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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

O'Flaherty Vs. Jessica's Law

Anyone that is cynical about politics will have most of their cynicism reinforced by this story. Massachusetts is one of only eight states that still hasn't instituted Jessica's Law. Jessica's Law sets mandatory minimums for child molestors (children 13 and under) of 25 years minimum for the first offense. Jessica's Law was created after Jessica Lunsford was killed by John Couey who was then himself a multiple times convicted molestor who was out on parole.

Even in liberal Massachusetts, this bill would have overwhelming approval. It would pass through the legislature and would have overwhelming support among the Massachusetts electorate. Yet, not only is it still not law, but the reason is that won't see a vote from the entire legislature. That's because Eugene O'Flaherty (D Suffock County) refuses to introduce it into the full Senate. As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, where Jessica's Law was introduced, he singularly has the power to move bills in front of the entire Senate.

Now, Flaherty is a fairly liberal individual. When confronted by Jessie Waters of the O'Reilly Factor, O'Flaherty said this...

The practical effect of Jessica's Law is a chest-thumping, sound-tough-on-crime piece of legislation when, in fact, what ends up happening is prosecutors have their hands tied when it comes to plea bargains and other arrangements.

Later on during the Factor, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly indicated that O'Flaherty also has ties to elements within the trial lawyer community. Trial lawyers are among the most vociferous opponents of Jessica's Law because it ties their hands in plea negotiations. Whatever the reason for O'Flaherty's opposition, one thing is clear. He is single handedly subverting the will of the legislature of which he is a part of and the state he was elected to serve.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Eugene O'Flaherty is the type of guy that gives American politics a bad name. He's willing to sacrifice children in favor of his agenda; this is sad and SICK. Forget the child molesters - let's lock this guy up for life!