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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not Justice Here

Let's welcome Ron Marshall, of the Grady Coalition, for another cross post.

A small town in Georgia named Lithonia just like thousands across this planet, next to a railroad track with the reminder of the world passing through daily but the town never changes. Lithonia has a secret that has kept this town in the jaws of corruption for years. The scary thing is that the police department has taken control of the day to day operation from the Mayor for the last three months. I’m sure longer!

I had the experience of being in this town at city hall during its revolution. There was a cue in front of my eyes. It was the Mayor against her own police force and council. The city council most of which have been there for more than four years refused to abide by the rules of governmental order. I have never seen anything like what I saw during this experience, well the city of Mountain Park, Georgia looked familiar. Hint hint! This was a mess but was this just the tip of the iceberg. I would have to wonder why would there be so much resistance when new e yes start looking at a system that has been operating for years in corruption and secrecy.

Look at this:

Lithonia has some serious concerns, one of which involves the chief of police. This guy has his own cash machine working for him. Think about this. After reading through documents in the Mayor’s infested office we found the police chief has been issuing citations, collecting the fines (cash only) and depositing the money in an account only he signs on. Second thing is the police chief hires his own solicitor and judge to place heavy fines on unfortunate commuters who happen into the clutches of this department of misfits, police officers who have been fired or forced to leave other departments and get jobs in these small towns. Ask somebody!

Uncovering more I found the secret land deals that are being conducted in and around the city. You have to look at who’s pushing and attached to these deals? The names involved, even more interesting.

The city has been signing certificates of occupancy (CO) for a subdivision that the city has no development or planning capabilities to perform. This is a DeKalb county responsibility as it is written in the County-Town of Lithonia agreement that for some reason has been ignored for this project. Then you have leasing of city property of which the occupancies have not paid anything, for more than four years. The citizens are also footing the bill for the power being used by these same occupancies.

After taking a step back and looking at the big picture I had to wonder, why are they building six hotels in Stonecrest mall? This is in Lithonia, so is the Lithonia amphitheater. All roads go through Lithonia! Entertainment seems to be the driven force for this area. I suggest you look further into this and stop believing the sensationalism of the media, they only use sound bites to make a story. No real reporting going on here. What deals are being made or have already been made for Lithonia? Now we have the wrong candidate elected and does not fit the scrip. Look back at the other Mayor’s and their families in Lithonia.

This whole mess needs outside intervention and believe me when I say we’ve already asked the, county, state and federal officials to step in, as usual nothing. Somebody not connected to the past or present planned activities must step up but also, not be afraid to make a just decision. People we must stop forgetting so fast the events that have transpired over the years. The dates change but not the intent. Money and administrative power!

Nothing has changed. We have Grady, PDK, Clayton County School District, The City of Lithonia, etc. all fighting for a seat at the table of the business lords while maintaining their secrets.

We have lost control of our federal, state, county and city governments, as for the media, it’s all about the numbers. Lithonia is not alone. We are so conditioned to believe what is presented to us via the media, it’s the gospel truth! We know about the gospel. The new found administrative power grab has paralyzed the citizen’s ability to think on their own. I heard so and so say. Get the facts for yourself. We the people must remember who is in charge!


Anonymous said...

This is a disurbing situation to say the least. Too much government can certainly be a problem especially with local corruption out of control.

On another note, I would like to thank you for defending our country and our national interests on other web-sites.


Anonymous said...

i have been a cop for many years and this sounds like the FBI needs to hear about this! seriously!

hey, how do i get ads like yours for my blog?

thanks, mike

mike volpe said...

They should and they should take a look at the corruption surrounding Grady which I have documented as well, however down in those neck of the woods unfortunately the powerful are too powerful.

As for the ads, just google amazon affiliates and you can become one with some quick and painless personal information.