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Monday, March 8, 2010

Republicans: Don't Make Massa a Hero

I'm already watching some conservatives and Republicans trying to make Congressman Eric Massa into some sort of a heroic whistleblower. That was the stance taken earlier by Monica Crowley and I expect others on her side to follow.

That would be foolish. All we know now for sure is that Massa's story continues to change. Last week, he said he was going to step down at the end of his term due to health reasons. Then, he said he was going to resign because of an ethics investigation. Then, on Sunday, he admitted to making an inappropriate remark and gesture at a wedding on New Year's Eve.

The story goes that some at his table were giving Massa grief and suggesting he should try and make an advancement at a bridesmaid. Massa countered to this male staffer that the two of them should get together using graphic language and rubbing his hair. Then, he left.

Now, if that's the sum total of the problems, then, while inappropriate, there's no way he needs to resign. The fact is that no one knows what Massa has or hasn't done. Holding him up as some sort of a courageous whistle blower is desperate and the Republicans need not be desperate. In any other situation, such a series of events would cause someone to lose all credibility. Yet, there are those are trying to lend credence to his story.

Let this play out as exciting political theater but under no circumstances should anyone be backing Massa at this point.

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