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Monday, August 30, 2021

Mom Says Seneca County Ohio Is Covering Up Molestation By Her Ex-Husband


Molly Green's life changed on January 20, 2016. 

That's when her oldest daughter, four at the time, disclosed that her father, Green's ex, had been touching her inappropriately. 

The full interview with Green is below. She has since reverted back to her maiden name Baker. 

After her daughter disclosed, she initially confronted her then husband, who denied the allegation. After consulting with family, Baker first moved to a hotel and then to Iowa after she found her then husband stalking her and her children at the hotel. 

"I only fled at the time because he found me in hiding and {her daughter} had told me she was scared because I would be in heaven and blood we be everywhere. I was terrified of him hurting us and it was clear I would get no help from his family or the services I sought help with {in Ohio}." She told me in a text message. 

Baker said one reason she left was because authorities, particularly Child Protective Services, were not helping.

"In Iowa, the police came right away. Child Protective Services came immediately...So, I got help." she told me. 

Baker said her girls were scheduled for a psychological evaluation within a week of arriving in Iowa.

Iowa CPS also recommended the girls stay away from Baker's ex, "At this time, the Iowa Department of Human Services would recommend that {her daughter} continue to participate in play therapy and participate in an extended forensic interview and that she not have unsupervised with the person responsible until the conclusion of the assessment process."

Baker's daughter did not just disclose to Iowa DHS, but to a psychologist several times. 

Here are parts of her disclosures to that psychologist, "The client {her daughter} stated that she wanted to tell the therapist something and then told a story about how her dad did something really bad and she yelled, 'no, no, no' really loudly and he stopped....The therapist asked what happened that made her have to tell her father 'no, no, no' and she stated that her father had tied her arms and legs to a chair....Client told a story where her father hit her and her younger sister on the back with a stick and it hurt. He then tried to make them laugh by being silly and said he was sorry."

The report continues, "The therapist asked how her father hurting her and the client stated that he touched her bottom (she calls it her burn-burn)...The client continued to state that she watched her father touch her sister's bottom and it hurt her sister."
Despite these disclosures, Baker's then still husband quickly moved things in motion in a Seneca court, filing for divorce and thus forcing Baker to come back to Seneca County to fight the charges. Here is part of a Seneca County Magistrate Kenneth Clason order, "This case came before Magistrate Clason on February 9, 2016, Upon review, the court finds the motion not well-taken and is DENIED. Defendant Molly E Green shall immediately return with the minor children... and shall make them available in the State of Ohio for determination of their placement at the hearing scheduled February 10, 2016."

Baker was initially given physical custody after this hearing but her ex received unsupervised visits. 

As her daughter continued to disclose after those visits, Baker's life went from bad to worse. 

"They would come home and disclose to me that he was continuing the abuse. Holding knives up to dolls so that they would be afraid...Eventually my daughters stated some more things that were worthy of CPS opening up a report allegedly, so they opened up a report, but really looking in hindsight, the report from CPS was to remove me from my children."

In fact, Seneca County CPS was filing things on behalf of Baker's ex. Like this motion filed by CPS and the Guardian ad Litem, Lisa Miller, who would be appointed to the case. 

Objection by the GAL Father... by mikekvolpe

I spoke with Victor Perez, the attorney for Seneca County CPS who filed that motion but he declined comment because these matters are confidential, which they are. The GAL, Lisa Miller, did not respond to a message for comment. 

Baker told me that Miller had not even met with her children when she recommended that custody be switched, which it was in April and then Dr. John Hustak was appointed; Hustak diagnosed Miller with "histrionics" and claimed that the abuse allegations were due to her delusional beliefs being absorbed by her children.

His so-called diagnosis mirrored the conclusions of Seneca County CPS, "CPS thinks that she is feeding her children stories about their father and making them tell people," according to the previous psychologist's report. 

Dr. Hustak appears retired and a number on-line was no longer active. 

I spoke with Green's ex-husband's attorney, Dean Henry, and he stated, "That matter occurred as a result of an agreement that was reached in court that was later converted to an order by agreement of the parties."

There was indeed an agreement on December 14, 2016, but Baker told me that her attorneys told her it was either agree to this agreement or face having her kids placed into foster care or with her ex-husband.

Baker said that she was made to believe that in three months she would regain custody, but that did not happen.

"They'd be crying and upset because they wanted their mommy. So, I was being told I was exacerbating them or allowing the girls to be anxious. I was not making less anxiety producing....She had stomach problems again in March 2017 and allegedly they thought I worked it out to be around her in the bathroom."

