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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Demasi Story Figure, Stuart Simonsen, Now Defendant in Numerous New Lawsuits

2012.05.23 Complaint Transcend v. Simonsen 2012 01 12 Krohne Capital v Simonsen
Simonsen was, according to Demasi, Tony Demasi's partner. Simonsen denied this and testified under oath that Demasi was simply leasing a software program to trade derivatives from Simonsen.

For the full story on the numerous lawsuits facing Stuart Simonsen check out my exposé here. 

That became the center piece of Tony Demasi's argument when he plead guilty to a number of fraud related charges. Demasi claimed that he and Simonsen sold Simonsen's software system to a Chicago hedge fund and that he was entitled to a piece of those profits, estimated to be near 100 million dollars.

Simonsen claimed that Demasi wasn't Simonsen's partner and eventually a judge in Montana ruled in Simonsen's favor.