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Monday, October 25, 2021

Foster-Morales Off Controversial Case


Dori Foster-Morales, the high priced and high powered Miami area family law attorney, has asked to be removed from a controversial case. 

I first discussed the divorce of Gabe Shapiro and his ex-wife Paty Alcanter in the summer. See the interview with Gabe below, starting at about forty minutes in. 

 At the time, Shapiro, who along with family members had founded the successful jail electronic payment system called JPay, was barred from seeing his two children at all. 

(Morales, from her law firm website)
Morales had not only successfully argued for sole custody to her client but had even argued that Shapiro pay for her and other fees. 

Since the summer, things have not gone as well for Morales, who according to a court document charges $700 per hour. 

In August, Judge Ivonne Cuesta, who had provided many of Morales' favorable orders, recused herself from the case. 

Now, it appears she is ready to remove herself. 

"I have no objection to mother's counsel withdrawing," stated Anastasia Garcia, who is the guardian ad litem on the case, in a recent correspondence. 

Garcia has had much of her bill paid by Shapiro as well. 

In an unusual move, Garcia hired an attorney, Jacqueline Valdespino, and both their bills have been paid by Shapiro. 

Post Script

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