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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commodity Pool Fraudster Faces Feds’ Full Weight

The article is here. 

Block Trading Going Well on CME, Per Report

The article is here. 

The Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints Continues Protecting the Orwellian Judge J Anthony Miller

My complaint against Tulsa Special District Judge J Anthony Miller has been rejected. Their claim is that he did not violate the Oklahoma Code on Judicial Conduct.

1090_001 by mikekvolpe on Scribd
Here is my original complaint.

The Oklahoma Code on Judicial Conduct includes avoiding impropriety, the appearance of impropriety, bias, and always acting in a professional manner.

In this case, the judge allowed blatant forum shopping, stayed on the case despite not only going to law school with a litigant but being a mediator in the beginning of the case.The COJC only acknowledged that he went to law school with a litigant, conveniently forgetting that the judge wore two hats, which is a blatant violation and shows not only bias but impropriety.

Also, through his actions, he caused a pro se litigant to suffer a panic attack. Following the panic attack, the judge forced her back into court with  a subpoena and then ignored her when she said she took a drug which effectively knocked her out.

This, according to Taylor Henderson of the COJC, does NOT constitute impropriety, the appearance of imporpriety, or bias. That's because Taylor Henderson is a typical corrupt bureaucrat; she protects bad judges from litigants. She is part of the problem.

Also note, at the end of the letter, Henderson even says the COJC is not allowed to speak to me, the person who submitted the complaint, anymore. How is that for transparency?

Also, I've learned that the COJC is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, here is more from the corrupt Ms. Henderson: "The Oklahoma Open Records Act is the State of Oklahoma’s equivalent to the federal Freedom of Information Act to which you reference.  Pursuant to Title 51, Section 24A.3.2 of the Oklahoma Statutes, the Council on Judicial Complaints is specifically exempted from the Oklahoma Open Records Act and its records are not subject to public inspection."

So, the COJC does everything in secret, will tell you nothing, and by law does not have to release their records. 

This is the most transparency the COJC has ever felt. 

I do still have two more complaints against the Orwellian Judge J Anthony Miller that the COJC must deal with and I'm sure I'll get a standard form letter like this one. That's because Taylor Henderson protects bad judges from the litigants, not the other way around. 

The raw audio of the day the Orwellian Miller caused Tanya Hathaway's panic attack, ignored it, then ordered her back into the courtroom while she was being treated through a subpoena is below.