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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obama's Lack of Logic in the GWOT

On tonight's Factor, Bill O'Reilly made the simple but devastating argument against President Obama's GWOT policy.

There's no doubt that President Obama is very cognizant of making sure that terrorists are given their due process. That's why he's closing GITMO. It's why he's moving KSM to New York and giving him a civil trial. It's also why Farouk was mirandized and is being tried in civilian court.

At the same time, President Obama has become fond of using drones. Those drones drop laser guided bombs on terrorists. Now, what about the civil rights of the terrorists that are on the receiving end of that bomb? They get no trial, no miranda, no due process. No, they're just dead instantaneously.
In fact, it's all a big farce. Using those drones is a tool of war. A murder suspect would never be taken out by a drone. Of course not. They would be arrested, arraigned, and put on trial.
Terrorists can be taken out by a drone. If they aren't, but they're apprehended, then suddenly they're treated like a criminal? What's that? If we have intelligence and we can take someone out, a laser guided bomb kills them on site. If we apprehend them, they get miranda and due process.
Obviously, these two concepts have no relation to another. If he's really worried about due process, why is he using drones? Dropping a drone on top of someone's head is the antithesis of due process. Obama doesn't publicize the use of drones but it's become one of his favorite tools of war.
That's the point. This is a war. A drone is used in war. It isn't used as a tool of criminal apprehension. So, if President Obama wants to make sure everyone gets due process, he better start at the point of attack and send in police and apprehend and not a drone to kill.

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