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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Who is the Real Sociopath (Updated)

Introduction: For anyone who hasn't been following my work, let me give you a quick recap. A few weeks back I passed along a story about purported corruption at Grady Hospital with the potential of Emory University staff, who account for most of Grady's staff, being in the middle of it. After that story was published, I was contacted Kevin Kuritzky. He maintains that he blew the whistle on much of the corruption at Grady Hospital and beyond. He was expelled from Emory Medical School with forty one days left in his final year. He claims it was in retaliation to his whistleblowing while Emory claims it was due to tardiness and other offenses. He has a civil suit against Emory University currently in the appeals court. I should point out that Kevin has been a source for several stories and I have also done a radio show together with Kevin Kuritzky.While I in no way hide whatever biases I have, I believe that in the case of what follows the latin phrase, Res Ipso Loquitor (the facts speak for themselves), applies. Now...

A couple of weeks ago I received this UNSOLICITED email.

Mike, Just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't get taken in by Kevin Kuritzky. The guy is a pathological liar and I have personally been taken in by his stories only to realize that he was flat out lying. I also know numerous other people who have experienced the same. It is quite sad because he is a very charming, intelligent person. He just uses these skills to manipulate people. Don't get taken in by him.

Michael Ward MD,




Department of Emergency Medicine

University of Cincinnati

So, who is Michael Ward MD etc, etc...and what is he talking about? According to the chic professional networking site, Linked In, Michael Ward MD etc., etc... is in fact a member of the staff at the University of Cincinnati. It appears that his path crossed with that Kevin Kuritzky a few years back at medical school at Emory University. If what Dr. Ward says is true, it makes the basis of a lot of my reporting suspect to say the least. In fact, my first comprehensive piece on this subject was based largely on the testimony of Kevin Kuritzky. I say this so that my natural biases are clearly laid out as I continue with my analysis.

The reason that I reveal this email now (about three weeks after I got it originally) is because through the grapevine I am told the P.R. arm of Emory University has been making similar claims to Mike King of the AJC. (in that case I believe the word sociopath was used in describing Kuritzky) It is also consistent with the comments of the mysterious pseudonym John in response to this story.

I was in Kevin’s class at Emory (well at one point as it took him several years
to complete one academic year), and the allegations by Emory concerning his
behavior, ethics and morals are accurate. He should not be taking care of
patients plain and simple.
Ironically enough, the term sociopath is one which most of my friends have told me I have a disturbing and obscene fascination with. (Given that two of my favorite shows, 24 and The Sopranos, each delved into the topic at roughly the same time, "I had no choice" or I just couldn't help myself, potato... but to get interested in it) Anyone who has read my work knows that I have had personal contact with my fair share of sociopaths and and I see several of the world leaders and our enemies as sociopaths as well. While this by no means makes me an expert, I will use my experience with the phenomenon to try and separate fact from perception in this situation.

One thing is clear. There is no doubt that one of these two side is certainly sociopathic, which in simplest terms is an individual devoid of empathy (in other words they are so selfish that nothing but their own self interest becomes relevant to them). Either Kevin Kuritzky has decided to lie pathological for his own self interest or his opponents want to paint him as such for theirs. Since, in this story, there is no middle ground we are absolutely dealing with sociopathology on one person's part.

If Kevin Kuritzky is himself a sociopath, then his compulsive lying would be a standard trait. There could be several reasons of self interest for his lying. He may have decided to get revenge at Emory for real or perceived wrongs. He may have thought that given the incendiary nature of his lies that they would bring him fame, or money, or both. There are in fact any number of self interest reasons for Kuritzky lying in this case.

On the other hand, if Emory University and their cohorts are sociopathic, they would look to smear Kevin because they know he is a threat. If in fact what he says is true, then their own sociopathic nature would have every reason to eliminate him. Remember, if Kevin is telling the truth, he is a hero. He is then trying to expose some of the worst corruption, leading to fraud, horrible patient care, and outrageous waste of tax payer money. Emory University along with several other people and groups are the targets of his accusations. If he is telling the truth, then a sociopath would have every motivation to use every single means available to eliminate, marginalize and demean him.

Obviously, knowing the truth beyond all doubt is impossible, however in this case, it is my opinion that the truth beyond all reasonable doubt is pretty easy to decipher.