Baker said she made Valentine's Day treats and dropped them off at her daughter's school, which Green said the court also deemed to violate a court order. 

"Those two things were the nail in the coffin," Baker told me. 

She was also ordered to pay more than $1,000 per month in child support which forced her to move from Ohio to Iowa. She now drives approximately seven hours to see her children supervised. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

On Slam the Gavel

 Find the episode here. 

Topics include Kristen Rash, Davie County social worker, Richard Macon, Davie County Social Worker, Ayanna Brown, Forsyth County in-home services social worker, Judge Gordon Miller, witness tampering, the 1st amendment, Dori Foster-Morales, Joel Hirschhorn, and Anastasia Garcia. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Rand Calls Family Bridges Workshop "Dog and Pony Show"


A series of emails, deposition transcripts, and other documents peel back the layers of secrecy involved in the controversial family reunification camp and program called "Family Bridges". 

Family Bridges is run by Randy Rand, who did not renew his license after he got into trouble with a psychology board. Here is part of the findings. 

Rand was appointed as a special master in a high-conflict divorce proceeding between Loyal Davis and Jennifer Ives in Sonoma County, California. Davis and Ives had “ongoing issues” concerning visitation, and according to the special master agreement between the parties, Rand was appointed to assist them “ ‘based upon [his] expertise ․ as a court-appointed expert and license[d] mental health professional.’ “ Rand was to make decisions regarding matters such as dates, times, and methods of delivery of the children; sharing of vacations and holidays; participation by relatives in visitation; health care management; and communication with the children during non-custodial times. He was prohibited from making any orders affecting the court's exclusive jurisdiction to determine fundamental issues of custody and visitation, and could not make any orders altering or awarding physical or legal custody.

As the Board stated, and the trial court reiterated: “Special masters are generally used in high-conflict family law cases. One or more of the parties is likely to be combative, adversarial and difficult to deal with. The special master must remain neutral and impartial. The special master must avoid the appearance of favoring one side or the other or appear to align himself with one side or the other.” Rand failed to do so.

On their website, Family Bridges claims this regarding its workshops, "Family Bridges is an educational and experiential workshop that helps unreasonably alienated children and adolescents adjust to living with a parent they claim to hate or fear."

Rand was previously investigated by me for The Daily Caller, along with investigations in NBC Bay AreaNBC New York, and the Center for Investigative Reporting. 

His program- which can run four days- purports to reunite parents with children who have previously rejected them; critics contend that Rand often overlooks abuse, that his program has no psychological basis, and that he cannot show any data that what he's doing is successful. 

Now, in newly unearthed emails, Rand refers to his own workshop as a "dog and pony show."

Dog and Pony Show Email by mikekvolpe on Scribd

In the email, Rand states, "With a little coaching from me, she'll be able to assist you and me in running the dog and pony show."

Rand sent this email to Chris Turner, who helps run the Family Bridges workshop. Neither responded to my email for comment. 

In Rand's program, normally it is required that the so-called "alienating" parent be removed entirely from the children's lives for at least 90 days, but purportedly, the program provides a number of steps to reunify that parent, and as such, Rand claims to reunify the whole family. 

But in another email, it is made clear that the goal of the program is to completely remove the "alienating" parent from the child's life. 

12-15-11 RAND - Monitored Contact Which Won't Happen but We Let Then Know We Try by mikekvolpe on Scribd

In this email, Rand refers to a case and states, "and their mom will have to meet conditions to be able to have a monitored contact, which won't happen , but we let them know we try." 

I wrote about former major league baseball player David Segui in March, and he was initially barred from seeing his kids for ninety days, but that was also increased far beyond that. 

More on Segui's case here. 

Rand's program also has something called a moratorium, which is a prohibition from speaking about the past. Below is part of deposition from Richard Warshak, who previously implemented his program.
 Here is what Warshak stated, "And we declare a moratorium on discussing the conflicts because, in the past, the children come to therapy and think this is the place to complain about that parent, so they give a litany of complaints about the rejected parent and the therapy gets nowhere. The more they criticize the parent the more they feel like they better -- you know, that they have to be consistent; they have to see that parent in this terrible negative light. And sometimes we say they demonize the parents. So we attack it from a different angle where we say: That's the past."

In another deposition, Joann Murphy, who also implements Rand's program, states, "You have to understand there's a moratorium about speaking about the other family."

