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Friday, January 1, 2010

Doug Ross' Blogging Awards

Let me give Doug Ross, of Director Blue, a plug. After all, he included the Watcher's Council, of which I'm a member, an award for best ensemble blog in his year end blogging awards. Long time readers will know which ones I think are good choices and which ones are nonsense. Of course, I'm not giving the awards. After my third interview with Wade Rathke, in which I concluded that he "wants to rule the world", I asked Mr. Rathke what he thought of my conclusion. Here's how he responded.

I'm not commenting on your thesis. Your opinions are your own. Some I might agree with and others I might think are blarney. that's the nature of the process.

So, too here, all awards are entirely in the opinion of Mr. Ross. I congratulate him on an inclusive list. That takes a great deal of thought and research.

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