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Friday, September 12, 2008

Dr. Mark Blotcky: Divorce is My Business and Business is Good II

Since writing this piece, the subject of this particular story has told me that the attention from it has hurt them and their family personally and they've asked me to take it down.

I generally don't like to take down stories even at the request of sources. That, I feel, is corrupt journalism. That said, I don't want someone hurt unless they deserve it. The subject doesn't need to suffer pain. Furthermore, I have three other stories involving Dr. Mark Blotcky everyone can assume that this one is also similar.

Here is one other story of Dr. Blotcky's corruption, a second, and also one more.


MedicalWhistleblower said...

The use of Psychiatrists to push drug treatment on children has reached epidemic proportions. The use of these drugs on this child was not beneficial for the child or either parnet. Any child undergoing a divorce in the family will have short term emotional concerns, the use of highly addictive drugs with long term effects is hardly appropriative treatment. The real looser in this situation is the child with the parents paying a huge bill to possibly create in their own child an addiction he may never be able to break and long term side effects which will possibly effect his future forever. In the State of Texas Governmental power has combined with the economic and political power of the large Pharmaceutical Corporations to force many children to take these psychiatric drugs. Please visit the website of the Psychiatric Law Project run by Attorney Jim Gottstein for further information regarding the use of these drugs in children.

See the information provided on that website by Allen Jones on the Texas Medical Algorithm Project.

Anonymous said...

This report is full of inaccurate information that would seem to be purposeful and the result of someone unhappy with the results of a contentious divorce.

mike volpe said...

Which parts of it are inaccurate and how do you think this is purposeful? It's interesting that this you don't point out. Furthermore, you come here anonymously and proclaim that I am inaccurate without saying how you could know this. Are the other two stories also not accurate as well? None of this you address.

MedicalWhistleblower said...

Let us not forget that these drugs can cause patients to commit suicide and homicide, take for example the stunning example of Joseph Wesbecker who began taking Lilly's antidepressant Prozac, and then opened fire with his AK-47 at his former place of employment in Louisville, Kentucky, killing eight people and wounding twelve before taking his own life. This was an example of a disgruntled employee becoming violent after taking Prozac.
Just recently there was the largest criminal settlement in the history of the USA against an American Corporation, Eli Lilly. I urge you to review the legal documents

The reckless behavior of Eli Lilly & Company proves that it is a public menace. On January 15, 2009, Lilly pled guilty to charges that it had illegally marketed its blockbuster drug Zyprexa with exaggerated claims and pressure for unapproved uses to children and the elderly, two populations especially vulnerable to its dangerous side effect. Laurie Magid, acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania where the case was prosecuted. Magid said that Lilly was responsible for "putting thousands and thousands of patients at risk." Lilly plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge and agreed to pay $1.42 billion, which included $615 million to end the criminal investigation and approximately $800 million to settle the civil case.
Zyprexa has grossed more than $39 billion since its approval in 1996, with $4.8 billion of that in 2007.

A 1991 FDA "Blue Ribbon Panel" when an investigation regarding the association between Prozac and violence was started it was found that five of the nine FDA panel doctors had ties to drug companies -- two of them serving as lead investigators for Lilly-funded Prozac studies. So the FDA panel known to be tainted. Giant drug corporations still get rich creating demand for drugs because we as consumers are willing to believe that a quick fix pill will cure behavior- this is dangerous to patients. Parents need to be especially careful in making decisions in treating children- as corporate greed will continue to try to sell dangerous drugs by hyper-pathologizing people who can't defend themselves . --

Go Green said...