But a moratorium about speaking about the past, also means a moratorium about speaking about abuse the child may have suffered. 

Indeed, according to a court filing one child thought there past was being erased, "JR said, 'I am not allowed to remember the past. I am not allowed to have past memories. All of the things before Family Bridges were wiped away.'"

Finally, Murphy, in a deposition, claimed that most of the kids walk away happy. 

The rest has to come after that with aftercare, and I'm talking about a 96 -- and the children are asked to rate at the end how they feel about the program, very positive, positive, neutral, negative, hated it. I mean, it's amazing how the children loved this program. You -- you just wouldn't believe it unless you saw it. 

Not only have children spoken out in the media to say the opposite, there are nearly a dozen affidavits by now adults who were children in the Family Bridges program who say it was a nightmarish experience. 

"I do not want this to happen to a single other person," said Ariana to NBC Bay Area.

In the same program, Sam, who also went through the program, said, "I have never been the same."

Below is an affidavit written by Ana.

Ana's Statement by mikekvolpe

    Ana stated in part:    
Not only did the court give my mom sole custody, after I had revealed to them everything she had done to me and how scared I was at just the thought of her having full custody, but the court also forced us to attend Family Bridges. This program highlighted all the corruption that had been going on in the courts and all the corruption that will continue to destroy any chance at a normal childhood for me. The judge had 2 police escorts take my brother and I directly from the court house to the airport to make sure we went on the flight to San Francisco where Family Bridges took place. I obviously did not want to be there and kept reiterating to the people there (Richard Warshak, Randy Rand and I think Randy’s wife) the fact that PAS does not apply to us and they kept telling us that we have it and that’s why we came here. I figured this ‘program’ would only be a couple of days because our winter break was over in a couple of days and we would have to go back to school, but I’ll never forget when they basically told us that if we don’t tell them what they want to hear we are not leaving, and if that means missing school then so be it. From that point on, I realized the only way out of that psychological torture was to ‘fake it till we make it’ and so we started playing along with their theories and agreed with everything they said and acted exactly the way they wanted us to act, while counting down the days until we would be freed in our heads.

Another affidavit by Josh is below. 

Josh's Statement by mikekvolpe on Scribd

Josh stated in part: 

 After being stripped from my home, my mother, my dog and my life, my siblings and I were huddled on our father’s couch where we sat through multiple police officers preach on the recurring topic of what we had been attempting to convey was of our own creation, of how our thoughts, feelings, and experiences were not valid. Where we sat through hearing our father laugh with his lawyer about how our mom had cried in court when hearing the sentencing. Where we sat through our own emotions and sorrows. One night while we sat there battling our “invalid” and “alienated” emotions, our father threw a party. A party while his kids sat in his living room suffering, a party while he rejoiced his victory and we struggled with finding will to live. Little did we know this party was more than a victorious embrace, it was a goodbye. On that night, after everyone had left, escort agents entered the house and told us we'd be separated. It would be myself and my two brothers with some agents’ then my sister would be alone with other agents. We were not told where we were going, what we were going to be doing, or what the purpose was. All we knew was that this would be the second time we would be losing a family member in less than a month. We were put in a van and taken to hotels where we spent the night with these unknown transport agents. The next day we boarded airplanes and were flown to an unknown destination. To our relief, we were united with our sister after our flights to San Francisco, California. We started the family restoration program, "Family Bridges" there. While there, we were put in a conference room, shown clips of mothers planting corrupt ideas into children's minds, forced to speak only in agreement with them, and once again were treated as second hand citizens. The workshops were all day from around 9A.M. to 4P.M. The last day of imprisonment we were told we had two choices: either sign a document stating we would obey our father and operate as a family that we had never been due to his selfish and abusive ways, or be split up and put into foster care.

David Segui's children were so desperate to leave Family Bridges they left comments behind an article in Celeb Magazine, where one stated, "They Didn’t listen to a single thing I said [Family Bridges director] Dr. Rand said that I’m a liar and none of the abuse happened and got pissed off any time I brought it up. I went outside and was talking with the Therapeutic Interventionist and I told her how are you going to send me and my [sibling] back to her when she abused us and she told me that I need both parents in my life … and … I’ve been doing perfectly fine with my dad staying out of trouble unlike when I was living with her.” 