First, we know that Grady Hospital is now in such financial turmoil that it will likely need hundreds of millions to survive. We know that State Senator Charles Walker used Grady Hospital and other entities to commit an obscen amount of corruption. (He was charged with 137 felonies, convicted of 127, flipped on no one, and yet only got ten years in jail. Oh, and no one else, besides his daughter and the companies they ran were even charged)

We know that in the mid and late 1990's Grady Hospital was the subject of an investigation and ultimately prosecution and settlement for Medicare fraud.We know that in the mid and late 1990's Grady Hospital was the subject of an investigation and ultimately prosecution and settlement for Medicare fraud. We know that in the beginning of this millenia Grady was subject to an NIH investigation. While the investigation ultimately didn't lead to any arrests, fines or convictions, we do know that four Emory professors were ultimately paid off for their silence. We also know that 2004-2005 HHS conducted its own investigation. Here is the conclusion of that investigation.

there is an exteme and immediate threat to the health and safety of the patients

There is even evidence that in the case of one paid off professor, Dr. Jim Murtaugh, Emory and Grady paid him off without receiving permission from the board of trustees. Finally, even in the current civil case between Emory University and Kevin Kuritzy there is some questionable behavior on the part of Emory University. Court records show that Emory University couldn't produce hundreds if not thousands of documents in the case. In many instances, Emory even admitted to destroying certain documents.

The problem for Emory University, in my mind, is these are all clear characteristics of sociopathic behavior. Sociopaths remove every threat in the way of their goal. Between paying people off, expelling others, destroying documents, I believe they have exhibited that behavior in their goal of running a corrupt hospital. Given all of this evidence it makes Kuritzky's claims well within the pattern of evidence that anyone can discover by simply mastering the art of The only evidence that Kuritzky is a sociopath come in the accusations of Emory and their cohorts.

Even in the case of the email of Michael Ward, MD, etc, etc, there are no specific accusations. In our exchange by email upon receiving it, I invited Ward to give me specifics and I even emailed him my cell phone number. He never responded with any examples. In the case of the mysterious John it is also vague and unspecific allegations. Emory many times points to Kuritzky being expelled as evidence. Keep in mind it was Emory that expelled him. If they are the sociopaths, his expulsion would fit the behavior pattern of a sociopath to a tee.

In order for Kuritzky to be a sociopath, the pattern of behavior that Grady and Emory exhibited (keep in mind while the two entities are separate Grady is almost entirely staffed by Emory personnel and in many cases Grady higher ups move onto positions with Emory a la William Casarella) was either an anomaly or either a condition that was fixed in a few short years between the events I described and the time period of Kuritzky's accusations. Even that would be hard to believe because the HHS report coincided with the time period of Kuritzky's investigations. If you were to believe that, you would then have a very hard time explaining the current financial crisis at Grady Hospital.

Thus, in conclusion, those that I am accusing can say I have a bias, however I believe I have laid out a solid case for who is the sociopath here. While I must admit that I enjoy an obscene and disturbing amount of fun in delving into the condition of sociopathology, this question is central to what is going on. If Kuritky is the sociopath, then we need not worry about infusing Grady with more money because their administration is fit to receive it. If, on the other hand, it is Emory, Grady and beyond, that are the real sociopaths, then it is time for full fair and open hearings before even one cent is dolled out to what would be the very people that caused the mess.

If my supposition is right, then the likes of Kent Alexander, William Casarella, Ed Renford, Robert Brown, Vernon Jones, (and maybe even State Senator Charles Walker if that can be arranged) as well as those that would be the heroes in this mess: Kevin Kuritzky, Ron Marshall, Dale Cardwell, Joyce Harris and even all those that were paid off, need to be put under oath, on television, to answer truthfully their involvement in this crisis.Finally, I invite the powers that be at Emory, Mike King, Dr. Ward, and even the mysterious John to respond at their leisure if they feel I have been inaccurate.

UPDATE:If you are picking up the story of the Grady Hospital crisis anywhere in the middle, you are likely to get quite confused. This maybe happening if this particular story is your first exposure to the crisis. Thus, I have put together a summary of the entire fiasco that tries to put all of its moving parts together in one piece. Please read it for guidance. Also, please check out the recommendations that I and my colleagues have put together for fixing Grady Hospital.


joe said...

