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Unqualified Administrator Made Rucki Custody Recommendation

(Judge David Knutson, Minnesota 1st Judicial District)
An unqualified bureaucrat made a key custody recommendation in the Rucki case.

Laura Miles is a the State Family Court Division Manager at Minnesota State Guardian ad Litem Board, according to her Linkedin profile.

Her Linkedin profile states that she has “(a) demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Communication, Relationship Building, Organizational 
Leadership, Family Law, and Juvenile Court. Strong program and project management professional with a Post Graduate Certificate focused in Forensic Mental Health from Concordia University-St. Paul.”

Somehow, Miles was allowed to do a guardian ad litem report in which she made custody recommendations, in the divorce of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki (SGR) and David Rucki, recommending that David Rucki receive sole custody.
Miles Report by mikekvolpe on Scribd

“It is the opinion of this writer that the children’s best interests are served by granting sole and physical custody to their father, David Rucki,” Miles said in the report dated August 29, 2013. “Ms. Grazzini-Rucki has made multiple allegations of abuse of Mr. Rucki; however, this reporter could find no substantiations by the professionals involved of said abuse.”

It’s not clear how someone with experience in administration could be allowed to make judgments on custody but Miles was appointed on the case by Judge David Knutson, of Minnesota’s First Judicial District.

Neither responded to emails for an explanation.

Knutson held a custody trial on September 11-12th, 2013, in which Miles testified to her conclusions. 

Miles was the second GAL on the case after Julie Friedrich. Friedrich is a non-practicing attorney but still accused SGR of parental alienation, a psychological term.

Friedrich left the case in May 2013, shortly after the two oldest girls, Samantha and Gianna, ran and disappeared on April 19, 2013.

It’s noteworthy that one of the professionals to whom Miles refers, in the report, to not find evidence of abuse was Jim Gilbertson, a therapist also appointed on the case by Knutson on September 7, 2012. 

In the audio recording, starting at 3:10 and until 4:51, Samantha, who made the recording shortly after she ran, describes how Gilbertson gets sexually aroused after touching her shoulder and back.

In the same audio Samantha described how her father ripped an organ leg off an organ and choked her mother with it and then referring to Dr. Gilbertson response, she stated, "unless you have a videotape of this incident going down, that did not- like that never happened. That was always their excuse, 'well you do not have videotape, and I'd be like well, yes, when my mom is getting beaten to death, I'm going to videotape this."

"And then my dad, before the divorce, he'd always come home drunk or he'd beat my mom to no end." Samantha also said in the audio recording above (starting at 4:51 of the recording), "He's choked, slapped and hit, her and verbally abused her throughout their marriage, and he's lost it on us kids a number of times. I mean, he threw Nia into a couch and started choking her once and Nia's my little sister and she's eleven."

Samantha also described how her father made sexual comments, "like how my boobs were looking bigger" and that her father would run his hands up her thigh.

Somehow, Miles found no evidence of abuse though.

Instead, Miles also stated in her report, "Ms. Grazzini-Rucki demonstrates a willful, consistent disregard for this court process and has refused to comply with several court orders."

This report was made again on August 29, 2013.

In the previous year, here are some things which happened to SGR as a result of the court.

On September 7, 2012, she was ordered out of the home she lived on for more than a decade by a court order of Judge David Knutson. That court order is below.
That court order followed a non-traditional telephonic conference on September 5, 2012, which she did not attend. She was not made aware of the court order until the morning September 7. A transcript of this highly unusual non-hearing is below.
Having been thrown out of her home, she was left homeless. She was also only allowed to see her five children twice from September 7, 2012, until now, but in that case, August 29, 2013.

Both those visits were supervised.

Judge Knutson ordered Tammy Love, her ex-husband's sister, to live in the family home and temporarily take care of the children on September 7, 2012, taking custody away from both parents.

But the children ran that day- September 7, 2012- to the police station and were allowed to stay with SGR's sister.

Then, on April 19, 2013, her five children were again ordered to live with their paternal aunt in their family home and told this would be temporary until they would live with their father.