Post Script: 

This is part of a series on Family Bridges and the parental alienation concept. Please support the fundraiser to get more articles. Find the fundraiser here. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Judge Cuesta Recuses Herself From Shapiro Case

(Judge Ivonne Cuesta from here)

The judges who have recused themselves from cases I have been covering continues to grow. 

The latest scalp appears to be Judge Ivonne Cuesta of the Miami-Dade County Court. 

Judge Cuesta has been presiding over the case of Gabe Shapiro and his ex-wife Patsy Alcantar-Salcido.

I interviewed Gabe along with Megan Fox on June 30, 2021; that broadcast is below, starting about thirty-seven minutes in.

Gabe described how his son disclosed to him that he was being abused his family of his ex-wife's new boyfriend. Gabe said as soon as this happened the system turned against him. Child Protective Services (CPS) did not do a proper investigation, choosing instead to interview his child in the presence of his mother. Then, the CPS caseworker, Derrick Lovett, threatened to testify that Gabe was putting these thoughts into his children's heads. 

Gabe was coerced into an agreement which now allows him only sporadic visits, mostly supervised. Cuesta has previously ordered Gabe to pay for Morales, the Guardian ad litem (GAL), and even the attorney the GAL then hired. 

Gabe's ex-wife was represented by Dori Foster-Morales, the powerful local attorney who is the outgoing president of the Florida BAR. 

Since then, Shapiro and others who I have reported on who are litigants in the Miami-Dade area have had their first amendment rights threatened or even taken away. Check out that article. Below are some of the things Gabe is not allowed to speak about. 

The Mother, a private person, has a constitutional right of privacy in Florida to keep her mental health evaluations and diagnoses confidential. (15) The allegations in the Mother’s Verified Emergency Motion for Injunction and the evidence presented at the evidentiary hearing on June 30, 2021 are sufficient to establish good cause, that the Mother and minor children will suffer irreparable injury, loss or damage if a narrowly tailored temporary injunction is not granted pursuant to Florida Law. (16) On August 18, 2020, this Court entered an Agreed Order Appointing Psychologists to Perform Evaluations of the parties and the children. The Court reserved jurisdiction to enforce and/or modify the terms and conditions of the order. Accordingly, this Court orders that all psychological evaluations and the information contain therein are to remain confidential and not be released and/or disseminated by either party and/or their legal representative to anyone. (17) This Court finds that the Mother has met her burden of proof and has determined that this injunction is necessary and that certain limitations must be made on the Father’s rights to disseminate information in this matter. The Court is narrowly tailoring this injunction only as to extra-judicial statements which are substantially likely to materially prejudice a final hearing in this matter and/or impede on the Mother's and minor children's right of privacy. Accordingly, this Court enjoins the Father from disseminating information that he learned from confidential court documents.

That order was signed on July 6, 2021 by Judge Cuesta, but now she is no longer on the case. 

The happenings came fast and furious. Shapiro's attorney, Leslie Ferderigos filed a motion to have Judge Cuesta withdraw, but on August 23, 2021, Judge Cuesta denied that motion. That order is below.  

FILE_9497 by mikekvolpe

But Gabe's attorney quickly filed an appeal with an appeal's court and that appeal is below.

FILE_9059 by mikekvolpe on Scribd

In it, Ferderigos states in part, "Prior to substituting new counsel, Catherine Rodriguez, Esq., the Former Husband stated to Ms. Ferderigos that he had to find new counsel because he felt that Judge Cuestas did not like Ms. Ferderigos. Thus, it would prejudice his case by not allowing him impartiality of the Court. Ms. Ferderigos is an out of county attorney, who has an office in Orange County, Florida and not a local MiamiDade county attorney."

The next day, August 24, 2021, Cuesta filed a new order, recusing herself. That order is below. 

Order_ (2) by mikekvolpe

Post Script

Please check out the previous parts of this Miami-Dade series: Part 1Part 2, Part 3, and  Part 4

Thursday, August 19, 2021

New Livestream

 Topics include Kristen Rash, Social Worker with the Davie County Department of Social Services, Judge Gordon Miller, Adkins Vs. Burkhard, wrongful convictions, Lindy Morelli, Lighthouse in Scranton, and Rodney Reed, 

Supreme Court Writ Alleges Vast Conspiracy in Westchester County, New York

 (Brian Weinstein in a text message conversation with Liz, admitting to lifelong obsession with pedophilia)

Brian Weinstein is convinced that the problem with his divorce lies exclusively with his ex-wife. 

