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Friday, April 25, 2008

Mughabe Turns Up the Heat

Robert Mughabe continued his campaign of intimidation.

Armed riot police raided the headquarters of Zimbabwe's main opposition
party on Friday and detained scores of people in the biggest crackdown on the
MDC since disputed elections last month, officials said.

The Movement for Democratic Change says its leader Morgan Tsvangirai beat President Robert Mugabe in the March 29 vote, and initial results showed it had also ended the ruling party's 28-year hold on parliament.

A delay to the presidential result and a recount of some parliamentary votes has brought growing international pressure on Mugabe, 84, and stoked fears of bloodshed in a country already suffering an economic collapse.

Dozens of riot police detained around 100 MDC supporters who were taken away in a crowded police bus, a Reuters witness said. The MDC said 200 to 250 police took part in the raid and they also took away computers used by the election command centre.

Meanwhile, the election results have still not been announced. Keep in mind there will likely be a run off because of convoluted Zimbabwean election laws that no one really understands. Also, keep in mind that there is three weeks between the time that results are announced and the new election. Mughabe continues to withhold the election results while he continues his brazen campaign of intimidating and arresting the opposition. The world has stood largely silent while Mughabe has brazenly run a campaign of terror and intimidation while also brazenly refusing to announce the election results. The UN, the AU, and most world leaders have been silent despite the systematic violation of human rights by a vicious dictator desperate to hold onto power.

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