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Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Blotcky Strikes Again

I recently had a chance to speak with an individual that was involved in a custody dispute in which Dr. Mark Blotcky acted as a psychitric expert. I have written before about Dr. Blotcky who often acts as a psychiatric expert witness in custody disputes in the Dallas area. She asked me to keep her name out of any story and so I will relay what happened entirely anonymously.

She had been married and divorced t her ex husband twice. In fact, their divorce,along with custody, had long been settled at the end of last year, when her husband brought the case back into family court seeking a reversal in primary custody. Her ex husband hired the well known divorce law Dallas area firm, McCurley and McCurley. Unbeknownst to my source, her kids had already been taken to Dr. Blotcky for a couple months prior to formal proceedings starting up again.

My source is far less wealthy than her ex husband and so after a few months of legal wrangling, she ran out of money. She was forced to seek the counsel of a free legal aid, which she received.

Dr. Blotcky was authorized to provide psychiatric evaluations of all parties, children and parents, and make a recommendation for which party should have primary custody. In his initial meeting with my source, Dr. Blotcky told her that her daughter, a teen ager, had repeatedly said that she, her mother, was "crazy". She later confronted her daughter and her daughter vehemently denied saying this in fact she said that Dr. Blotcky made this accusation more than once

your mother is crazy, right?

In fact, her daughter furiously denied the accusation each and every time he brought it up. My source also told Dr. Blotcky that her ex husband had a history of abuse. There were several police reports and Dr. Blotcky directed her to bring them in along with three eyewitness accounts. She did that at the next meeting. At that meeting, Dr. Blotcky spent most of the time pressuring her to accept the new arrangement in which her ex husband would receive primary custody even though he now had confirmation of a history of abuse.

It was at this point that fate and the power of the internet stepped in. After this meeting, she did an internet search of Dr. Blotcky. She found several stories that I had written about him. These stories frightened her. There was one that frightened her in particular. At one point in this story, Dr. Blotcky prescribed a nine year old a cocktail of psychiatric drugs and the combination caused the child to gain about 17 pounds in ten weeks. Fearing that Dr. Blotcky would try a similar treatment on her kids, she agreed to allow her ex husband to take primary custody but made sure that as part of the agreement Dr. Blotcky would no longer be involved in their psychiatric care.

To date, Dr. Blotcky has not made public to either party the psychiatric evaluation that he was charged to create. Yet, he has charged both parties a total of $10,000 for his services. My source tells me that she spent no more than 5 hours interacting with Dr. Blotcky. Her total of the bill is $2500 and her ex husband is to pay the rest. For a while, a rumor was floated that Dr. Blotcky had diagnosed her with multiple personality disorder. She called Dr. Blotcky multiple times and left messages wondering if this was true. He never answered. Only recently was it confirmed that no such diagnosis was made because in fact no evaluation has been completed.

Ironically enough, my source tells me that since her husband's business caused him to travel a lot over the last few months, while she has lost primary custody, she sees her kids about as much as she did before getting them on all his business trips.

Prior to the three, now four, exposes of Dr. Blotcky that I did, very little has been written about him. In fact, until recently, Dr. Blotcky was most famous for publishing these books for children and on child psychiatry. The only serious expose done of Dr. Blotcky came from Dallas Observer reporter, Glenna Whitley. Ms. Whitley wrote an expose of the demise of Woodlawn Psychiatric Hospital in Dallas in the mid 1990's. This expose is not avaiable on the internet however. Dr. Blotcky was one of the top brass at Woodlawn in the mid 1980's to early 1990's. At this time, he was also the dean of their teaching program in psychiatry. He began to date one of the students, Dr. Lisa Crumpton, and eventually the two got married. The relationship caused Dr. Crumpton to become isolated from her colleagues who resented that she was dating the dean. Eventually Dr. Crumpton fell into deep depression and committed suicide. Yet, Dr. Blotcky has likely taken advantage of hundreds if not thousands of people in the way I just described and much worse.

His systematic corruption of the child custody system in Dallas has not been reported on until the three stories I did. I believe that the case I just recalled is the first of many in which potential victims will be able to size up Dr. Blotcky for who he is before he's able to do irreversible damage to their children. Maybe soon, Dr. Blotcky will finally face justice for the multitudes of crimes he's committed.

While I can appreciate that it's hard to trust a story done entirely anonymously, I believe taken in whole there is no doubt that Dr. Blotcky is exactly as I have described him. This is the fourth such story and if you read all four I believe that everyone will conclude, as I have, that his evil knows no limits. Here are the three other stories I have done on Dr. Blotcky.


Anonymous said...

I recently moved to Dallas and was referred to Dr. Susan Diamond as a primary physician by my roommate. Through sheer accident, in looking up Dr. Diamond's number to call about an appt. I had, I happened upon a story in the Dallas Observer from 2006. After reading that account and the absolute disgusting, unethical behavior by Dr. Blotcky, I came across your blog with your article regarding the Dr. Diamond case and others. I literally have felt like I've been reading a crime novel as I comb through these pages of text and comments. Thank you for bringing to light the greed, corruption, and evil that this man perpetuates on the court system and to innocent families. While I am sure Dr. Diamond is not perfect (who is) there is no doubt in my mind that this woman fell victim to the fraud and backroom deals that devalue our entire legal system.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who saw Dr. Blotcky and was charged $500/hour. He saw him 25 times and spent $90,000 as part of a child custody battle. The balance of the $90,000 was spent talking to attorneys. He will steal from you and only cares about money.

Anonymous said...

i knew Dr.Cumpton for 4 yrs i was in there,she wrote me a letter at the end of my stay about how she loved me and was sorry..she died 1 yr