"My wife has a severe mental illness. She's been involuntarily committed to treatment; I've been given custody of my children. I have temporary orders of protection against her. I have a guardian appointed. I could go on for hours," he told me in an interview on August 11, 2021. That interview is below. 

 His ex-wife Elizabeth Harding Weinstein has a different perspective. She was recently interviewed extensively by Samantha Baldwin. 
 She also recently filed pro-se a writ of certiorari with the US Supreme Court. 

The writ of certiorari alleges a vast conspiracy involving the courts, medical professionals, municipal employees, and police.

"In January 2021, after publicly advocating against restrictions, pedophilia and government tyranny, Elizabeth Harding Weinstein, Petitioner, was denied the services of her local government, imprisoned in solitary confinement because Petitioner could not medically tolerate a mask and remained there for seven weeks by Defendant Howard T. Code. 

"After release, Petitioner filed a federal 1873 claim pro so. Defendant Judge Code retaliated, instantly had Petitioner falsely imprisoned again, absent of criminal charges, and involuntarily committed by judicial order, in clear violation of Mental Health Hygiene laws, where she, a woman on no medications her whole life, was gruesomely forced a litany of medications by judicial order of related Judge Anne E Minihan.

"Once released, Petitioner was issued an ex-parte, ex-post facto 'order' by related judge Nancy Quinn-Koba, then immediately falsely arrested for alleged violations of unserved 'order' by Defendant Officers, and given new orders by related Judge Stuart A. Halper.

"Since advocating, Petitioner, who was a stay at home mom for seventeen years, has been denied, by judicial orders: any direct access to her children; access to her home; access to all her finances; access to her belongings, all while being denied due process and access to the court in any case Petitioner is a litigant, including in Federal Court.

"Defendants, with the assistance of related Judge Janet C Malone, are now advancing an Article 81 proceeding over Petitioner to take full control over their adversary, all while her competency is self-evident."

She was able to file this writ, an example of her competency. 

The writ is broken into three main parts. 

Initially, on May 20, 2020, Brian Weinstein admitted to his family that he had a "lifelong history of pedophilia."

He had developed something of an obsession, Liz Weinstein told me.

She asked him to leave the house. 

Brian Weinstein appeared to agree, but as the writ states, he was scheming to gain an upper hand in the upcoming divorce. 

The writ breaks down into three parts: Brian Weinstein's forum shopping, the false arrest and mistreatment in prison, and the most recent attempt to have Liz placed into guardianship. 

The Forum Shopping

Instead of seeking treatment, Brian Weinstein used an aggressive legal strategy. 

"While Plaintiff {Liz} was placated by Defendant Officers, DAs, Defendant Weinstein quickly went on June 1, 2020, around 3:30PM, to an out of district judge, Arlene Katz with a 150 plus page 'emergency' custody petition with conflicting affidavits submitted and willful false representations in his petition. 

"New custody petitions in any form were forbidden to be accepted and filed in New York State Courts under 'COVID'  administrative order AO 78/20 without advanced approval, which Defendant did not have. 

"At approximately 4:07 PM Defendant then filed a Family Offense Petition (FOP), with a different home address, and a conflicting affidavit. 

"Defendant Weinstein's FOP alleges no Article 8 evidence, falsifies facts, and contradicts police reports (A6). Defendant Weinstein's conflicting and unlawful petitions were filed and heard ex-parte by Katz anyway, in violation of laws (A7). Katz stated, of Defendant Weinstein's conflicting petitions she was 'at a loss to read so many pages' and she 'couldn't make heads or tails of it.'

"Katz still granted Defendant Weinstein's request, assigned Petitioner, a multi-millionaire, court appointed and taxpayer paid counsel, Mr. Marco Fava, who gagged Petitioner, refused to leave the case, prevented Petitioner access to documents, and assisted Defendant Weinstein, and assigned to 'of age' children (17, almost 16, and 13) an appointed attorney, who also gagged, willfully misrepresented the children, and denied them access to the court to be heard."

According to the writ, the order Judge Katz signed went around this out of jurisdiction court like musical chairs.

"From June 5-July23, 2020, every judge in our family court jurisdiction extended Katz order and quickly recused themselves without cause, kicking the case directly back to Katz in July 2020, providing clear and convincing evidence of forum shopping."

Forum shopping is when a litigant chooses a jurisdiction, not because it's appropriate to hear a case but because they have an advantage. 

