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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walpin Cleared

Gerald Walpin, the former IG that was dismissed by the Obama administration, has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Walpin, who was fired by President Barack Obama last summer amid controversy over his probe of Johnson, revealed Tuesday that he also had been cleared of overstepping his authority in the matter.

Now, he said, he wants his job back.

The story of Gerald Walpin is different from that of most whistle blowers. Most whistle blowers get targeted, attacked, and never recover. Given that this whistle blower, Walpin, was targeted by the President himself was the one targeting Walpin.

Targeting whistle blowers is also the sort of thuggish behavior that is SOP in Chicago politics. In Chicago, the Inspector General, the post held by Walpin, is often filled by cronies. Whistle blowing is left whatever citizen or city employee brave enough to take on the city's structure.

Targeting of whistle blowers is the sort of behavior that would be welcomed by the Chicago political machine. It was one of the first instances of the Obama administration acting as though their base was at 121 N. LaSalle (the address for Chicago City Hall) rather than 1600 Pennsylvania.

It should also be noted that Kevin Johnson, the target of Walpin's probe, was also cleared for a "lack of evidence".


Anonymous said...

As a Bush appointed IG, I still feel the burden is on Walpin to prove he didn't do anything. There has just been too much wrongdoing by Bush appointed IGs for me to trust him.

mike volpe said...

I think that is just looney thinking. It appears you have no use for Bush but to paint every Bush appointee as guilty until proven innocent reflects a lot more on you than it does on Bush.

Anonymous said...

A truly honorable man. I am glad that he has been vindicated. What was done to Walpin was despicable. I hope he takes the government for every penny he can get out of the Obama corrupted government.