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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Afghan Bomber a Double Agent

It's unbelievable that this story isn't getting more attention.

The suicide bomber who killed seven CIA operatives in Afghanistan last week was a Jordanian informant who lured intelligence officers into a trap by promising new information about al-Qaeda's top leadership, former U.S. government officials said Monday.

Here's the story in a nutshell. Jordanian intelligence recruited this individual to infiltrate Al Qaeda. The CIA began to work with him. He gained their trust. So, he was able to bypass security in Afghanistan. He walked into an area in which 7 CIA members were located and blew himself up. He was in fact an Al Qaeda double agent.

The ramifications are huge. First, these were seven top CIA agents. They're dead. Second, someone in the Jordanian intelligence recruited them and so they vetted them. What does this do to our relationship with them? Third, this was some plot. This guy passes himself off as an informant all while actually working with Al Qaeda.

We're all fixated on the airport plot meanwhile, this guy infiltrates the CIA and kills seven. Who knows how much intelligence he gave to Al Qaeda. Yet, this story is buried while we hyperanalyze the airport bombing.

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