In 2018, I wrote an article entitled "New Hampshire Woman Takes on Oklahoma" where a six month divorce which included the purchase of a home in New Hampshire and nothing else took six years to decide in Oklahoma, with the man, who filed in Oklahoma, getting the house eventually. 

The False Arrest 

In January 2021, having been denied access to the courts and unable to see her children, Liz visited her local Village Hall in Briarcliff, New York. That's where the writ says the false arrest occurred. 

"On January 4, 2021, after seven months of being issued judicial orders in four different courts, but not being allowed access to the court to advocate for and defend her children, or granted any real relief, Petitioner presented to her Village Hall to file a Freedom of Information request and to file a letter in her case regarding Village Judge Howard T Code's denial of due process since July 2020 (A6).

"Unbeknownst to Petitioner at the time Defendant Court Clerk Zirman and Village Manager Zegarelli immediately contacted the Village of Briarcliff Manor Police, who resided in the same building, to remove Petitioner from the public building stating they did not wish to 'deal with her' (A24). Defendant Court Clerk Rori Zirman, and Defendant Village Manager Phillip Zegarelli, were, upon information and belief, assisting Defendant Weinstein in preventing Petitioner access to the court, and had been refusing to assist Petitioner since July 2020 (A25)."

I reached out Village Hall and the Briarcliff Police Department, specifically their Police Chief Dominick Bueti, but neither responded. 

Liz continued, "Defendant Officers Wilkinson and Chief Bueti arrived, and Defendant Zegarelli asked they escort Petitioner out of the building, citing Petitioner's inability to wear a mask. Defendant Officer Wilkinson unlawfully ordered Petitioner to leave the building or be arrested and Petitioner, who had been recording the incident on her phone, complied, informing officers she would be posting the video.

"Defendant Bueti granted permission to Petitioner to hand in forms prior to leaving, but entrapped Petitioner, first closed the door on the back of Petitioner, then immediately knocked the phone and  papers from Petitioner hands, pinned Petitioner up against the wall and arrested Petitioner.

"Defendant Officers charged Plaintiff with 'disorderly conduct' at the time of the arrest. then later changed the arrest to 'obstruction of government administration 2' and added resisting arrest."

Once in prison, Liz's treatment was made even worse, according to the writ, "Petitioner was brought to the police station and chained to the wall for four hours, instead of being given a ticket and being released as misdemeanor charges would dictate. At no time did any officers read Petitioner her rights. Petitioner was denied access to a lawyer or any witnesses. Defendant Officers continually refused to take exculpatory evidence."

The writ then described her treatment in prison, "Petitioner was strip searched, coerced, denied access to a lawyer, denied dietary accommodations was placed in solitary confinement and on 'suicide watch'" The writ stated, "Petitioner was in no way suicidal and expressed such to every officer and medical personnel, making it clear such designation was punitive and not 'for her safety'"

The writ continued, "At the arraignment, Defendant Code remanded petitioner to prison for seven weeks. Defendant Code then ordered a 730 'competency exam' all during 'COVID' and while petitioners competency and insight into her case, was self-evident."

Liz was eventually released on January 8, 2021, but not before she was hassled again by more psychologists trying to do exams.

"After the hearing, Petitioner was not released and was placed into solitary confinement for hours. During that time, Petitioner was visited by a 'psychologist', later known to be Jerome Norton who requested to do an exam to determine if Petitioner was 'competent'".

I reached out to the prison and to Norton, but I received no reply. 

The writ continued, "Petitioner did not consent to the exam, informed the psychologist she was already technically released and simply provided clear and convincing evidence to satisfy the requirement of competency to wit: her name, address, contact year, location, names of duties of people in the courtroom, charges for which she was held and the accompanying sentence, then asked for the psychologist to leave."

Liz also alleged that several of her lawyers did not do their duties, including Richard Ferrante, who the writ said, "Mr. Ferrante was instructed by the Petitioner to take the case to an Appellate Court to immediately vacate the Code orders....On January 8, 2021, without advanced communication or notice, Judge Anne E. Minihan 'held a bail hearing at Mr. Ferrante's request, in violation of Petitioner's directive, when misdemeanors do not require bail."

I called Mr. Ferrante; he would only acknowledge serving "briefly" as Ms. Weinstein's counsel, but he declined to comment when asked about this charge. 

The Guardianship
(One of several subpoenas for witnesses for Liz's guardianship hearing)

Then, starting in the Spring of 2021, under the direction of Judge Janet Malone the court schemed to hold an ex-parte hearing to try and place Liz into guardianship. 