SGR was not told of this and she was surprised that day with a frantic phone call from her two oldest daughters- Samantha and Gianna- who ran rather that being forced to live with their father.

"We're running with or without you," she was told by her daughters.

This is what the court orders had created in her life and yet, according to Ms. Miles, she was at fault and Miles could not understand why SGR wouldn't follow the court's instructions.

"This reporter is somewhat baffled by the conduct of Ms. Grazzini-Rucki," Miles stated in her report.

Miles even added a bald face lie, "According to reports and court records agreed to Tammy Love having temporary custody of the children in 2012 and at one point agreed to 'give custody to the father.'"

In that same September 5, 2012, telephonic conference, Lisa Henry, SGR's then attorney states, "My client's position is that the children should remain in her care."

Miles does not cite which court records and reports this was in.

The September 5, 2012, conference was not attended by SGR; the September 7, 2012, order, was done based on that conference, and since she didn't attend, SGR could not have given any consent.

Miles claims later, "Ms. Grazzini-Rucki refused to meet with this Guardian ad Litem."

If that's the case, SGR never told Miles that she wanted to give custody to the father and since the custody arrangement was determined at the September 5, 2012, non-hearing, there is no place when SGR made either stipulation.

Miles assertions- that SGR wanted to give up custody to David and she agreed to Tammy taking over temporary custody- are absurd.

If SGR wanted to give custody to David Rucki, why would she have taken her two girls to the horse farm for abused children run by Doug and Gina Dahlen when they ran on April 19, 2013.

She never said this nor did she ever give her consent for Tammy Love to move in.

Maybe, if Miles was qualified to do one of these reports, she might know that none of this is allowed.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

New Document Shows Case Fixing in Rucki Divorce

(Minnesota First Judicial District Judge David Knutson)

A newly unearthed document from the divorce of David Rucki and Sandra Grazzini-Rucki (SGR) shows David Rucki knew ahead of time the outcome of his divorce trial. 

In a document David Rucki sent to a school affiliated with the Hosanna Church in Minnesota, Rucki claimed that he had sole custody of his children and his ex-wife, SGR, only had supervised visits. 

On page seven of the document above, it states, "father will have full custody, mother will have no contact unless supervised."

That date of that entry is September 5, 2013.

The problem is that the custody trial was not held until September 11-12th of 2013.

If the trial hadn't been held, how could David Rucki be telling people he had full custody.

In fact, the judge who heard the trial, David Knutson, did not render his decision until November 2013. That decision is below.
Indeed, just as David Rucki predicted in September, the November 2013, custody order does grant him sole custody while his ex-wife, SGR, was limited to supervised visits and even those required so much therapy and other pre-requisites that she never actually saw her any of her five kids from that moment forward.

However, that order wouldn't come until November 2013 and if David Rucki knew about it in September 2013 that would suggest there was not only ex-parte communication between him and the judge but also collusion.

The custody trial featured a period on the second day when SGR's attorney, Michelle MacDonald, was forced to conduct part of it handcuffed to a wheelchair. See video below, starting at an hour and ten minutes in.

 More on that incident can be found here.

This is also not the first time that it appears that ex-parte communications were occurring in the Rucki case.

For instance, here is part of therapist's notes from Jim Gilbertson, who was court ordered by Knutson to give the kids therapy.
On page four, Gilbertson states in an entry from September 5, 2012, "I received a call from Ms. Fredderick (sic), guardian ad litem to a family matter in which five children are separated from both parents by court order."

The problem is that the court order he referred to did not come until September 7, 2012. That is below.
On September 5, 2012, an unusual, non-hearing, but rather telephonic conference, was held. That is below.
On September 5, as his entry, indicates, no decision had technically been made. Indeed, in his September 7, 2012, order, David Knutson ordered SGR out of her home and ordered David Rucki's sister, Tammy Love, to live in the home and take care of the five kids, temporarily at least.

David Rucki was already living in one of the other three homes the couple owned.

