like Brodkorb was harassing himself, but what's good for the goose is not good for the gander in this case.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

US Dominates Global Fixed Income Market

The article is here. 

State Farm is Still Hoping to Depose Dede Evavold

It seems that State Farm, and its lawyers in particular, love the movie Groundhog Day.

That's because no matter how many times they fail; they insist on trying to same thing.

On March 30, State Farm's lawyers sent Evavold another letter.
State Farm provides homeowner's insurance for Evavold and her husband, Darrin.

Evavold is being sued by David Rucki. The case appears largely over, as the judge, Jerome Abrams, has made a decision on most issues.
Though State Farm provides insurance to Evavold, they have refused to provide legal assistance.

This took a new turn when they asked and then demanded to not only depose her but her husband, who is their client as well, but he is not a party to the lawsuit.

Repeatedly, Evavold has refused, the last time in November 2019.

A motion from September is one example of State Farm's desperate attempt to depose their own clients.
 In November 2019, Judge Abrams issued a tersely worded order, which appeared to put the matter to rest, since he called for the case to move forward and issued no directive forcing Evavold to submit to a deposition.
The case went cold. There was supposed to be a trial in February and then was postponed by Judge Abrams after all remaining parties asked for a delay.

Then, just like in Groundhog Day, State Farm reached back in its bag of tricks and asked again for Evavold to be deposed.

It's not clear why they think after having failed many times they will be successful this time, but I asked their public affairs officer, Benjamin Newman, how this makes the insurance company look, since it doesn't sound like much advertising to say "Pay us your premium monthly and if you need us, not only will we refuse to help but we'll depose you as well."

Newman did not respond to my query.

State Farm is being represented by the law firm of HKM Law Group,

They issued a blanket block of all emails from my email so I will take that is a perpetual denial of comment.

David Rucki is suing Dede Evavold because his two oldest daughters- Samantha and Gianna- ran on April 19, 2013 and Evavold recommended that they stay with Doug and Gina Dahlen, which they did until they were found in November 2015.

As such, David Rucki argues he lost their services- he actually uses the phrase "loss of services" in his legal filings and he also claims that Evavold has defamed him.

He claims Evavold has defamed him even though what she said is mild compared to what his daughter Samantha- who is now his co-plaintiff- has said about him. See below.

In that audio recording, Samantha accuses her father of choking her younger sister, choking her mother with an organ leg, making comments about Samantha's breasts, along with being a drunk.

"Before the whole divorce, he'd always come home drunk or he'd beat my mom with no end. I mean, he went after her with an organ leg; he legit ripped an orgtan leg off a piano and tried to beat her with it." Samantha said in the recording.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

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