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Monday, December 24, 2007

Fulton County Malfeasance

Many of my allies in the story about Grady Hospital tell me that Fulton County is relatively free of corruption. I have certainly documented some of the more egregious corruption in Dekalb County. While it may stil be true that Fulton County is relatively clean, Georgia Unfiltered has discovered some rather obscene malfeasance.

You know, it's one thing to lose an election when you're out-spent. It's a whole 'nother thing entirely when you're out-spent with your own money. I've long suspected that Fulton County taxpayers' dollars were spent for political purposes regarding whether South Fulton should be a city, but today, I received the smoking gun. Today, I received an e-mail with two attachments showing copies of checks cut by Fulton County Government to pay for an advertising proposal along with a round of radio ads advocating the defeat of the City of South Fulton. For those of you wanting some background information dealing with what I'm talking about, read "$85,500 of mis-used Fulton County funds?" or better yet, just look at the proposalfor the "You Have A Third Option: Broadcast Media Campaign" (PDF File).

Please check out the link as a copy of the checks in question are up on the site. I am not very familiar with this particular story and I don't know what relevance, if any, it has to the overall mess at Grady, however I will stay on top of it and provide updates.

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