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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Young the Old All Against Obamacare

I normally don't give too much attention to polls but sometimes they're revealing. Dick Morris has the latest.

Previously, we reported to you that our national polling showed that the under-30 voters were the strongest supporters of the Obama healthcare initiative.

While seniors opposed it by almost 2-to-1 and voters ages 30-64 opposed it by five- to 10-point margins, the under-30 voters backed his program by 58-30.

This poll is important because old people, 65 and older, are already overwhelmingly against Obamacare. Now, young people are against it. You can see that there aren't too many ages left.

The old are against Obamacare because cuts in Medicare will affect them. Young are against it because it will force everyone to carry insurance which winds up being a tax on them.

The Democrats are trying to convince themselves that as long as they pass sweeping health care reform all will be well in the end. In fact, that's exactly what Bill Clinton told the caucus earlier this month. I expect a short term bump for Obama and Democrats if they do pass reform, but it will be short term.

The public is strongly against this reform. Polls now put support in the low 40's and even high 30's in some polls. The Democrats will do this with no more than 2 Republicans in both caucus voting with them. As such, they will shove a deeply unpopular bill onto the public. That's a recipe for political suicide.

Just so we're clear, according to Zogby, it doesn't matter what age you are, you're against Obamacare.

Percentage Support/Oppose Obama Plan
Under 30 25/65
30-49 28/60
50-64 41/50
Over 65 32/55

Books will be written about how poorly this was mismanaged. The public is concerned about the economy, jobs, and the deficit. The democrats are shoving a health care package that will raise taxes cost a $trillion down the throat of the public. They continue to move forward long after it's clear that no one wants it.

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