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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Maintaining the Secret

The Grady Task Force is a group that I will definitely give a great deal examination to in the near future, however in the meantime, I will cede to Ron Marshall again who is well versed in it himself.

Every time the public ask can we get a look at certain documents, or ask why we weren’t invited to the meetings. We are denied answers. Then the public ask why are you having secret meetings and why can’t we see these document from these meeting. Why are we denied? Some of our elected politicians are not asking. We have become a secret society that has levels of secrecy that only the secret privileged who are a secret themselves know the secret. There is an abusive attitude for power here. By training the workers to keep the secrets, intimidation and retaliation has made robots out these workers and the one’s that want to speak out or expose the secrets they are kept in check or worse. Emory and Grady secrets have paralyzed open and transparency laws and it seems the thought of having a Sunshine Law is a fraud. Over the years I have been trying to get these and other records the show how the robbery of Grady has been commented. This has not been a Secret to the New Grady Coalition not a secret that Grady and Emory have been keeping the illusion they are clean.

Emory and Grady are not tainted by anything like threatening employees if they speak out or retaliate against the ones that do. Have they lost their humanitarian equilibrium?

It is not a secret Emory and Grady have kept secrets on how money has been diverted to different owned entities to make them rich and keep the workers under the arm pits of threats that if they spoke out, we will get you. It is not a secret that Grady has over paid management and too many managers on staff, that unqualified workers working in areas where a certification is a must or has management that stole money through bonus payments. We don’t know if the pension funds have been threatened, that’s a secret.

And again the board selected an advisory board that consist of the foxes watching the hen house so the continue pattern of secrecy adds to our concern, is all government and public officials bought and paid for. We also know that Grady and Emory pay large sums to keep their secrets. Hire top lawyer firms to protect their secrets. We know that Emory hired a PR firm to cover up their secrets. It is not a secret that Emory threatens and retaliates against students that attend its prestige school if they speak out against how Emory treats the student body. Emory is not in the helping poor people business. So we have to ask why all the secrets. Is money and power the ultimate secret?The local press has said the people who want to know the secrets are just makingthings difficult, they are called brow beaters by the press but we keep showing you the secrets. Is the media bought and paid for? I guest if you were a sheep herder you have to keep your sheep in place. One way is by allowing the secret meetings and payoffs to be conducted secretly. Go to this site and start looking at the plan that is bigger than Grady and Emory but they use the same technique to accomplish the ultimate goal, get rich and let you die trying. Ron MarshallThe New GradyCoalition

Mr. Marshall mentions uses the metaphor the fox guarding the henhouse when describing the Grady Task Force. The best illustration of this metaphor is Robert Brown, and I wrote about him and his role in the task force here.

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