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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Council Nominations

The Council nominees are up.

Council Submissions
Wolf Howling - National Security At The End Of Obama’s First Year
Joshuapundit - It Begins: Obama Threatens Aid Cutoffs For Israel
Rhymes With Right - On The Left-Wing Freak-Out Over Brit Hume’s Public Christianity
Right Truth - By Hook or By Crook – How Democrats Plan to win in 2010 and 2012
Soccer Dad - Mitchell on negotiation: getting to “no”
Bookworm Room- The need for an honest, 21st century debate about abortion
Mere Rhetoric - Obama Loosening Border Enforcement, State Dept. “Diversity Visas”Bringing In Thousands From Terror-Sponsoring Countries
The Glittering Eye - Reinventing “Reinventing Government”
American Digest - The 2010 Election Season is Now OPEN: “What Happened to the Republicans I Used to Know?”
The Provocateur - The 355th and our Agent Orange Legacy in Thailand
The Colossus of Rhodey - The Politics of “Avatar”
The Razor - Republicans Aren’t Ready
Non-Council Submissions
Submitted By: Wolf Howling – Big Lizards - Voting Rights for Felons: “Race Neutral” = Race Biased
Submitted By: Rhymes With Right – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - Call Dems Bluff On Refusing To Seat Scott Brown
Submitted By: Bookworm Room – American Thinker/Rabbi Aryeh Spero - President Obama must choose sides
Submitted By: Right Truth – Family Security Matters/ Dr. Sami Alrabaa - Is Muslim Blood More Precious than Christian Blood? The Hypocrisy of Western Politicians
Submitted By: Mere Rhetoric – Tnooz - Ex counter-terrorism official labels TSA rules ‘criminal negligence’ and calls for tech solutions
Submitted By: The Glittering Eye – Chicago Boyz - America: You Need A Policy Chimp
Submitted By: American Digest– Rough Type - Mr. Tracy’s Library
Submitted By: Joshuapundit – Ace of Spades Culture Clash on Video: CNN Anchorette Wants to Know Why Truck Dealer’s Motto Is “God, Guns, Guts, and American Pick-Up Trucks”
Submitted By: The Provocateur – Dick Morris - Urgent: Help Us Win in Massachsetts
Submitted By: The Colossus of Rhodey – The Chronicle of Higher Education - Green Guilt
Submitted By: Soccer Dad – Neo-Neocon - Can Mr. Brown Go To Washington?
Submitted By: The Razor – Newsbusters - Newsweek’s Fineman: ‘Pretty Much Everybody’ Favors Dems Vs. GOP’s ‘Terrible Record’ on Race

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