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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dennis Lennox Vs. Jon Benet Ramsey's Dad

All right, anyone that has been following my work will probably recognize the style of that title. I must admit that the title is from this particular blog post.

The race to replace Kevin Elsenheimer, who is giving up a shot at a third term and possible House minority leader job to run for a judgeship has attracted two "name" candidates.

First is John Ramsey, father of the famous JonBenet Ramsey. According to LSJ columnist Tim Skubick, GOP leaders are talking to Ramsey about running for the same seat he ran second in the race for in 2004.

On the other side is Dennis Lennox II, who is most famous for being the guy behind the anti-Gary Peters campaign at Central Michigan University. Lennox is, depending on who you listen to, either a nut with a video camera and too much time on his hands or a crusader for people sick of double-talking political candidates.

If you believe this blogger, then the race for the 105th House Seat in Michigan might be one of the most interesting in the state. Obviously, I will continue to keep my eye on the race.

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