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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Redemption of Trulon Henry

In this past Sunday's sports section of the Chicago Tribune is the amazing story of Thulon Henry. Henry is the half brother of Aurrelious Benn. Benn is the former U of I stand out received that declared early for the NFL and should be picked in the first round.

Henry is 25 years old and will start his first year in the U of I football program this spring. That's because his is an unusual and remarkable journey. When Henry was 18 years old, his family was struggling. He foolishly decided to rob a convenience store he worked at with his uncle. He was caught and wound up spending five years in jail.

He got his second chance when the college of Dupage in Northwest suburbs of Chicago gave him a chance at the junior college level. Henry took full advantage. He wound up the team's captain and eventually on the honor roll. His hard work has earned him a scholarship at the Big Ten school. He's recently married with a two month.

Read his whole amazing journey here.

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