I just recently settled a case involving Dr. Blotcky with my x husband who has a history of assualt against me and the police dept.
Dr. Blotcky asked me for medical records and three witnesses to each of the three assualts he committed against me. I provided him with this. My x husband is very weatlthy and his attorney was McCurley Law Firm. My attorney I will keep non disclosed at this moment but after one year of a custody battle Dr. Blotcky recommended to me that I sign primary over to my x knowing all of his previous assualts. He lied to me and told me that my oldest daughter said bad things about me. When I asked my daughter what he had said she said he kept saying to her "Your mom is crazy right?"
She kept saying No. She is not.
He lied to me about everything the children were saying and the last time I sat in his office I said "Ok, fine I will sign over primary and next year I will be sitting in court testifying for my x husbands current wife when she decides to divorce him" As my x was already fighting with his current wife drinking in front of the kids til the wee hours of the morning and I had two police reports of them fighting with the children present at their home. As luck would have it within one month of me signing primary over to my x his now current wife is pressing charges of assualt and filing for a divorce. Dr. Blotcky charged me 2500. to do nothing but negotiate how to turn over primary He did not do a psychological evaluation which is what he was ordered to do he charge my x $7500. for a total of 10k for less than 10 hours of work. My x is now telling the children that I was diagnosed by Dr. Blotcky with something "bad" and my attorney and I have asked Dr. Blotcky to put anything and everything in writing pertaining to the case which he has ignored. Yet I still receive the bill for 1700. from him which I have yet to pay holding out for the report.

Anonymous said...

I personally love Dr. Blotcky. He's been my Dr. since I was an adolescent and saw me through a very tough road graduating college with Bipolar Disorder. Although a bit brash, and honest- I needed it at the time and still do.

If he loses his license I really don't know what I'll do when I need management.

mike volpe said...

If you like Blotcky, yours is a minority view. Also, I'm pretty sure he's strictly a child psychiatrist and so I'm not sure that he would keep treating you once you graduated from college so I am calling nonsense on the last comment.

Go Green said...

Dr. Blotcky is a sick man who takes money from McCurley to help settle cases. He has no care or concern for the children. He is a pathological liar and manipulates his power to give himself a fat paycheck.

Go Green said...

I have just been informed that Dr. Blotcky diagnosed me with borderline multiple personality disorder. I spent exactly 30 min in his office while he did nothing but tell me things like "would it be all that bad if your x had custody"
Meanwhile, he had read the case known of Mark hospitalizing me I had three eye witnesses to three different occasions at his request.
He knew of Mark beating his second wife the multiple fights but never diagnosed him with anything as after all Mark had the money and the McCurley Law Firm and Mark was paying him $7500.
Do not use this man under any circumstances.
He also never told me that My daughter had told him that she wanted to live with me. He lied and said she did not want either of us. Someone needs to put this man behind bars for the sake of the children.

Go Green said...

One more thing My x spent 140k with the McCurley Law Firm fighting me for one year. Fighting him in court bankrupted me and I am now losing my home. I settled with him so now he has primary and he no longer pays me child support but pays for the childrens education. He sees them approx 8-10 days more per month than I. I ran out of money and could no longer afford the next step which was their very expensive mediator.
I also wanted the kids to have some peace and peace away from Dr. Blotcky. So we never made it to court and Dr. Blotcky still refuses to give me a report yet is still sending a bill for 2k.
He Never Ran a pschy eval on either of us no test no questions about our past Nothing! For 10k.
He just acted as mediator. He actually told me that if my x had primary he might actually begin to be a nice person. He was very very wrong.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mike- I started seeing Dr blotcky when I was 17. He isn't just a "child psych" and yes he still sees me. I see him in Jan for my yearly and turn 30 this year.

I just re-visit this discussion every year to see what's going on because I do find it interesting... and although YOU might think my view is a "minority view" it doesn't make it any less valid than your view.

Anonymous said...

To anonymously who likes Blotcky: It sounds to me that you cannot relate your story to the rest. You are seeking treatment alone and Blotcky isn't on the side of the highest bidder in your case. You do not have children involved and Blotcky isn't in the position of "power" to choose a side in your case. If you were divorcing, had children and paid him $10,000.00 or more then I would listen to your opinion. Your story is not apples to apples. If I were you I would get a second opinion. If he has you on medication you don't know what to do without if he loses his license then you might want to think ahead. There may be other treatment options for you. Blotcky still has you coming back after all of these years. You are a regular paycheck for him. Think about it. He can know that he can pay his xxxx bill thanks to making sure you keep coming back. You are a dependable source of income. Just think about it. Btw, I am remaining anonymous because I am currently in a situation with the same kind of court appointed "expert" that is friends with Blotcky and just like him.