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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dr. Mark Blotcky: Divorce is My Business and Business is Good III

In September of 2004, Darcy Boatman's son Conrad (name changed because they are a minor) asked his dad if he could live with him. Darcy and his ex wife, Lisa Seybole, had divorced years earlier. At the time, his ex wife had primary custody. Almost immediately, the wheels were set in motion in order to move through the Dallas Family Court system to attempt to augment the custody arrangement.

About three weeks later, Darcy was set to pick up his son for his regular evening with him when he received a phone call from his ex wife. The visit was off. Darcy was confused, but his confusion soon turned to fear. In the last couple weeks, his ex wife had hired the firm McCurley, Orsing, McCurley, Nelson & Downing to represent her in the custody hearings. The firm had hired psychologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Albritton and Dr. Mark Blotcky, to treat Conrad and act as experts in the custody proceedings. In one of the sessions that Dr. Albritton had with Conrad (without Darcy's consent or knowledge), Conrad accused his father of child abuse. Darcy is a very large individual weighin about 270 lbs. and according to Conrad, in said session, he had hit him in the face.

According to Mr. Boatman, the incident in question happened in July of the same year in front of six witnesses, none of them questioned before charges were filed in family court, and he hit him across the shoulder as a means of discipline.

Nonetheless, the child abuse charges became the centerpiece of the new custody hearings. Rather than receiving primary custody, Mr. Boatman's custody was initially nearly entirely removed. Immediately, there was a temporary restraining order placed against Mr. Boatman and he wasn't allowed to see Conrad at all. More peculiar though, no one filed any charges with any other authorities outside of the Dallas Family Court System. DCS was never called in. The incident was never reported to any D.A. or to any other criminal authority. In other words, supposedly a 270 pound man had hit a 12 year old in the face and besides removing custody, the medical professional who found this out felt no other action was necessary. In fact, Mr. Boatman tried to bring charges against himself, in an effort to clear his name, and was told only the accuser and the doctor told could bring charges.

For years, Conrad had been suffering from ADHD. Conrad had at time a prescription of three drugs most namely Risperdal. Shortly after beginning to treat Conrad, Dr. Blotcky increased the cocktail to no less than nine drugs. Mr. Boatman only had two sessions with Dr. Blotcky. Each session was scheduled for two hours and each lasted for about fifteen minutes. In the first session, Dr. Blotcky chewed Mr. Boatman out for being a bad father and kicked him out of his office. In the second session, Mr. Boatman objected to the new plethora of drugs Dr. Blotcky prescribed for his son. Dr. Blotcky chewed him out for questioning his medical professionalism and kicked him out. Mr. Boatman's bill for these two sessions was $900. Mr. Boatman reported that soon enough Conrad began to exhibit uncontrollable shakes, possibly the result of the new drug cocktail. Yet, Dr. Blotcky never lowered the prescription while Conrad was under his care.

After a month, Mr. Boatman was given visition rights, once a week, in front of a superviser. Slowly, he was allowed to gain more and more custody. First, he was forced to go through a series of anger management, psychological, and psychiatric examinations and treatments. These cost Mr. Boatman about $15,000. At the end of the year, upon completion of these steps, he was given unsupervised visits. In other words, even though this 270 pound man had supposedly hit a twelve year old in the face only months earlier, he could see him unsupervised because he had completed some anger management.

About a year after all of this started, Ms. Seybole's new husband (she had remarried much earlier than this so when I say new I mean after Darcy Boatman) tired of paying the large bills associated with carrying a custody battle. The attorneys and medical professionals were relieved. The case was resolved through a mediator. As a result, the mediator arranged custody arrangements nearly identical to those that were arranged prior to the start of this whole affair. In other words, both sides spent about six figures to wind up back in the same place. The only folks that profited were the doctors involved and the attorneys. Mr. Boatman estimates that his bill to Dr. Blotcky and Dr. Albritton was about $20,000. Since they are likely split evenly, that means each made about $20k in a year. The attorneys made even more. No criminal charges were ever filed or pursued against Mr. Boatman even though this alleged child abuse was the center of a one year custody battle. While it appears this alleged incident didn't make for much of a criminal case, one could see how it could be the centerpiece of the creation of a complicated custody battle that would profit all professionals involved.

For other examples of how Dr. Mark Blotcky has corrupted the Dallas Family court system, go here and also here.

Please feel free to contact the Texas Medical Board and complain about Dr. Mark Blotcky here.

please include this information...

Mark Blotcky MD Texas
License # D8150
8226 Douglas, Ste 805
Dallas, TX 75225


Unknown said...

Thank you for this article. I hope you do a follow post on how the father fights this case. The issues are obviously very important.

Go Green said...

Dr. Blotcky is one of if not the worst family psychiatrist you can see if you need more info. please contact me at
and I will give you all of the details of my case. Seeing as this blog has had to remove all the previous negative postings. You should be very concerned before agreeing to see this man.

Anonymous said...

This guy lies for a living, watch out for him, he's for sale to the highest bidder, he cares nothing about your children. He's the most unethical person I've come across, he's very thin skinned and has a need to feel superior to others, I would suggest he take up therapy he needs it because he has some real issues and I guess I would too if I made a living based on lies and the pain and suffering of others.

Anonymous said...

If you saw how much time and effort this man puts in and knew how much he cares about each patient you'd take back everything you are saying

Unknown said...

Mark Blotcky is a dangerous dangerous man and shouldn't be permitted to continue causing irrevocable harm. This man gets "retained" by one party to advance their agenda against another party. It's sick, and most likely against the ethics he swore to abide by as a physician. Do not, do not, do not employ Dr. Mark Blotcky. And, if you're already involved with him, find out fast if he's been retained to work against you. It's truly sickening and frightening to KNOW a MEDICAL DOCTOR can be bought and paid for to develop a false narrative. All attorneys and judges should beware of this dangerous dangerous man.