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Monday, April 14, 2008

Illinois Moves Closer to Limiting Sanctuary Policy

Hat tip to the Illinois Minuteman Project...HB 5756 is nearing a vote on the floor of the Illinois Senate. According to its sponsor, Randy Ramey, the bill is about to be called. That means it is about to be voted on. Here are the details of the bill...

Amends the Unified Code of Corrections. Provides that upon admission of a committed person to a facility of the Department of Corrections or to a facility of the Department of Juvenile Justice and upon the discharge of such person from either such Department, each such Department, if it suspects that such person is an alien of the United States who is unlawfully present within the United States in violation of the federal Immigration and Nationality Act shall notify the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of the admission or discharge of such alien from the facility.

This is a step in the right direction however to truly end sancturay policy police would check the legal status of anyone they arrested. An criminal illegal alien shouldn't have to spend in prison before someone checks their legal status. This bill is an excellent step in the right direction, however municipalities can do much more to identify criminal illegal aliens within their jurisdiction.


Anonymous said...

can I get a Halleluiah! It's about time cities start doing the job the Feds should be doing...protecting Americans and American streets.

Rosanna said...

Sunday, April 13, 2008
Save the American Worker (Part 2)
by Rosanna Pulido

Much to my dismay, I was a day late and a dollar short on my article last week. It seems as though no matter where you check for facts on where an Illinois Bill stands if you are not down in Springfield real time, you can only hope that you are getting the up to date information on the websites offering such information.

Let's see how the Republican Illinois State Senators voted on SB1878
Apparently there are many Illinois State Senators who do not want to see employers do the right thing and check to make sure the people they are hiring are 1) American citizens, 2) are here legally.

Even Bill Brady who wants to be YOUR next governor does not want business owners to check to make sure they are hiring people who are here LEGALLY!

Oh and Chris Lauzen who voted NO the first time on HB1744 that caused the Department of Homeland Security to file a law suit against the State of Illinois had it right the first time, but I guess now Chris has seen the light!! Cheap labor for all!!

Even though we have a congressman in Illinois who gets it Peter Roskam
our Illinois General Assembly is oblivious to the need, even given we had a major bust on an ID ring here in Chicago that was making 2-3 million dollars a year printing false Identification.
Through this vote I believe the Illinois State Senate has shown disdain for the very people who are already over taxed and overburdened and obviously have no representation in Springfield Illinois, the Illinois Taxpayers.

The people who do have representation in Springfield are illegal aliens. Seems like the Illinois State Senate has shown they love cheap illegal labor as much as the Chamber of Commerce!

We have a chance to stop this nonsense in the Illinois House

I urge you to make calls this week to your Illinois State Representatives and tell them to vote NO for SB 1878 because you want to "Save The AMERICAN worker!" Then call your Illinois State Senators and tell them although they like cheap foreign illegal labor, you the Illinois taxpayer does not. Paying 3.5 Billion dollars a year for services for illegal aliens that you are inviting here by allowing their false ID's to go unchecked is unacceptable!

For those of you who are asking what is E-Verify? Here is an informative testimony about the program created by the Federal Government. Our Illinois General Assembly complains the FEDS are not doing their job when it comes to illegal immigration and then when the FEDS do create a program, they discourage employers from using it! How is that for a cat and mouse game? Sounds par for the course with Springfield.

As Peter Roskam stated ...the time for Mandatory verification is NOW!


Rosanna said...

Chicago Public Schools


Immigration in Chicago

A World Studies class examined immigration issues around the world as part of their course work. In order for students to gain a deeper understanding of the problem, the teacher partnered with a local community organization to enable students to work in their community on the problem of immigration. Prior to discussing a project, the teacher led students through some teambuilding activities in order to prepare them for working on a project together. To begin work on the project, the teacher invited guest speakers in to discuss the local issues related to immigration. One speaker discussed the problem of work conditions for day laborers, many of whom are immigrants. A second speaker discussed immigrant documentation, specifically referencing a federal initiative that enabled documented immigrants to help family members who were not documented. The students decided to work on the federal initiative to document family members. After receiving training in the documentation process from lawyers specializing in immigration issues, the students hosted a day at a local congregation to begin the documentation process of immigrants. Two hundred local residents attended on that day and received assistance from students and legal experts. The teacher completed the experience by tying the action back to classroom work and helped the students to reflect on their work together.

New Member

41 Posts Posted - 04/13/2008 : 23:19:52

To Whom It May Concern:
The Service Learning Initiative is pleased to endorse and participate in the May Day March and Rally. We will be helping to mobilize teachers and students. We are encouraging teachers to guide their students in preparation and reflection activities before and after the May Day March on Thursday, May 1, 2008. We will be providing teachers with resources to talk about immigration, but also to discuss organizing strategies.
This is an opportunity for CPS high school students to make a positive change in Chicago while earning valuable service-learning hours. Through the May Day March and Rally, teachers can relate their classroom curriculum to real-life social concerns such as: immigration policies, equal respect, peace, justice, and fair trade.
Cristina Salgado
Program Coordinator
CPS Service-Learning Initiative
(p) 773-553-2024
(f) 773-553-2148

Contact: Anita Rico 773-552-0555 Jesus Carlin 773-820-2016
For More information and list of 112 endorsements

Press Conference
Friday April 11th 2008 at 11:30am
Benito Juarez High School
2150 S Laflin (in front campus Ashland and Cermak)

Youth/Students Announce Mobilization for MAY 1st 2008
Press Statement/Please see CPS Letter for May 1st
Some have told us that we are this country's future. We say, today, that we are part of this country's present!

We are part of a New Majority that is rising up in every city and town in this nation. Those who are elected to govern in Washington D.C. are holding us back and are out of tough with the New Majority in this country. They must be brought in line and it is the next generation that stand ready to do the job.

We have marched against the broken law, against the raids and deportations and separations of families, and we have won the hearts of the nation. We have marched against the war, and we have won the hearts of the nation. We have marched, and many of us have voted, for reform of the criminal justice system, for an end to the violence in our schools and our streets, for universal health care, more funding for education and for a living wage and the right to organize – and we have won the hearts of the nation.

We are marching again, together, because we are not only the future but the present. We are the ones who will die in Iraq. We are the ones who see our families torn apart by the broken law every day. We are the ones put on the street when our families cannot pay unfair mortgages. We are the ones that suffer a minimum wage lower than anyone else. We are the ones suffering from lack of funding for the schools and violence in the schools. We are the ones pitted against each other by politicians and media madmen. We will not be divided.

That is why we are marching on May 1st. We are part of the New Majority in this nation. We are going forward. Those in Washington and Springfield need to catch up with us or they will be left behind

tommytwotome2 said...

Carrasco ? Let me see. Aren't you a lawyer-activist that's trying to get illegal aliens a drivers license under the guise that "it will make our roads safer"?

mike volpe said...

as is typical of the open borders lobby, ILLEGAL immigrants are simply referred to as immigrants as well in that comment. That is very telling. Once the open borders lobby begins to use proper language I will take everything else they say more seriously.