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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eric Holder Has to Go

I was at a wedding in the summer of 2008. One of my friends, a liberal, made this provocative statement during some down time.

There's no question that Alberto Gonzales is the worst Attorney General of all time.

I didn't want to get into a heated political debate at the wedding. Had I though, I probably would have pointed out that I only needed to look two previous to Gonzales to find a worse AG. Between Ruby Ridge and Waco, Janet Reno had done plenty of bad that would have challenged Gonzales.

Now, Eric Holder is giving both Gonzales and Reno a run for their money. Currently, his decision to try KSM et al in New York is being publicly rebuked by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, California Senator Dianne Fienstein, New York Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, as well as every Republican worth their salt including the newest elected national Republican Scott Brown. It's only a matter of time before the administration reverses his decision.

That rebuke comes at the same time when it's more and more clear that Holder or at least someone high up in his office cut off the interrogation of Farouk after less than an hour, read him his miranda rights, and as a result Farouk has been quiet since. The administration has continued to maintain, despite all reason and logic, that they got all the information they could out of Farouk in that first hour. That decision, and its ramifactions, would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous.

On a lesser note, Holder subverted the investigation of three Black Panthers that stood outside a polling place in this infamous video.

Holder's decisions have long passed embarrassing and incompetent. He has now entered into the territory of dangerous. Calls are growing for his removal. It's unlikely, for the moment at least, that President Obama will in fact remove him. In my opinion, his time has come.


AG said...

If he's going go, for political concerns, he's gotta get rid of Summers and Geithner first. If Scott Brown taught us anything, its that focusing on anything over jobs and the economy during a recession is going to make you look out of touch. And frankly that includes terrorism.

mike volpe said...

I generally agree with you except on terrorism. During war, nothing is more important.

cheap nintendo dsi r4 said...

To be honest there was some suspicion about Holder at the time of his nomination. Holder was involved in the Clinton's decision to reduce the criminal sentences of 16 members of the terrorist group the Boricua Popular Army.

xformed said...

It's getting more difficult to view things that happen as just a result of inexperienced decision making. The major cases are put into conditions to allow the bad guys exit routes, and the good guys (like SEALs), can be accused by a captured terrorist and on that word, be courts-martialed and no one up the line says "hey, hang on a minute!"

Like the Somali pirate case, the FBI had to arrive in a combat zone to help decide what was going to happen. The AG is for internal matters, he is not the arbitrator of all things everywhere. And if he is, then he should send the FBI to Iran to arrest and bring back for trial the leadership who guns down their citizens in their protests or kills them in jail after wards. But...that would make our "engagement" come off oh so poorly...

The world turned upside down.