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Friday, January 22, 2010

An Hour With Wyatt Mcintyre of Patriot Action BTR

If the player doesn't work, go to this link and listen to the cast here.


Anonymous said...

You bring a compelling story about corruption and status quo going on in those institutions that should be on the forefront for federal monitoring so that our military is assured integrous care in their gravest hours of need.

I hope you will continue bringing this matter to the forefront. You have provided some exceptional insight through your research and investigation. I hope this matter receives more attention from senators and that you consider such avenues to bring reform. No doubt there would be such senators as McCain and (now) Brown who might bring a storely needed national spotlight on this and, hopefully, the Senate and Representative collaboration needed to rectify these types of situations.

Let me know if I can give a hand
writing to local congressmen and representatives in my state. I would urge those who feel empassioned for change in veteran care to also take this story to your local politicians.

You mentioned the possibility of a book being written on this subject. That would be a torturous effort in view of those who would wish to sweep such "real" journalism under the proverbial rug. If that effort is on the forefront, please contact me through the Conservative Voice blogtalkradio contact. I have an acquaintance with someone who recently undertook a private publishing effort to ensure that his story is not quashed by the powers that be.

Best regards,

xformed said...

Well done! You've certainly done your homework.

mike volpe said...

Thanks all. I am more and more committed to doing this story into a book every day. Any help anyone can give me would be appreciated. Mostly, I need those that have worked with Dr. Chacko to reach out to me. Yes, everyone should contact every pol possible, media and anyone else that should know about this.