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Friday, January 1, 2010

Napolitano on the Brink

The calls for Janet Napolitano to resign are now bi partisan.

Now Democrats have joined the chorus.

New Jersey State Senate President Richard Codey, a Democrat, wrote a letter to Napolitano this week calling on her to step down. He said Napolitano, an attorney and former Arizona governor, does not have the experience for the post she is in.

"We should have someone who doesn't need to go in there and learn about terrorism, learn about security," Codey told Fox News. "How close were these 300 people on this plane from losing their lives because homeland security broke down? Boy, it was really close."

The Department of Homeland Security was created in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and has grown into one of the largest Cabinet departments in the federal government. Charged with keeping the nation safe from terrorist attacks and responding to natural disasters, it covers the TSA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a slew of other agencies.

Codey said a candidate "well-versed" in intelligence should step into the job.

We all watched as the administration stood by for a week and more while more and more embarrassing information came out about Van Jones. That situation was only embarrassing for the President. In fact, it was stunning to watch the White House so tone deaf to the obvious.

The dynamics in that story were different. Van Jones was a relatively unimportant staffer. That story was driven and carried by the conservative media. This is a matter of life and death and Napolitano is a cabinet member. Unlike the Jones story, there is a fever pitch of criticism coming from everywhere about Napolitano.

Dan Gerstein, a former aide to Joe Lieberman, gives Napolitano no more than two to three months. If she lasts that long, the President himself will see his own approvals drop even further. So far, he's given Napolitano the standard vote of confidence.

I can't imagine that lasting too long. Napolitano has been an absolute disaster. It was Napolitano that was responsible for chainging terrorism into man made disasters. Napolitano's DHS was also responsible for the report that made returning military that joined militias a threat. It is DHS that is responsible for the Transportation Safety Administration which has jurisdiction over the airports. In a situation like this, there is plenty of blame to go around. Yet, with her comments that everything worked fine, Janet Napolitano became the face of incompetence in this crisis. So, her days are numbered. I know it. Most of the media knows it and it's only a matter of time before the President figures it out as well.

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