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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Schulz With a Long Rap Sheet Before His Entrance into a Nine Figure Deal

 Martin James Schulz, the man now claiming that he's owed tens of millions in a nine figure movie deal, has a long rap sheet, with numerous aliases, leaving a trail of misery.

As I previously covered, Schulz now claims that he had a verbal contract with Ryan Millsap for a share of Blackhall Studios which Millsap recently sold for over $100 million. 

But prior to meeting Millsap, Schulz developed a long rap sheet spanning more than two decades; police reports not only list several aliases but more than one birthdate. 

The earliest police report is from 1991 in Los Angeles County- Schulz separately had dates of births in 1970 and 1967 in varying police reports- and that report is below. 

Schulz Case 90C01177 by mikekvolpe

Schulz wound up having a bench warrant in that 1991 case after he failed to appear for a hearing. 

His offenses span several states, and more than one county in California. Besides the aforementioned trouble in Los Angeles County in 1991, Schulz had another run-in with the law in Ventura County in 1997. That is below. 

Schulz Ventura by mikekvolpe

The 1997 arrest lists Paul Raymond Webber as an alias used by Schulz. 

                                             (Ventura Police listing some of Schulz aliases)

Schulz criminal history spans from minor traffic accidents to insurance fraud, but the most troubling comes in 2017, when he was convicted of stalking his ex-wife. The transcript of his guilty plea is below. 

His ex testified during this hearing and stated in part.

It's also impossible to truly describe the terror that it is to have somebody following, being able to quote things that you've said to other people in private and not know how. To have someone so insidiously try to get in between yourself and your friend, yourself and your family, by having following you, listened to you, any manner, whether it was GPS tracking, whether it was surveillance...I have been afraid to go out. I have stayed in far often than I normally would. Depression, the anxiety, just the trauma and therapy to try and feel normal again.

During her testimony, Schulz's ex noted that he had previously been convicted of staking another woman.

Then to actually have the physical evidence of how he was doing it and to further learn that he had done this to a woman before me and received a conviction.
I left a message for his attorney on this case, Lance Dutton, but he did not respond. His attorney for his civil lawsuit, Eric John Taylor, also did not respond to comment on the first article. 

His criminal history is vast and varied and some of it is below. 

He's also has at least one child support matter which has been going on California for years and it's not clear if he has disclosed this lawsuit in that child support matter. I asked Mr. Taylor if he had. 

Schulz met Millsap in 2016; he initially started working for Millsap's studio, Blackhall Studio, but by 2017, Schulz was in rehab where he met the financier Arpad Bussom; Bussom has previously been linked to both Elle MacPherson and Uma Thurman. 

Bussom has reportedly been funding this lawsuit. 


Anonymous said...

This is James Schulz, this is a misrepresentation of me and my business. Ryan Millsap is a liar a thief and absolutely a fraud. I founded and built Blackhall studios. I understand you guys work for Millsap but if you actually believe in the truth post the arbitration award.

Anonymous said...

If you have my number call me. I would love to have a chat.

mike volpe said...

I have three numbers. My email is on the side. You can reach out to me.

Anonymous said... send me your number.