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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Iranian Opposition Supporter Killed

The individual's name is Massoud Ali-Mohammadi and he was one of 200 plus academics that signed his name to support of the candidacy of Mousavi. He was killed when a bomb blew up outside his house.

An Iranian nuclear scientist was killed Tuesday by a remote-controlled bomb planted on a motorcycle parked outside his home, state news outlets reported. Iran's Foreign Ministry blamed the attack on the United States and Israel, without giving details.

Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, 50, was killed as he left his house in the north Tehran neighborhood of Qetariyeh. State television showed images of crying people and houses with broken windows as a burned-out motorcycle was taken away by security forces.

That the Iranians immediately blamed Israel should surprise no one. It will be interesting to see with twitter, Youtube, et al, how this propaganda plays in Iran.

1 comment:

AG said...

It would be easier to believe if they didn't use the calling card of government paramilitaries: the motorcycle. Especially because as an opposition supporter he probably wasn't too keen on working for the government's nuclear program.