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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Schulz and Yankee's Divorce Makes Little Mention of Blackhall Studios


Today, both Claire Yankee and Martin James Schulz are claiming they are the mastermind behind the creation and growth of Blackhall Studio, but when they divorced, Blackhall Studio was barely mentioned. 

Blackhall Studio was sold to a private equity fund for $120 million.

Both Yankee and Schulz have sued the Founder of Blackhall Studio, Ryan Millsap, claiming they are owed most of the proceeds of the sale. 

Schulz has been involved in ongoing litigation with Millsap, even though his claim stems entirely from a purported verbal contract which he claims was hammered out in a coffee shop. 

That has not stopped his attorney in this suit, Eric Taylor of Hunton, Andrews, Kurth LLP, from blaming Millsap for all the problems. 

Millsap Timeline by mikekvolpe

That lawsuit recently went to arbitration and a final decision is expected soon. 

Meanwhile, Yankee filed a suit of her own in September 2021, stating in part, "Unbeknownst to Ms. Yankee, Mr. Millsap and Mr. Schulz entered into a business agreement in December 2015 with the intention of stealing Ms. Yankee's business concepts and excluding her from potential profits."

But when Yankee and Schulz- who were married from 2011-2017- got divorced, Blackhall Studio was listed as another potential asset. 

In one document, there was no value or ownership percentage listed. 

Meanwhile, both Yankee and Schulz, showed themselves making very modest income, considering they now claim to stake significant claim to Blackhall Studio. 

(Claire Yankee's income declaration)
(Martin James Schulz income declaration)
Yankee, in particular, seemed unaware of any of the business dealings of Blackhall Studios.

In interrogatories, Yankee was constantly asking for documents related to Blackhall Studio of Schulz, and often Schulz would say he is not in possession of said documents. Below are some of the interrogatories. 


In the final agreement, neither party claimed any specific interest but rather both agreed each could continue to try and get any claim either  believes they deserve. 

Only now are both claiming to be the mastermind behind the operation. 

I reached out to Schulz and the attorneys for Yankee and Schulz in their suits against Millsap but received no response. 

Post Script

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