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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Racist at the Sun Times

When Jimmy the Greek uttered these notorious words,

bred to be the better athlete because, this goes all the way to the Civil War when ... the slave owner would breed his big woman so that he would have a big black kid

not only was he fired by CBS but his entire career was ended. He lived out the rest of his days in infamy generating little to no income. Such was the fate of a white person that was branded with the term of racist.

If the Chicago Sun Times were to hire David Duke it would likely face uncontrollable and intense protests. Their business would grind nearly to a halt and the company would likely go under. Such is the fate of any newspaper hiring a white racist.

Yet, the Chicago Sun Times has absolutely no problem and faces absolutely no criticism for hiring an African American racist in Mary Mitchell. I first noticed the incendiary and racist thoughts of Mary Mitchell in a column that started as such

Black people get it, white people don't, now let's move on

Outside of my own criticism, I didn't pick up on anger from anywhere. Despite the outrageous and racist tone of the column, Mary Mitchell and the Sun Times faced absolutely no criticism. It appears in the world of news, while hiring a white racist is a taboo, an African American racist is perfectly fine.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that this racist has just finished yet another racist column.

This is a sad day for Black America.

At a time when African Americans are on the cusp of watching a barrier come crashing down, up jumps a divisive issue that is being driven by those outside of the black community.

Obviously, Wright's timing for a press conference about his sermons couldn't have been worse. Still, when Obama says he is "offended" by Wright's latest comments -- given in defense against an orchestrated assault on his character and on his ministry -- he's opening up a can of worms.

There is no institution in the black community more respected than the black church. And the notion that white pundits can dictate what constitutes unacceptable speech in the black church is repulsive to most black people.

Now, let's try an experiment...

This is a sad day for White America.

At a time when Caucasians are on the cusp of watching a barrier come crashing down, up jumps a divisive issue that is being driven by those outside the white community.


There is no institution in the white community more respected than the white church and the notion that African American pundits can dictate what is acceptable speech in the white church is repulsive to most white people.

The first quote will likely be viewed as provocative and the second would be shocking and racist. It appears that in America if you are an African American racist with a gift for putting words together you can be a columnist or commentator, while if you switched that around, you would be shunned.

Mitchell used the term "repulsed as part of her diatrobe. I will tell you what repulses me. What repulses me is that a major newspaper in a very large city would legitimize her racism by giving her a regular platform. Furthermore, I found this particular article at Real Clear Politics which gives it even more credibility. What is repulsive to me is that major media outlets choose to legitimize racism by giving it a platform.

Jimmy the Greek uttered one racial thought and his entire career was ended. Mary Mitchell makes those thoughts a career.

The stakes could not be higher. If racism pays, it will encourage more racism. Mary Mitchell will spawn the next generation of African American racists looking to cash in on their racism. She will create more proteges who will continue to spew more of the same filth and continue to poison the waters through their incendiary language. The simple fact of the matter is that society should never stand for a racist no matter their color, and certainly racists should not make racism their profession. The Chicago Sun Times has offered just such an outlet for one and it is unacceptable. Mary Mitchell's racism is no longer in question. The only question is how much longer she will continue to earn a living from it.


Anonymous said...

Uhm... the Democrats and the media have courted, embraced, cultivated, and promoted this type of victimization for years. That's probably why Obama has been caught completely off guard, having been saddled with his preacher's "fiery" rhetoric.

What's odd to note in all of this is that the behavior is never questioned until anti-semitism enters the equation. But for me to even broach that subject is inherently anti-semitic, just as questioning a black liberation activist (as a white man) is inherently racist.

While Reverend Wright and his detractors are having fun tossing around the folksy line about "chickens coming home to roost", I don't think we're anywhere near realizing the full impact of what's transpiring here.

Also, as the ignorant writer at the Sun Times would likely point out - your reversal is as nonsensical as the following:

This is a sad day for Jews.

At a time when Jews are on the cusp of watching a barrier come crashing down, up jumps a divisive issue that is being driven by those outside the Jewish community.
There is no institution in the Jewish community more respected than the synagogue and the notion that Christian pundits can dictate what is acceptable speech in the synagogue is repulsive to most Jews.

I hold no anti-semitic views, nor am I a racist. But I think the media would agree that I'm inherently disqualified from addressing these issues :)

Anonymous said...

Its simpler than that, and somthing the race baiters don't understand.

When you SELF segregate yourself into a racial identity group, you are making it close to impossible to be treated the same as everyone else.

Black Student Unions? NAACP? Congressional BLACK Caucus? They band together to gain power, and then can't figure out why those who do NOT band together the same way find it distasteful.

They decry the fact that 10 or 20% of white men won't vote for Obama because he is Black, and yet defend 92% of Blacks voting FOR him because he's black as OK?

I'll admit, I'm one of the members of the LAST true legaly put upon minority... the only one without special protions... yep... White Male Heterosexual Middle Class.

