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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The President Calls No Mas

Four words were music to all conservatives ears this evening.

White House Reduces Expectation of Passing Health Care Reform

Obamacare is officially dead, and the president will hope to pass something that will save face but ultimately do no damage.

The big winners here are the Tea Parties. Lately, I've been questioning their ability to turn their organizing phenomenon into an electoral one. They answered that emphatically with the victory of Scott Brown. The Tea Parties have officially crossed over into a full service political force.

The Tea Parties have, every step of the way, been the force that has blocked each and every part of the agenda and they've won an emphatic victory. They have officially clipped Obama's wings.


AG said...

At what point, Mike, do you think voters will begin placing more of the onus on the Republicans to govern again? Now that the Democrats no longer have the appearance of a filibuster proof majority, will Americans start expecting to see the Republicans do more than summarily filibuster until Obama leaves office?

mike volpe said...

You're kidding right. The Reps are in the minority. They aren't expected to govern. The Dems are expected to govern. All of Obama and the Dem's problems are absolutely self inflicted.

The Republicans are not the issue. All they need to do is effectively communicate just how bad the Dem's agenda is. If the Dems want to be more inclusive they can do it anytime. At this point, blaming the Reps for anything is pure fantasy.