A photo of her write is below. 

More from the writ is below. 

Two ex-parte hearings, or those without Liz, were held on June 24 and June 30 and on August 2, 2021, Judge Malone did sign a guardianship order, however Liz told me that two of those put into the order as receiving an appointment immediately petitioned to have their names removed which Liz told me makes the order "moot", I'm not as certain, but alas. 

Finally, after I made initial contact with Brian Weinstein several of his supporters reached out to me to largely bad mouth Liz. 

One was Piper Strong, who used a pseudonym on LinkedIn. 

She said in part, "If you care to know the truth about Liz Weinstein, let me know. I have documentation of her admitting she is mentally ill. Happy to send that to you but calling her husband? Do you research on her before you reach out to anyone. There is a lot there and I’m happy to share....Want the things she did to those poor kids?? Telling her oldest 'I need to get the devil out of you' because he wore a mask. If you are only writing about Liz and not listening to anyone else, then I hope you mention that....This whole thing is not about the divorce. She filed for divorce AFTER he had to take out a restraining order on her in order to protect the kids. This has very little to do with divorce. She refused to get help or even be evaluated for her mental illness. She only filed in retaliation."

I was also contacted by Carolyn Carter who stated in part, "
She has repeatedly said that she doesn't want people to just "believe her" but that they should look at the evidence for themselves; several people have taken her up on that and have posted information online. That's how I know of this case, I have no relation to any of the parties.

As for the text messages, I think it's important to understand what she means by "indoctrinated into pedophilia". Here is another video from Ms Weinstein herself where she says that her evidence of indoctrination is that her husband kept letters from his abuser:

Do you think that being trauma-bonded to an abuser is sufficient proof to accuse someone of sexual abuse themselves? I've never seen her share any evidence that he's actually committed acts of pedophilia, or even claim that she has such evidence. Maybe she's provided you with evidence of actual sexual abuse, but she hasn't shared that publicly. If I saw compelling evidence I'd be right there supporting her with you. 

Liz was also interviewed by Samantha Baldwin and that interview is below. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

No 1st Amendment in Miami-Dade

 Those who control the courts in Miami-Dade do not believe the litigants whose lives they destroy have a first amendment right. 

Eric Satin, Gabe Shapiro, and Jennifer Tolston each were interviewed on the livestream I do with Megan Fox. 

Each was then faced with either the threat of their 1st amendment rights being removed or actually having them removed. 

Eric Satin

Satin was interviewed on the livestream on June 23, 2021, starting about forty minutes in. 


That motion stated in part. 

The Former Husband’s Notice of Filing Video Recording of Former Husband’s Interview dated June 23, 2021 has a direct link to his social media posting about this case. The Former Husband posted his on social media page and stated “I’m sharing my interview from this afternoon about the corruption in my family court case. My segment starts at 42 minute mark”. Moreover, the Husband posted on his Facebook page the link to another video the “journalist’s” website, but also states “Start this video at 33 minutes... there is an investigation into the family court corruption involving my ex-wife, the judge and the guardian involved in my case. I still have no access to my children. Please pray for my kids and me.” As stated above, the video in the link is an interview of the Former Husband discussing the details of this case, the individuals in this case, the Former Wife, and the minor children. The Former Husband also plays a portion of a police body camera from a domestic violence incident in March 2020.  

The motion continued, 

To compound the above, the “journalist” posted a blog on his website including a video of a timesharing exchange from last year, conveniently blurred out the Former Husband’s cousin, but not the Former Wife. The minor children are present. The location is clearly visible. Furthermore, the website posts a supervision report of a previous supervised visit between the Father and the minor daughter. Clearly, this information was obtained from the Former Husband.  

That motion led to a hearing in front of Judge Samantha Ruiz Cohen.  

Judge Cohen sentenced Satin to a minimum of twenty days in this order which was extended to 60 days before suddenly, while in jail, Satin entered into an agreed order, where he "agreed" to give up his first amendment rights. 

The Former Husband is hereby enjoined from providing any media outlet, social media platform, or any third party not directly associated with this case or otherwise authorized under this order from discussing or releasing any information related to this case, including, but not limited to, any filings or information provided verbally or in writing in this case, information related to the minor children as it relates to this case, information related to supervised visits, sexual abuse allegations, names of the children, videos related to the children or that disclose their residence, and information regarding any allegations in this case related any sensitive information of the children.
That "agreed" order continued. 