Zeno said...

Why doesn't anyone complain about Asian, Jewish, Italian, Irish, German organizations? Why is it black organizations? There are groups advocating the same solidarity within Jewish and Chinese communities today, as well as others I don't know about. If the problem is with self-segregation, which you say it is, then how do you feel about ethnic lobbies to the US government?

Anonymous said...

Back when I wrote for the student newspaper, I tried to launch the Eden-Jewish-Christian-European-American Student Union. I was hoping if I went far enough back in history, I could find enough oppression to warrant protection of my group - but apparently not :)
I'm the man, and down with me.
So stop whining and suck it up - life has been handed to you on a silver platter, whitey. Your chickens are coming home to roost.
Or is it the other way around?

Anonymous said...

Groups only choose to self-segregate when they find it politically opportune to do so. They then denounce outsiders for identifying them as members of that group - it's called "stereotyping" and it's extremely racist.
Hey, one of my chickens just flew back home - I like fried chicken, but that might be misconstrued as a racist statement, so I'll roast the chicken instead, with garlic and potatoes.
Darn it, now I went and offended the Irish. That whole potato famine. Wait, I'm Irish!!!! Cool...
I can enjoy my meal now - but it would taste so much better smothered in white guilt gravy...

Anonymous said...

You're no fun today, Mike - if I take the time out of my busy schedule to goof on your blog, I expect a response :)
Have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste. Use all your well-learned politesse - else I’ll be forced to lay your soul to waste.

Anonymous said...

So, what's up with WHITE SUPREMACIST "[paid] senior political consultant to the McCain campaign" Richard M. Quinn?

Apparently, Quinn is a NEO-CONFEDERATE (!!??!!) -- another term for knuckledragging wingnut.

Quinn is founder, co-owner and contributor to a WHITE SUPREMACIST quarterly journal, "Southern Partisan."

"When confronted with some of the more outrageous articles in Southern Partisan--articles like ‘Why I Will Not Denounce Southern Racism or American Imperialism’ or a 1991 John Rockeresque rant in which the ‘Old-Stock’ author, visiting New York, wonders 'Where are the Americans?' for I met only Italians, Jews, Puerto Ricans’-- Quinn explains that Southern Partisan is an ‘opinion magazine’ that publishes ‘provocative essays.’”

For more information on McCain’s close associate…



Anonymous said...

Finally it is become clearer- Obama's run is warming the flames of racial divide- because at his core he is a manipulative, sit on the fence and say okeedokee kind of guy. The dem. party is a sham for having run a non-vetted dirty Chicago politician - see for details. As his magical cloak continues to fall there are going to be a lot of upset Black folk, that will project their disappointment all over whitey. What a disgrace and fire this writer already.

Anonymous said...

Mary Mitchell is indeed a racists and an idiot. I've just started reading her column as of lately and quickly picked up on the racists one-sided commentary she shares in every one of my Sunday Sun-times newspapers. This women provides the most absurd, ludicrous examples and provides no merit for what she's talking about. After reading her column last week of about Penn State she seemed to take child molestation and turned it into the white man molesting the black boys and it was all done out of racism. WHEN YA THOUGHT SOMEONE COULD NEVER STOOP SO LOW TO WRITE A COLUMN BOOM THAT JUST HAPPENED!. I wrote Mary three days ago in response to her views and asked for an elaboration on why she thought this way...still no response so I sent her a 2nd request and will continue to send a 3rd and a 4th and so on until I hear from this racist pig.

MONTEL Life Lessons said...

I think this blog is so funny!! I was googling Mary Mitchell racist because I feel she is VERY HARD and unfair to BLACK people.

I had a White friend who would always show me her articles with a sly crap eating grin. (2003).

I have read only a couple of her articles since and they were always telling Black it is ARE fault and every one else is so perfect.

Well, I guess she is doing her job then, since Whites feel she is racist and Blacks certainly do.

This is like the OJ verdict where guilt or innocence depended on racial lines. SIDENOTE: Read RENOWNED Dr. Henry Lee's book and then give me your opinion.

(I am not hiding behind the internet)

Lavern said...

First off stupid Obama doesn't need to divide anybody because THIS COUNTRY IS ALREADY DIVIDED ASSHOLE! Second well oh boo damn hoo what you idiots call "racism" I call KARMA and maybe just maybe those "self-segregated" groups are because all of the time WHITE PEOPLE had your own damn groups to make sure nobody joined you or had WHITE ONLY BATHROOMS, RESTAURANTS, NEIGHBORHOODS, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, CAMPS, LIBRARIES, WATER FOUNTAINS, MILITARIES but now you bitches want to cry foul because black people have decided to do the same thing YOU did?!! HYPOCRITE!! And of course there is just nooooooo racism when it comes to white writers huh stupid we don;t have to "imagine" the reverse because it has already happened you were just too damn stupid and egotistical to notice!