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Friday, July 19, 2019

How Judges and Court Officers Misuse the law to violate 1st Amendment rights

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Find more background below.First, the recent Minnesota Court of Appeals decision is embedded below. The Judges who decided the case are Judge Diane Bratvold, Judge Roger Klaphake, and Judge Kevin Ross. Judge Klaphake is retired, yet another retired judge in this case.

(Judge Diane Bratvold)

For story number two,find the Wikipedia page here.

For story number three, find Eugene Volokh's article here.

For story number four, find the Arizona Republic article here.  For story number five, Ronald Pierce's speech is below.

For story number six, find Mark Steyn's article here.

Also, my story on Google is here.  The History of Standard Oil by Ida Tarbell is found here.

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