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Monday, November 23, 2009

O'Reilly Vs. Palin III

Bill O'Reilly had his final of three parts to his interview with Sarah Palin tonight. I was actually generally disappointed with the interview. O'Reilly said the interview would focus on "policy". There were two questions on Iran, one on Afghanistan, one on domestic policy, none on health care, and no questions on social issues.

That's not really focusing on policy but rather scratching the surface on policy. Tonight's interview was on the "hateful attacks" and whether or not Palin wants to lead the tea parties. All of this is interesting but what I want to know is what Palin would do to fix health care, about the economy, Russia, Iran, China, etc.

These cultural questions are interesting but they say very little about whether or not Palin has serious answers to serious policy questions. O'Reilly barely even mentioned China and Russia in the entire interview. All of Palin's critics say she knows little about foreign policy. O'Reilly neither confirmed nor denied that stance because he barely asked her about policy position toward Russia.

O'Reilly says that Palin wants to leave the new populist movement. Maybe, that's true, but that's ultimately of little consequence. I don't care if she wants to lead a populist movement. I want to know if she has the acumen to deal with geopolitical heavyweights like Vladimir Putin. I expected O'Reilly to ask her enough probing questions to get an idea of that. I was disappointed.

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