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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jamiel's Law

Sometimes there is an event that affects the public so viscerally that it leads to change. In 2005, Jessica Lunsford was murdered by John Couey. Couey was a convicted child molestor out on parole after receiving a relatively light sentence. The death affected the public at large so viscerally that Jessica's Law was created in its aftermath. In 42 of 50 states, there is now a mandatory minimum sentence at or near 25 years for the first conviction of sexual assault against a child under 13.

The death of Jamiel Shaw maybe lead to the same sort of visceral reaction. I actually expected the murders of three college studnets last year in Newark, New Jersey to create this very visceral reaction.

The murder of three college students left residents of Newark shaken and angry Monday, prompting a march on City Hall and providing a major challenge for the city's new reform-minded mayor.

Mayor Cory Booker, 38, a Rhodes scholar and Yale-educated lawyer, was elected last year and promised to make public safety his top priority.

Crime has fallen during the last year, including a slight drop in the number of murders. But five killings over the weekend — including the execution-style slaying of the college students — jarred the mayor and the city. "This breaks the heart of our city," Booker said.

The murders took place around midnight Saturday behind Mount Vernon Elementary School in a middle-class neighborhood. The victims had no record of being in trouble and were seen as success stories for the city's school district.

In that case, the three college students were murdered by Jose Carranza, an illegal with a long rap sheet. Newark was known as a so called sanctuary city, a city where police were forbidden to ask for the legal status of any suspect. As such, the cops never found out that Carranza was an illegal and thus never handed him over to ICE for deportation.

Much like that case, Jamiel Shaw was killed in another senseless and random act of vicious violence. Also, like in that case, Shaw was also killed by an illegal with a long rap sheet. Just like in that case, Los Angeles is also another so called sanctuary city.

Enter, mayoral candidate Walter Moore...Moore is pushing for Jamiel's Law. The Law would end L.A.'s status as a sanctuary city. Last year, Senator David Vitter proposed an amendment that would cut off federal funding to any so called sanctuary city. The amendment failed on a largely party line vote. Maybe, just maybe, the death of Jamiel Shaw will produce the necessary visceral reaction to finally end the practice of sanctuary cities.


Anonymous said...

It's about time somebody on this internet made sense.

Anonymous said...

I support Jamiel's Law and hope that Bill OReilly will get behind this one too. Enough is enough with murder on our streets, of illegal alien gang thugs murdering our innocent children, our cops and ethnic cleansing against african-Americans.

I am writing to my city council, the mayor, the governor and state representatives to make sure this Law is enacted.

Anonymous said...

i strongly agree also.

Anonymous said...

By failed on a party line vote, I must point out for the lazy and stupid that this means Republicans supported the common sense position, and Democrats supported the nonsensical one. It amazes me how often people say, 'The parties are both wrong on immigration.' On, really? Note, too, that Moore is a Republican and the powers that be opposing Jamiel's Law are almost all Democrats. Duh, intelligent readers of this blog may say, but perhaps someone out there will learn something. I hope they enough valid signatures (mine included) to shake things up in L.A.