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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Reitman Claims Court Bias Against Sandra Grazzini-Rucki

(Screenshot of Paul Reitman from 2013 Minneapolis Fox interview)

In a remarkable set of emails, Paul Reitman suggested that the court had a bias against Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and that he was paid $100,000 for his work. 

"Because the court hated her don't you know that of course I was court appointed by the judge and given a $100000 didn't know that," Reitman said in one of approximately fifty emails sent to me on July 8, 2019. 

Paul Reitman was appointed in late August 2012; he held one session with SGR and four of her five children- her son Nico did not attend- which lasted approximately a half hour. He then wrote a report and recommended Jim Gilbertson; that was the sum total of his contribution to the case. 

If his email is accurate, he would have made thousands of dollars per hour. 

His scathing report stated, "The children appear very depressed and browbeaten.”“Their mother appears out of touch and suffering from a personality disorder.”

He concluded, “The children will benefit from being removed from their mother’s custody and placed in a therapeutic foster home.”

As a result of his report, a telephonic conference was held on September 5, 2012, and an order- issued by Judge David Knutson- was issued on September 7, 2012, removing SGR from her home and moving in her ex-husband's sister to take care of the five Rucki children. 

Despite the court order, four of the five- all but Nico- Rucki children lived with their maternal aunt starting on September 7, 2012. 

Reitman has never explained to me or anyone else how he could come to such a scathing conclusion after only a half hour. 

He did get interviewed for a local Fox news story on this case in 2013. 

 In the broadcast, he made this ironic statement, "What is the alternative to simply say it's over, you never have to see your father or mother again."

That's ironic since SGR has not seen any of her five children since 2013; SGR was accused by Reitman and other court appointed personnel of being the parent alienator. Her daughter- Gianna-now doesn't even acknowledge having a mother; Reitman did not respond when I pointed this out earlier to him.

When I pointed to his statement in the 2013 Fox broadcast, he responded, "besides insulting me is there anything more you want.  The truth is not what you are after just to enhance your own ego....I cannot believe what a crook you are...If you did so  much work did you check the judges decisions,did you check her kidnappping, did you check with Dr. Gilbertson or did you just want to make a name for yourself and reinforce her sense of victimization.  where do you come from." He made these comments in three emails on March 29, 2018. 

Reitman is referring to the six felonies that SGR has. On April 19, 2013, when her two oldest daughters- Samantha and Gianna- were told they would be living with their father's sister, they ran shortly after being forced into their home by police presence; they ran minutes after the police left. 

SGR was not charged with kidnapping, nor has anyone claimed that her two daughters were held against their will. 

I responded to those emails by providing two documents with more than one hundred pages of abuse allegations against David Rucki, the children's father. 

SamiRucki by on Scribd
That email was sent later on March 29. Reitman responded by threatening to call the police, "I am forwarding this to my attorney.  You are warned leave me alone. I am contacting the police as I have in the past this is harassment." Those emails also were sent on March 29. 

Suffice to say, the police have never interviewed me about those emails. 

On July 9, 2019, Reitman again threatened to call law enforcement, "I just called the FBI and they said I can file a complaint against you for your harassment and your threats I'm going to do it good bye a******."

The FBI have yet to reach out to me. 

What set him off this time was that he was one of nearly forty recipients on an email with a link to this article. 

That is a case of Kristy Newberry Brooks, who like SGR insisted the father of her child was abusing- in her case sexually- their child. Like with SGR, the courts ignored her evidence and forced her daughter to live with her daughter's father- the two never married. She, similarly to SGR, ran and hid with her daughter and her story was picked up by local WBTV.

Like SGR, she is the one facing criminal penalty, with all allegations of sexual abuse being ignored.

The other common thread is Sean Newlin, a US Marshal, who was part of the team tracking both women.

Newlin has not responded to numerous emails nor has Dave Oney, public affairs officer for the US Marshals, ever explained the curious involvement of the US Marshals in both cases.

Though Reitman was not even mentioned in the email, he was set off, possibly because his child recently died.

"My child died of cancer today you son of a b****'s Khan bring it home come see me let's have it out," Reitman said in one email. 

But in subsequent emails, he talked about all sorts of other things, "I'm waiting for you you mother sucker I know who you are you're a coward you're a pimp you are Hoare...Listen to me you and ramis go find a job you were firing as a cop you are a moron and incompetent idiot come see me I wanna take you on right now...No you won't respond cause you're a coward your horse Sandra is camping somebody."

He sent approximately fifty emails, including one about another daughter, "My daughter who's alive we are laughing at you because you're a coward a coward a collared you have no spine you would never call me cause you're afraid of me because I will do you in you are off spineless piece of ship."

I even mentioned that he had a peculiar way of grieving given his email stream.

The most remarkable email was the one admitting a court bias and that he was paid $100,000.

Reitman even claimed to make $250,000 yearly from his court services, "You have no life you have no future euro failure a big failure I'm making $250000 a year working on cases like yours you son of a b****'s."

It is indicative of the court industry which supports this bogus label of parental alienation.

Reitman is not the only one making six figures to claim- usually falsely- that a parent is alienating.

He does not address David Rucki's long violent history: a bar fight, a road rage incident, threatening to kill his in-law, stalking his ex-wife, choking her, and repeatedly violating protective orders.

He (David Rucki) also chased after his daughter Samantha on her thirteenth birthday until she barricaded herself in her house. His son, Nico, told CPS that when he was eight years old his father stuck a gun to his head.

Emails to David Rucki's attorney, Lisa Elliott, the family court judge, David Knutson, and the four Minnesota court public affairs officers- Lissa Finne, Alyssa Siems Roberson, Kyle Christopherson, and Beau Berentson- were all left unreturned.

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