The Former Husband and his counsel, Leslie Ferderigos, esquire, upon entry of this Order, shall immediately serve a written request, copying the Wife’s counsel, to Michael Volpe and Kenneth Rosa and any other media outlet or third party, to remove any information related to this case, including, but not limited to, any information broadcasting the minor children’s names, their likeness or otherwise discusses or involves information related to the children or this case. This written request shall be issued immediately.
Shortly after this "agreed" order was signed, a lawyer named Joel Hirschhorn reached out to me stating in part, "Please  see the attached Order. Kindly comply with paragraph 5. You are on notice."

But paragraph five is the one above and I'm not required to do anything, furthermore, when I reached out to the Reporter's Committee on Freedom of the Press, any order which would require me to remove anything would be rare, almost never enforceable, and only an injunction prior to publication, not after. 

"If it is an actual take-down order, there would likely be First Amendment and jurisdictional arguments you could make to challenge it. A take-down order is a type of prior restraintwhich are rarely upheld by courts." they said. 

Indeed, when I didn't back down, Hirschhorn initially continued to argue, but after we talked about it on the next livestream and in other media, he became silent. 

As soon as this agreed order was signed, the judge issued an order entitled: "Judgment Adjudicating Eric Satin in Indirect Criminal Contempt." Satin was then let out of jail. 

Gabe Shapiro

Shapiro appeared on the livestream on June 30, at about thirty five minutes in.

 Shortly after, his ex-wife's attorney filed an "emergency ex-parte motion for injunction". 

2019-9867 FC 01 Shapiro v. ... by mikekvolpe

The motion stated in part, "He has recently become involved and is in cahoots with a purported 'investigative journalist' desiring that said journalist be included on all communications with the GAL...Said journalist recently gave an interview falsely claiming: 1) A 'corrupt conspiracy ring' in Miami-Dade courts...Claiming the system is covering for mother's abuse of child (even though these allegations were debunked by all those who investigated it)...The journalist also aired an illegally obtained recording wherein the person being recorded had no knowledge. Pursuant to Florida law, a trial court must make findings that support the need (IE good cause) exists for this type request of limitation to the father's 1st amendment rights."

The journalist is me and the recording of several employees of Family Crossroads Services Inc is below. 

 This motion was quickly heard and the judge, Yvonne Cuesta, granted Shapiro's ex-wife most of what she asked in an order on July 6, 2021, just a week after the interview.

Order Shapiro by mikekvolpe

That order stated in part, 

The Mother, a private person, has a constitutional right of privacy in Florida to keep her mental health evaluations and diagnoses confidential. (15) The allegations in the Mother’s Verified Emergency Motion for Injunction and the evidence presented at the evidentiary hearing on June 30, 2021 are sufficient to establish good cause, that the Mother and minor children will suffer irreparable injury, loss or damage if a narrowly tailored temporary injunction is not granted pursuant to Florida Law. (16) On August 18, 2020, this Court entered an Agreed Order Appointing Psychologists to Perform Evaluations of the parties and the children. The Court reserved jurisdiction to enforce and/or modify the terms and conditions of the order. Accordingly, this Court orders that all psychological evaluations and the information contain therein are to remain confidential and not be released and/or disseminated by either party and/or their legal representative to anyone. (17) This Court finds that the Mother has met her burden of proof and has determined that this injunction is necessary and that certain limitations must be made on the Father’s rights to disseminate information in this matter. The Court is narrowly tailoring this injunction only as to extra-judicial statements which are substantially likely to materially prejudice a final hearing in this matter and/or impede on the Mother's and minor children's right of privacy. Accordingly, this Court enjoins the Father from disseminating information that he learned from confidential court documents.

Jennifer Tolston 

Jennifer Tolston came on the livestream on July 14, 2021, at about thirty seven minutes in. 

 Within a week of her appearance she received a motion to order to show cause from her ex-husband's attorney which stated in part. "On or about July 7, 2020, former wife willfully and flagrantly violated said order by discussing extremely intimate, personal, and embarrassing details of the children's therapy in a taped interview distributed throughout the world by YouTube station, 'Megan Fox Investigates' available at

"Moreover, the former wife's decision to publicize the most private parts of the children's therapy is in direct contravention to standard norms long established by this Court and demonstrates a parent who once again chooses to place her interest far and beyond what is in their best interest."

This motion is scheduled to be heard in October. 

Post Script

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