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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The CSPAN Petition

There's an old cliche about politics making for strange bedfellows. I just received an email from the Tea Party Patriots in support of CSPAN's call for access of the Obama administration. As most now know, yesterday CSPAN's CEO, Brian Lamb, called on the Obama administration to follow through on their campaign promise to allow their (CSPAN's) cameras into the negotiations.

In fact, today's Drudge had no less than eight videos of Obama during the campaign promising to put cameras into the negotiations.

Now, CSPAN's got a petition. You simply can't underestimate the devastation of what is happening and here's why.

What Obama is doing here is indefensible. He's caught on tape railing on exactly what he's now doing. He's exactly the type of politician he promised he'd rise above being. He's exactly the sort of politician that makes promises he has no intention of keeping. IT'S CAUGHT ON TAPE.

That's what's most devastating. It's what was most devastating about the ACORN tapes. It was video. That's exponentially more powerful than any written word. It will now be played in a loop for a week and maybe more.

If the president isn't the soaring rhetoric he promised, then he's nothing. That's what captured people's imagination and now the video gives devastating and damning evidence that this is a fraud. Now, I know what some are saying to themselves...we already knew that. That's true.

We also knew that ACORN was knee deep in shenanigans long before Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe donned their outfits and went off. What captured the public's imagination was the tape. We have tape here also and it will also capture the public's imagination. Once the public loses its trust in you, you have nothing.


AG said...

I for one am somewhat dumbfounded. First the CBO, now CSPAN. Have you ever seen two supposedly nonpartisan outfits go out of their way to make an Administration look bad before?

mike volpe said...

Keep telling yourself that. The only ones making the administration look bad are the folks in the administration themselves. The CBO is quantifying the waste and excess and CSPAN is trying to hold the president to his promise. Don't go on the campaign trail and promise to go on CSPAN if you aren't going to do it.

AG said...

Well then, have you ever seen two supposedly nonpartisan outfits call a sitting Administration on their BS before?

mike volpe said...

Call who on what. It's the job of the CBO to quantify bills. What you call calling them is their scoring. If the bill doesn't do what the President claims it's supposed to do what is the CBO supposed to do?

The president said he'd put the negotiations on CSPAN and now the CEO of CSPAN wants the negotiations on CSPAN. What exactly do you have a problem with?

Anonymous said...

Here is video proof of the President's promise: