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Monday, August 30, 2021

Mom Says Seneca County Ohio Is Covering Up Molestation By Her Ex-Husband


Molly Green's life changed on January 20, 2016. 

That's when her oldest daughter, four at the time, disclosed that her father, Green's ex, had been touching her inappropriately. 

The full interview with Green is below. She has since reverted back to her maiden name Baker. 

After her daughter disclosed, she initially confronted her then husband, who denied the allegation. After consulting with family, Baker first moved to a hotel and then to Iowa after she found her then husband stalking her and her children at the hotel. 

"I only fled at the time because he found me in hiding and {her daughter} had told me she was scared because I would be in heaven and blood we be everywhere. I was terrified of him hurting us and it was clear I would get no help from his family or the services I sought help with {in Ohio}." She told me in a text message. 

Baker said one reason she left was because authorities, particularly Child Protective Services, were not helping.

"In Iowa, the police came right away. Child Protective Services came immediately...So, I got help." she told me. 

Baker said her girls were scheduled for a psychological evaluation within a week of arriving in Iowa.

Iowa CPS also recommended the girls stay away from Baker's ex, "At this time, the Iowa Department of Human Services would recommend that {her daughter} continue to participate in play therapy and participate in an extended forensic interview and that she not have unsupervised with the person responsible until the conclusion of the assessment process."

Baker's daughter did not just disclose to Iowa DHS, but to a psychologist several times. 

Here are parts of her disclosures to that psychologist, "The client {her daughter} stated that she wanted to tell the therapist something and then told a story about how her dad did something really bad and she yelled, 'no, no, no' really loudly and he stopped....The therapist asked what happened that made her have to tell her father 'no, no, no' and she stated that her father had tied her arms and legs to a chair....Client told a story where her father hit her and her younger sister on the back with a stick and it hurt. He then tried to make them laugh by being silly and said he was sorry."

The report continues, "The therapist asked how her father hurting her and the client stated that he touched her bottom (she calls it her burn-burn)...The client continued to state that she watched her father touch her sister's bottom and it hurt her sister."
Despite these disclosures, Baker's then still husband quickly moved things in motion in a Seneca court, filing for divorce and thus forcing Baker to come back to Seneca County to fight the charges. Here is part of a Seneca County Magistrate Kenneth Clason order, "This case came before Magistrate Clason on February 9, 2016, Upon review, the court finds the motion not well-taken and is DENIED. Defendant Molly E Green shall immediately return with the minor children... and shall make them available in the State of Ohio for determination of their placement at the hearing scheduled February 10, 2016."

Baker was initially given physical custody after this hearing but her ex received unsupervised visits. 

As her daughter continued to disclose after those visits, Baker's life went from bad to worse. 

"They would come home and disclose to me that he was continuing the abuse. Holding knives up to dolls so that they would be afraid...Eventually my daughters stated some more things that were worthy of CPS opening up a report allegedly, so they opened up a report, but really looking in hindsight, the report from CPS was to remove me from my children."

In fact, Seneca County CPS was filing things on behalf of Baker's ex. Like this motion filed by CPS and the Guardian ad Litem, Lisa Miller, who would be appointed to the case. 

Objection by the GAL Father... by mikekvolpe

I spoke with Victor Perez, the attorney for Seneca County CPS who filed that motion but he declined comment because these matters are confidential, which they are. The GAL, Lisa Miller, did not respond to a message for comment. 

Baker told me that Miller had not even met with her children when she recommended that custody be switched, which it was in April and then Dr. John Hustak was appointed; Hustak diagnosed Miller with "histrionics" and claimed that the abuse allegations were due to her delusional beliefs being absorbed by her children.

His so-called diagnosis mirrored the conclusions of Seneca County CPS, "CPS thinks that she is feeding her children stories about their father and making them tell people," according to the previous psychologist's report. 

Dr. Hustak appears retired and a number on-line was no longer active. 

I spoke with Green's ex-husband's attorney, Dean Henry, and he stated, "That matter occurred as a result of an agreement that was reached in court that was later converted to an order by agreement of the parties."

There was indeed an agreement on December 14, 2016, but Baker told me that her attorneys told her it was either agree to this agreement or face having her kids placed into foster care or with her ex-husband.

Baker said that she was made to believe that in three months she would regain custody, but that did not happen.

"They'd be crying and upset because they wanted their mommy. So, I was being told I was exacerbating them or allowing the girls to be anxious. I was not making less anxiety producing....She had stomach problems again in March 2017 and allegedly they thought I worked it out to be around her in the bathroom."

Baker said she made Valentine's Day treats and dropped them off at her daughter's school, which Green said the court also deemed to violate a court order. 

"Those two things were the nail in the coffin," Baker told me. 

She was also ordered to pay more than $1,000 per month in child support which forced her to move from Ohio to Iowa. She now drives approximately seven hours to see her children supervised. 

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