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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Democrat's Train Wreck Continues

My biggest problems in following the goings on with the Democrats is first finding enough proper adjectives to describe the events, and also to remember where I left off last. I have referred to the Dems as being on the brink of political civil war, falling apart at the seams, and now a train wreck. Of course, it is near impossible to stay up with the Democrat scandal du jour.

The dynamics of the race changed forever when the Pastor Wright controversy broke, however as quickly as it pivoted, it pivoted again when we found out that Hillary's Bosnia story was embellished. Now, you have two candidates that are totally flawed except that their flaws are masked by the other's flaws.

The flaws continue to rack up. Every week more and more anti American comments by Pastor Wright are discovered by the media, and Obama continues to insist that he heard none of them. The term "typical white person" is now part of the lexicon, and he was recently quoted as saying this about abortion

I don't want my daughter's punished with a baby for a mistake

Furthermore, in the last couple of days, it has been revealed that he had an active hand in crafting a survey in 1996 which had many far left if not radical positions. (for instance he wanted to eliminate all handguns) Obama has already been named most liberal Senator in the Senate for 2007 by the National Journal. In the last couple weeks, he has produced policy papers on all aspects of the economy and there are a plethora of new taxes, new spending, and new regulations. All of this runs totally counter to the moderate image he has tried to paint himself with.

Meanwhile, Hillary's snafu regarding her trip to Bosnia has opened up all sorts of pandora's boxes. This has lead to all her opponents pointing out other times when she embellished (like claiming to be a life long Yankee fan and being named after Sir Edmund Hillary). Furthermore, it strikes at the heart of her claim that she is ready on day one, and if she was just tired, as she claims, how will she be able to handle that 3AM phone call as she claims.

In the meantime, the party is having an open arguement about whether or not Hillary Clinton should even stay in the race. Party leaders like Pat Leahy and Bill Richardson have opined along with several media outlets like the AJC and the Washington Post that she can't win and it's time for her drop out. Thus, if Hillary goes on and loses she will look like an ego maniac who put her own interests ahead of the party's. If she actually wins, the party leadership looks as though they are bullies who can't stand a political fight. Either way, the Democrats lose.

Michigan and Florida are headed toward nothing less than an unmitigated disaster. Judging by his behavior, I would surmise that Howard Dean wants the two delegations not to be seated at all. In the meantime, Hillary has made seating the two delegations her rallying cry. I called this the scorched Earth strategy. If she is able to seat Michigan and Florida then it will likely create a scenario in which neither candidate can claim legitimacy to the nomination. That's because seating Michigan and Florida would likely put Hillary over the top (depending on how they were seated). Since they would be seated with no real vote, that would cause two scenarios from which each candidate could call a legitimate victory. If that happens, the party is in a free for all.

Finally, in the legislature absolutely nothing is getting done. Their ratings are weak even compared to the Presidents. The SAVE Act is a sensible piece of legislation. It was created by a fellow Democrat, Heath Shuler. It has bipartisan support, and yet, the House leadership has gone on a full frontal assault to make sure the bill doesn't even receive a vote in front of the full House. The only thing that is standing in the way of the SAVE Act becoming law is Nancy Pelosi and her deputies. Besides that, the only things that have come out are far left programs that have no chance of overriding the veto they receive everytime they reach the President's desk.

What we have is a party on the brink of implosion. Most Dem operatives point out that it is early and that this year everything favors the Dems. (the economy and the war for instance) While those things are true, two things must be kept in mind. First, while it is still only April, the bitterness and food fighting shows no signs of letting up. Second, predicting a war and an economy eight months out is difficult. The results of a bitter intra party fight are not as difficult to predict.

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