So, how did Julie Friedrich know this would be the order, only through an illegal ex-parte communication.

Later on in Gilbertson's notes, there is another unintentional disclosure of ex-parte communication.
"The court order authorizing the Rucki children to be at the Overland Place came out late Friday.

"I immediately received a call from Ms. Olson stating that she wanted the transfer to occur as soon as possible because of the fear the children will learn of this through some unknown means and will run."

That entry is from April 9, 2013.

Those who know the story well know that the oldest girls were then taken to a police station in Lakeville, Minnesota, on April 19, 2013- ten days after this entry- and then forced to go live with their paternal aunt in their home on Ireland Place in Lakeville. About a half hour after they arrived at their home that day, the two oldest daughters- Samantha and Gianna- ran.

But Sandra Grazzini-Rucki was not made aware of this order on April 9, 2013. Ms. Olson is Nancy Olson, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki's sister; even she was told, but the children's mother was not.

In fact, according to Gilbertson's notes,  everyone was aware what would happen except SGR.

So, again, there is communication between the court and some but not all parties in this case.

Gilbertson, some may know. was accused by Samantha in an audio recording of rubbing her shoulder and back and getting sexually aroused during a break in a court hearing. Audio below and that portion starts at 3:10.

So, that is at least three times when the court illegally communicated with certain parties about upcoming orders but not with others.

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki is a six time felon because after her two oldest daughters ran they called her and she, violating this court order, hid them for approximately two and a half years and thus her ex-husband did not get his scheduled custody time.

All of the illegality in this article has gone unpunished.

I sent an email to Lisa Elliott, David Rucki's attorney, and received no response.

I also sent an email to Knutson who did not respond. Finally, I sent an email to the four Minnesota Judiciary spokespeople- Alyssa Siems-Roberson, Kyle Christopherson, Lissa Finne, and Beau Berentson- but they also did not respond.

Former CFTC Head Talks LIBOR

The article is here. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

On America Trends

Part two is below

Here are some background articles.

On Cyndie Abcug: one, two, three and four.

On Melissa Diegel, here is one.

Below is the affidavit for the arrest of Cyndie Abcug

Friday, January 10, 2020

On The Shannon Joy Show talking elite pedophile rings in the family courts

A lot of things referenced. So, Judge John Dalton: here are the two articles I've written.

Here is a story about Nicholas Elizondo.

I also mentioned Sunny Kelley and Lori Handrahan; the story, Making Divorce Pay, has that reference. It is here.

I mentioned the study by Joan Meier. Here is that study and the pertinent portion:

The study of Meier and Dickson (2017) on how PAS allegations affect the custody of fathers and mothers yields troubling data. In 72% of the cases in which PAS was legally claimed, the judge awarded custody to the father and removed the child(ren) from the mother. This percentage rose to 100% if the mother argued that the father was sexually abusing the children. It is also interesting, that if there was any suspicion of the mother’s mental impairment, in 50% of the cases, her custody is removed. Meier and Dickson (2017) conclude that the family courts manifest prejudice against women who report abuses by fathers; thus, family courts are potentially hostile places for mothers. Women run a significant risk of losing custody and the courts are especially punitive toward women and children who present complaints of sexual abuse." 
I mentioned the audio recording by Samantha Rucki and that is below.

Also, the CPS reports in which Samantha makes some of these allegations- father making comments about boobs, father running hands up her thigh, etc.
SamiRucki by mikekvolpe on Scribd

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Catch Me on "Trend On with Tamara Leigh"

We talk about Cyndie Abcub, Nancy Schaefer, the Rucki case and more.

More on the Abcug case; first find the set of articles by Megan Fox: one and two.

Then, the other side, namely The Daily Beast.

Here is more on the murder of Nancy Schaefer. Find The Corrupt Business of CPS by Nancy Schaefer here. Also part of a speech Schaefer made is below at the World Congress of Families in
Amsterdam, Holland on August 15, 2009.

Find the book: Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and the World's Last Custody Trial 

Thursday, January 2, 2020