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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daley Silent

Who does Daley support in the Cook County President's race? Only he knows and he isn't saying.

Mayor Richard M. Daley’s neutrality in the coming Democratic primary for Cook County Board president has created a free-for-all campaign, with no clear favorite yet to emerge from the four candidates vying to oversee the county’s $3 billion annual budget and 25,000 employees.

The mayor has cut off support for the incumbent, Todd H. Stroger, ending the mutually beneficial, generations-long alliance between his family and arguably the most significant black dynasty in the local political machine.

The mayor’s hands-off approach to the Feb. 2 primary is a product not only of Mr. Stroger’s broad unpopularity but also of the diminished ability of Mr. Daley and the Democratic Party to dictate the outcome of elections.

I don't know that public support from Daley now would help the candidate on the receiving end anyway. It is a rejection of Stroger who's been part of his machine for quite a while.

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