Read this about kevin. He is not your friend.

mike volpe said...

Interesting, Mr. Baker is a denier of AIDS. Consider the source.

joe said...

Are you a thinker? Do you have AIDS? Are you in the medical field or pharma? Its very difficult to think that HIV is either harmless or does not exist, especially when people died just as they did in Hitlers Germany. Eugenics is still alive and well today under the guise of medical science. The only difference is that the people think the poison will help them live longer.

Mr Baker did not provoke these people. Mr Baker was only investigating Peter Duesberg and Celia Farber for the Semmelweis Society. He had never heard of Duesberg or Farber.He's an investigator Mike. His investigation led him to the truth about AIDS. Use your brain, or please tell me how to use mine, but please don't talk in circles or talk down to me. tell me why logically that you can dismiss Clark Baker. Here is a quote taken from Clark Bakers article hiv-aids and Gallos's Egg.

"Two dissenters, James Murtagh, MD and Kevin Kuritzky, were friendly to me at first and “appealed to my better judgment.” Their friendly pressure intrigued me and I began my investigation by checking into their allegations.

Both essentially charged that Duesberg and Farber were liars and that both were responsible for millions of HIV deaths in Africa. I wasn’t as troubled by their allegations as I was by their insistence that I stop my investigation. It seemed incongruous that the individuals who alleged genocide would also pressure me to not investigate their own allegations.

As both Murtagh and Kuritzky increased their hostility, the more interesting the case became."

The house cards are getting ready to fall after 25 years. You or any of your buddies can email me at

mike volpe said...

My friend studies the HIV virus in academia. I will just differ to his opinion that it is real, deadly, and quite sophisticated.

Murtaugh and Kuritzky were hostile to any AIDS denier getting an award from Semmelweis. That's it this argument is beneath me.

joe said...

No disrespect to you, but you have not studied this for as long as I have, and I have no political bent to this. I believed the lie for 11 years while my wife slowly poisoned her body. But when I heard the truth, it made so much more sense. The thing about the truth is that it never changes. Ask your friend if he was actually looking at the virus or was he studying computer models of the size and shape of retroviruses. She is only alive since she was never on AZT monotherapy (they all died on that) but since the doses of AZT were lowered, it gave her many bad side effects, some that are permenant. When the house of cards falls, your friend will need to find a new job!

mike volpe said...

No offense but you haven't studied as long as my friend has. I am through with this. I have seen the AIDS virus when he showed it to me on his super duper computer that was attached to an even more high tech microscope which was in another room. This was all done at the facility of Northwestern University. NU is one of many academic settings where very smart folks try and figure out the AIDS virus.

So again, no offense, but you and all your followers are quacks. Believe what you want but this debate is over.

joe said...

Mike, I have no followers. You can stop posting anytime you want to.
This was not a debate.

My friends are not the quacks.
goodbye, until you post again!

mike volpe said...

Here is my response...

Anonymous said...

Much time has passed since 2008, when Volpe, Kuritzky and Murtagh called Clark Baker an "AIDS denialist".

Since that time, Murtagh and Kuritzky have been hiding from Celia Farber’s process servers, while Mr. Baker’s HIV Innocence Project has forced prosecutors to drop all HIV-related criminal charges in more a dozen cases across the US and Canada – by doing nothing more than forcing them to prove that HIV tests detect HIV. It seems that these people are better at propaganda than they are at testifying truthfully. The fact that they defend an industry that has paid $9 billion (since 2004) to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure thousands of people around the world every year speaks much about who tells the truth and who denies what.

Murtagh remains out of work and has repeatedly admitted to being paid by the drug industry, not unlike the way Dr. Mark Midei and hundreds of other bad doctors make a living.

These revelations expose Volpe as a shill for Murtagh and Kuritzky, just as they shill for the drug industry.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I went to elementary school with Kuritzsky in Irvine, California. He was in 3rd grade, I was in 4th. I remember him as a rather weird, socially awkward kid who never got along with anybody and whom the older kids picked on. His behavior at the time was odd enough that he stuck in my memory for all these years. The other day he popped into my mind and so I googled him to see what he was up to. And I ran across this. Very strange.