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Monday, March 8, 2010

Health Care Reform Has Made Politics Boring

What if I played a broken record for you for well over a year? That would be what has been happening in politics for the last year. Health care reform has taken all the oxygen from nearly all other political stories.

It's worse than that. There's been absolutely nothing new since last summer, short of the townhalls. Everyone generally hates the bill. The Democrats can't figure out how to get the votes to pass it. They can't agree on anything. It's poisoned the political waters for them and so they will get crushed in November.

Everyone knows this and yet cable, the newspapers, the blogs, and the internet all continue writing variations of the same story over and over. In October, I said there was nothing new to say in this debate. It's now March and we've still heard nothing new. We just continue having the same debate over and over and it's boring.

In reality, no one really cares. Some say we care. Some even think they care. Others try to care but none of us really do. Don't get me wrong. The outcome most do care about. The debate is another story. How can anyone care? The debate has turned into the most boring broken record in political history.


Anonymous said...

Massa's rant.

You have bad timing.

David Leach said...

and that is how the democrats win...

Anonymous said...

Politics is generally boring because...well..they are politicians

David Leach said...

Then the democrats win. They can afford to wear you and others down because they have a longer term win strategy.... win at all costs.