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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Jimmy Carter "Peace Plan"

There is so much with regards to Carter's jaunt through the Middle East that I don't know where to begin and where to end. First, this is another example of the corrossive effect of hubris. Whatever Carter tells others publicly, the reality is that he thinks he knows more than anyone else and that is why against everyone's wishes he met with terrorists. He refused to listen to the Israelis, the State Department, and frankly common sense. He believes that he is wiser and smarter than his critics and thus unlike them he will reach common ground with evil murderers. That is the perfect example of out of control hubris.

The peace plan is full of contradictions that I just don't know where to begin. First, Carter maintains that he only represents himself and then follows that up by saying this is a major breakthrough. Of course, if he only represents himself there is no breakthrough because he isn't negotiating on behalf of anyone but himself. First, the so called peace plan is absurd on its face. Any peace plan that forces Israel to go back to the 1967 borders is absurd on its face.

Recently, I pointed out the strategic value of the Golan Heights. It gives Israel the coveted warfare position of the high ground. By going back to the pre 1967 borders, Israel also gives up the Golan Heights. As I said previously, Israel must never for any reason give this up. It is its own peace accord. It protects it from any attack by Syria. Of course, Hamas was all too glad to work up a peace plan with Carter that included, intuitively, the Golan Heights. Such a peace plan would give Hamas plenty of options. They could in fact never break the peace accord themselves and still achieve its primary objective: the destruction of Israel. Syria would once again have the high ground and thus Israel would vulnerable to any attack from Syria. Hamas could keep up their end of the bargain and merely allow Syria to do its damage for it.

Then, there is the duplicitous nature of Hamas. First, they said they would recognize Israel. Then, they said they wouldn't, and after all that, they shot rockets at Israel. I guess that is their show of good faith that they are ready for peace. I suspect to them Carter was a perfect useful idiot.

The whole thing is both surreal and sad. Jimmy Carter once held the highest office in our land. Now, he is sitting down with terrorists and treating them as partners. Carter's term as President left plenty to be desired but this is the sort of thing that fringe lunatics resort to. I don't know if it is old age or if he was always this naive, but he has totally lost it. He's cruising around the Middle East meeting with vicious killers. He contrives breakthroughs so that people don't see him as the quack that he is. He has taken his already dubious legacy and thrown it into a pool of mud.

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