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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brown V Coakley: The Homestretch

The Coakley campaign has turned into a series of gaffes. Mike Huckabee described it best last night on Hannity. He said that early in a campaign, you can overcome such gaffes. At this point

it's a sign of desperation

It's clear that Martha Coakley thought she would be coasting by now. She never took Scott Brown seriously as a challenger and, as such, she's now paying the price for it. The latest gaffes include this incomprehensible statement to a radio talk show host.

can have religious freedom, you, you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room

Coakley was asked about the controversial morning after pill. She responded that since it's now a standard medication that anyone that objects to it (namely a devout Catholic) shouldn't be working in an emergency room.

On top of that, the DSCC put out this ad.

Apparently, no one noticed that images of the Twin Towers might be, shall we say, insensitive. It's since been scrubbed but remains available on YouTube and thus fodder for folks like me.

The most troubling Coakley story is likely to be this one.

Yesterday, I reported on the horrific rape of a two-year old by Keith Winfield in 2005 in Massachusetts. Then-Middlesex County DA Martha Coakley failed to take action to bring charges against Mr. Winfield. Today, the story takes another turn. In part II of the Curling-Iron Rapist Case, let’s look at two of the key players in the case: The lawyer for the family of the raped toddler, Larry Frisoli, and his brother and legal partner, Frank Frisoli.

In this case a well connected police officer named Ken Winfield was accused of raping, with a curling iron, his nearly two year old niece. Then D.A., Martha Coakley, took a very long time to get a grand jury indictment. In fact, it wasn't until Larry Fisoli was hired by the family and put pressure on the D.A.'s office that charges eventually were drawn up. Winfield is now serving two life sentences. He was initially given a $20,000 bond upon being charged. Lisoli was so outraged by Coakley's handling of the case that ran against her in the next primary for D.A.

Watch for details of this case to trickle out over the weekend. Meanwhile, the Democrats are painting Scott Brown as "radical" because of his association with the Tea Parties.

With the race tightening, national Democratic heavyweights have stepped into the
picture and are lobbing harsh accusations at Brown's support network.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., claimed in an e-mail that "swift boaters" were trying to sink Coakley, a reference to the ads that targeted him in the 2004 presidential campaign. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., called Brown a "far-right tea-bagger" in an e-mail, using a term that also can refer to a sexual act. Then on Friday, Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., wrote in a fundraising e-mail that Coakley was "being attacked by tea partiers and right-wing radicals."

Levi Russell, a spokesman for the Brown-supporting Tea Party Express, said the
rhetoric is a "sign of desperation" from Coakley's backers.

"It's funny -- if your views differ at all with the Democratic establishment, then you're obviously a far-right extremist," he said. "None of that messaging is addressing Scott Brown on the validity of his views. It goes straight to name-calling."

Right on cue, a Tea Party group cut this ad.

Here's what President Obama's, Organizing for America, is saying in their last email.

There's a crucial Senate election in Massachusetts in just three days. We need your help to win it.

The polls are tightening as right-wing money floods the state, and one even shows the race to be a dead heat between progressive champion Martha Coakley and her extreme opponent. The truth is, special elections often have very low turnout and are notoriously unpredictable.

The stakes are just too high to leave Martha's victory to chance.

If we lose, Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat will be in the hands of someone who opposes everything he fought for. We'll lose a key vote for the President's agenda in the Senate -- and put all the progress we've made toward health reform at risk.

President Obama will be in Massachusetts this weekend. Finally, Scott Brown has turned into a fundraising machine.

Knowledgeable sources in Massachusetts tell The Daily Caller that Republican candidate for Senate, Scott Brown, has raised at least $1 million dollars every day this week, most of it online.

Although Brown’s campaign touted Monday’s money-bomb fundraiser that brought in $1.3 million dollars, the campaign declined to confirm totals for other days this week.

“I can’t comment on figures,” said spokesman Felix Browne.

His message of being the 41st vote against health care reform continues to be hammered home. It should be noted that as State Senator he voted for RomneyCare in Massachusetts. Brown calls the two bills much different but I find not a dime's worth of difference between them. If Coakley had any political acumen, she would have been attacking him on this mercilessly. Coakley, has however hit Brown with this health care related attack.

Democratic US Senate candidate Martha Coakley today highlighted her differences with her opponent, Republican Scott Brown, on health insurance reform by saying that Brown does not pay for health insurance for his campaign workers, while she does.

“We already knew that Scott Brown didn’t want to make health insurance more affordable for Massachusetts families and businesses. Now we learn that he won’t even make health insurance available for his own staff. If he won’t stand up for the people he employs, how could we ever trust him to stand up for us?" Coakley said.

Finally, here's some analysis of the race from Politico.

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