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Friday, January 18, 2019

I've Been Blocked By Jeff Long, Lakeville Police Chief

I just received this email from Jeff Long, the so-called Police Chief of Lakeville Minnesota.

Mr. Volpe,

Any future emails addressed to any Lakeville Police Department employee will now be blocked.

Any data requests must be made, in person, at the Lakeville Police Department. We will not accept any email or phone requests from you.

Our department will not have any discussions with you over the phone.

If you are the victim of a crime, or have emergency while in Dakota County, call 911. That call will be received by the Dakota County Communications Center in Rosemount. They will

dispatch Police Officers, from the proper jurisdiction, to you. You are not being denied police services.

I don't know why he blocked me; all I did is send him and others an email with the document below attached, with this note,

You all definitely picked the winning horse and there is absolutely no evidence (you are not willing to cover up) of David Rucki being violent. 

Requested Reports (3) by on Scribd

I may be rude but Jeff Long and his entire Lakeville Police Department has ignored decades of violence and abuse by David Rucki. Also, this is not my first tangle with the police force. After another email to Allison Mann, she called the Lakeville Police Department and I received a call from Michelle Roberts. That voicemail is below.

The only cop who should fear me is a corrupt one.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Rucki Girls Wanted Foster Care Over David Rucki

(Judge Michael Mayer)

After being found in November 2015, the two Rucki girls told the court they preferred foster care over living with their father, David Rucki.

“The girls feel it is in their best interest for Dakota County to stay involved in this case, to remain in local foster care. They promise not to run from foster care.” Said Tanya Derby, a Dakota County Assistant Public Defender who attended a hearing on November 30, 2015.

The hearing was presided by Judge Michael Mayer of the 1st Judicial District in Minnesota.

Mayer, along with the four representatives of the Minnesota Judicial District’s press team- Beau Berentson, Kyle Christopherson, Alyssa Roberson-Riems, and Lissa Finne- all did not respond to an email for further explanation.

Indeed, several times Mayer and others who participated in this hearing made mention that the girls were threatening to run again if they were placed with their father.

“The agency’s primary concern is the safety and well being of the concern that there is a flight risk or a run risk,” said Jennifer Jackson, an Assistant Attorney for Dakota County.

“But the bottom line is, I’m concerned for the kids. I’m very concerned about them running.” Said Judge Mayer.

“The girls have indicated to me that they will run, and I have indicated to them that I can’t stop that from happening,” Judge Mayer says at another point, recalling a conversation he had with the girls in chambers. 

"I can't make them not run," Judge Mayer said at another point. 

"It's true that the girls have said they will run if returned to their father's care," said Lisa Elliott, David Rucki's attorney at another point in the hearing. 

The girls repeated insistence that they would run squares with what they told the police when they were first found, “Samantha and Gianna came down, and immediately told us that they would not go back to their father.  We told them that our first concern was their safety.  I did ask them about the last time that they had heard from their mother, and they told me that they would not say anything without a lawyer.” Thepolice report stated when the girls were first found.

The two Rucki girls, Gianna and Samantha, ran on April 19. 2013, after 1st District Judge David Knutson forced them to live with their father, despite their insistence they were afraid of him and that he is violent.

The evidence of David Rucki’s violence is overwhelming: bar fights, road rage incident, an incident when he stuck a gun to his son’s head, repeated violations of protective orders, threatening his in-laws, and his neighbors.

As I discussed here, all these incidents were covered up by the courts and later by the media.

Judge Mayer did not seem to have any appetite to figure out why they insisted they would run; instead, he forced them into reunification therapy with Rebecca Bailey.

I discussed Bailey further here.

Bailey reunifies, if that is what you call it, children who she and the courts deemed alienated from a parent.

In reality, she threatens children, demeans them, and tells them they can’t leave her camp until they admit the so-called alienating parent is putting thoughts in their head and the alienated parent really loves them.

Here’s one of the stories I told.

Jaime’s oldest daughter, then 12, came home from a visit to their father in February 2014 with a shocking accusation; her father had allegedly molested her.

Days later, she took her daughter to the police who took her statement but when the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office refused to prosecute, the alleged molestation became a family court matter.

Though they’d been divorced since 2006, with Jamie receiving physical custody, her ex-husband, now facing allegations of child molestation, first accused his ex-wife of parental alienation in response.

A laundry list of court professionals was assigned to the case, and in April 2016 Dr. Rebecca Bailey was assigned as the reunification therapist.

“When I asked her if my daughter told her of abuse as a mandated reporter would you report it, she said ‘no’”. Gay remembers Bailey’s position on allegations of abuse. “Then, she immediately asked if I was recording it.”

Dr. Bailey quoted an initial $45,000 for the reunification program but Jaime Gay doesn’t know how much it costed because her ex-husband paid all the bills.

Gay was initially not allowed to see any of her three children for ninety days after Bailey was put on the case and she has had sporadic contact with her children since.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Consumer Reports CEO says her organization is relevant now more than ever

The article is here. 

The "Swell" David Rucki

Here's some more evidence the police, the courts, and the media would rather you not have on David Rucki.
Requested Reports (3) by on Scribd

Friday, January 4, 2019

Transcripts from Rucki hearing

After the two Rucki girls were found in 2015, they were forced to live with their father, over their and other vociferous objection. Below are the transcripts with Minnesota Judge Michael Mayer presiding.

It's noteworthy that when David Rucki was handed his daughters back, he was on probation from a road rage incident. The police report from that incident is below.
14002058 Report by on Scribd

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Catch Me on Action Radio with Greg Penglis

I'm on about an hour and forty minutes in and we discuss this law I proposed.

I mentioned Brady violations; here is more background on the US Supreme Court case Brady Vs. Maryland. 

I also mentioned that former Judge Alex Kozinski called Brady violations an epidemic; here is another source which also finds that Brady violations are an epidemic.

Finally, I noted that a police report was withheld in Sandra "Sam" Grazzini-Rucki's trial; below is that police report.