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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Silver Bullet Technique Executed in Miami-Dade

 Eric Satin was naive before he entered family court in Miami-Dade. 

"Being I guess I was naive- I'm a tax attorney I've never been in court- I thought 'I'm a smart guy; I'm prepared. I have a court to protect me.'" He said. 

Satin was recently interviewed on the livestream (starts about 42 minutes in)

Satin said his ex-wife threatened to make allegations, destroy his life, and keep him away from his kids. 

He said all those things have come true. 

Shortly after the divorce got started, there was domestic call where police showed up. The body cam is below. 

Satin's ex-wife changes her story multiple times. She initially claimed she had not been pushed to the ground, only to then claim she had. She also originally said she didn't suffer any bruising and refused medical attention but changed that story later as well. 

Despite these inconsistencies, Satin said the police arrested him anyway, "They {the police} said 'we're sorry we know she lied' but whenever we have a domestic violence call, unless we have proof of lying, we take the you know."

Satin said the arrest triggered a set of legal events, "When you get arrested for domestic violence, you get something called a stay away order by the criminal court. So, now I have to leave the house and she has sole access to the house."

This began a series of false allegations, Satin said, "What happens. I'm out of the house. I don't see my kids for a month. They say I was exposed to corona in jail. They make all these accusations up that I'm an alcoholic now. Meanwhile, a month later, I get the kids fifty percent."

At a subsequent exchange, Satin's ex-wife attempted to make the exchange outside of the cameras installed. That video is below. 

Satin said that when he attempted to introduce these recordings into his custody proceedings; the judge, Scott Bernstein, "refused to look at them."

Judge Bernstein is no fan of transparency. On June 23, 2021, Satin had a hearing by Zoom in front of Judge Bernstein. The hearing was supposed to begin at 12:30PM Central Time. At nearly 1PM a note went out that Judge Bernstein would begin the proceedings shortly, but by 1:15PM Judge Bernstein announced he'd already held the hearing outside my presence. Satin later told me that the judge announced that no witnesses were allowed during motion calendar hearings. Satin said this is the first time he had hear of this rule. 

Being frustrated, Satin said he did research and believed that Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) would be the answer, "someone who would come in and look closer," he stated. 

Once Satin filed a motion for a GAL, his ex-wife changed lawyers to Jordan Abramowitz. 

Abramowitz appears intimately involved in numerous cases, but in particular with Gabe Shapiro, a story I'll cover more. 

Abramowitz recommended Cindy Kamen as the GAL. 

"Cindy Kamen comes into the case; I knew right away something was wrong." Satin said. 

Kamen has racked up a series of bad reviews. I spoke with Ariel Cabrera who told me that it took her months to respond to his messages and that when she came to a home visit, she fell asleep on their couch. 

Satin then described what happened next, "My daughter comes to me, 'grammy- my ex-mother in law- says to tell the guardian I touched your penis.'"

He reported this to Kamen and the therapist, but nothing happened. 

Instead, Satin said, the court cooked up a scheme. Led by Kamen, the court then accused Satin of coaching his daughter to say that her grandmother had coached her to accuse him of molesting her, or, he was accused of coaching his daughter to say she was being coached. 

This allegation was accepted by the court, Satin said, "they take my daughter and give me supervised time sharing."

The company supervising was Family Crossroads Solutions Incorporated (FCSI). FCSI also seems to pop up on numerous controversial Miami-Dade cases, including Gabe Shapiro's.

Satin's supervisor was Agata Curbelo, and, according to an affidavit, she said the brass at FCSI were scheming with Kamen and others to paint Satin as a bad parent. 

"Unfortunately, my experiences with Mr. Satin was similar to my experiences supervising other fathers with ongoing custody disputes in Miami-Dade. In Mr. Satin's case, it became obvious to me that FCS was working with the court appointed guardian ad litem, Cindi Kamen, in an attempt to falsely portray Mr. Satin as an incompetent father based on false allegations of mental health issues and/or abuse. I received pressure from FCS president, Karen Sanchez, to include information in Mr. Satin's report to falsely portray him in a negative light to the court. I have seen this happen whereby a guardian ad litem works with FCS to inappropriately influence reports for the purpose of improperly impacting custody rights in favor of the other parent."


Affidavit of Agata Curbelo (1) by mikekvolpe

Satin said that one day after he filed the affidavit with the court, he was jailed for contempt of court, for claims he refused to submit to a psychological evaluation. 

Satin said here is what happened, "It's now been seven months: I have almost no access to my children. I see, now, I get to see them twice a week for two hours in a small office with a supervisor. I have supervisor reports where my daughter is crying and saying I want to go home with daddy."

When he filed these reports with the court, the court, Satin said, the court demanded he do all sorts of therapy before being allowed full access to his daughter. 

After he filed complaints against the judge and others, he was the subject of several BAR complaints, Satin said. 

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Maryann Petri said...

There is no way they can force a person after dragging them through the courts on false allegations and expect them to pay attorney fees of over 181,000.00 within 10 days. The corruption is way out of control.